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Seventh Pay Commission: Central govt employees deserve pay raise

 Seventh Pay Commission: Central govt employees deserve pay raise

New Delhi: A central minister thinks most central government employees are good workers – and they deserve a pay raise and advocated to implement Seventh pay commission for them from next budget.

The minister wouldn’t say whether he agrees with the central government proposal not to merge 50 percent dearness allowance (DA) after its hiked to 100 percent, but he did say central government employees should not lose ground as inflation erodes their salaries.

“We realised that government employees are upset as it is becoming difficult for them to manage their household expenses with the high inflation rate. They protested against us not to merge 50 percent dearness allowance with basic pay before implementation of Seventh Pay Commission,” the central minister told us, requesting anonymity.

“People that work in the central government, I find they’re hard working, they care about their country, they are patriotic, they do a good job” the minister said.

It is also time to stop demonizing central government employees and to encourage them, he said, the recommendations of Seventh Pay Commission for central government employees will be implemented in the next financial year.

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