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Karnataka CG Pensioners Association: Views on the 7th CPC Report

Karnataka CG Pensioners Association: Views on the 7th CPC Report

“Swarna”, 120/1, 2nd Main, Gayatri Devi Park Extension, Vyalikaval,
Bangalore 560 003.
(Affliated to BPS, Delhi, AIFPA Chennai & KCCCGPAs Bangalore)
Dated 14th Dec. 2015

Dear Shri Makkar,

Kindly refer to your letter no 38/66/13-P&PW(A) ( Vol.II ) dated 1st/3rd December 2015 to the Pensioners’ Associations, regarding our views on the 7th CPC Report, in respect of Pension /retirement benefits. The letter was received in Association Office only on 10th December 2015. Our views on the pension/retirement benefits are given below.

2. We have gone through the Chapter on pension and retirement benefits of the report, on line. We find that the recommendation is more analytical in nature, quoting references. In regard to recommendations, this CPC has been less appreciated.
3. The fixation of revised pension has been broken into 2 options; one depends upon pay matrix and the second option is 2.57 times of the pension fixed by 6th CPC. Our considered opinion is that the 7th CPC was authorized to give specific suggestions, not alternatives. In the present situation, the Govt should assume its authority and address itself to one decision. In nutshell it is generally felt by us that the pay matrix leads to lot of confusion and anomalies. We fervently appeal that the govt should stand by latter formula i.e. 2.57 times of the existing basic pension.
4. Another Point is the age-related enhanced pension. The 6th CPC recommended the enhanced pension from 80 years and above. Various Associations represented to revise the age to 60 years and above. The 7th CPC Report indicates that their opinion was in favor of 75 years, as also the Ministry of Pension. The report added that the Ministry of Defence was against this suggestion. The Ministry of Pension is more authoritative than anybody in matters related to pension. It is therefore strongly felt that the age limit of 75 years should be approved by the Govt for age related increase of pension. Any anomaly that may arise due to this revision should be made effective from 01 Jan 2016.
5. The Ratio of minimum and maximum pension is recommended to be 1:13.8, with minimum pay Rs 18000/- and maximum Rs 2.50 lakhs. Earlier the ratio was 1:12. Various associations demanded the ratio to be curtailed to 1:8. The Govt should look in to it and decide at a ratio of 1:8.
6. The Health Care system is deemed to be extended to all employees and pensioners by the govt., at all times. In this connection, FMA was introduced for those who could not avail CGHS. The present FMA of Rs.500/- should be revised to Rs 1,000, as demanded by all the Associations. The CPC has proposed no change. The Govt should readdress this issue.
7. The CGHS has got to come out with some assistance to the pensioners of autonomous /statutory bodies. We have personally seen some of the pensioners from these bodies suffering badly. They do need help. The CPC while in Bangalore (August 24, 2014) had assured to come out with some recommendations in this regard. It has not done so, and has just proposed some Health Insurance, to be sponsored by the Govt. It is good that P& T dispensaries will be merged with CGHS which is a CPC recommendation. The CPC has also proposed extension of CGHS to those in non-CGHS areas, which is welcome.
8. One of the post retirement issues is the Revision of PPOs. Even after a lapse of 7 years, many of the pre 2006 retirees are waiting for revised PPOs. Some mechanism must be evolved to issue the PPOs fast, after the 7th CPC recommendations are accepted by the Govt.
9. General.
This Association had written to the 7th CPC stating that the Govt is top heavy and some posts have to be reduced. For example the two posts of Addl Secretary and Special Secretary between Joint Secretary and Secretary should be done away with. This reduces the delay and expenditure for the Govt. This is in consonance with Prime Minister’s idea of better governance.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Shri S.K.Makkar,
Under Secretary,
Ministry of Personnel, PG &Pension,
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market,
New Delhi-110003.

Source: BPS

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