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7th CPC- CGE may see double pay percentage hike in salaries: Zee News

7th CPC- Central Government Employees may see double pay percentage hike in salaries
New Delhi: Central government employees, who called the recommendations of the 7th pay commission as ‘total rubbish’ and ‘not worth the paper it was printed on’, may be in for some good news.
Empowered Committee of Secretaries, who are processing the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission(7thCPC), are likely to double the percentage of pay hike recommended by the pay commission.
According to sources, the central government employees will get a salary hike of around 30 percent on the minimum basic pay, much ore than 23.55 percent as recommended by the 7th pay commission in November 2015.

The employees have been protesting that the hike in totality is only 14.27 percent, the lowest in 70 years, and are mulling over to go on an indefinite strike from 11 April.
The hike in salaries is expected to be effective from January 1.
Arguably, even the 6th CPC had recommended a 20 percent hike on the basic pay, which was revised to 40 percent at the time of implementation in 2008.
The 7th CPC, with its recommendations, is expected to cause an annual burden of Rs 1.02 lakh crore on the exchequer, which would last for two to three years.

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  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Sevent pay report was mere wastege of time and money if this is the outcome of the report why to form such useless pay commission cg should should refrain from such committee it only lower down the morale of the employees

  • We must think as to how much expenditure have incurred by Govt
    after forming the 7 th cpc towards salaries,allowances,stationary,Daily allowance, TA for their tour
    to all states,Phone bills,Security staff wages,Accommodation
    etc,etc to get this kind of Non-realistic, none welcomed Report
    and forming separate cell of so many Secretaries from various Depts TO rework the report,Leaving their day-today work.INSTEAD of forming such CPCs once in 10 years,it may kindly be considered the following;-
    (1)Now the Empanelled committee may fix the basic pay,basic pension,DA & DR etc as on 1-1-2016 in consultation with all unions and Associations.
    (2 )DA &DR may be sanctioned once in 6 months as hitherto.
    (3 )Form a specialized committee from various Depts after completion of 4 years and 6 months,obtain their views to merge the DA & DR with pay/pension etc and add 15% to 20% increase with pay/pension after completion of 5 years from 1-1-2016.The increase be given effect from 1-1-2021.This will reduce incurring expenditure mentioned above ,,will not be any arrear payment,all will be will considerably be reduced.ALL
    unions/Associations and Govt of india will discuss this suggestion and make suitable arrangements,to avoid such delay in future.