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Anomalies in OROP Fixation – Projected Points for Judicial Commission


  • 24 years X Group Hony Nb Sub’s pension is equal to 24 years X Group Nb Sub But 24 Years Y Group Hony Nb Sub’s pension is not equal to 24 years Y Group Nb Sub.
  • 24 Years X group Nb Sub Pension increased 10.12%. However, 24 Years Y Group Nb Sub Pension increased Only 0.50%.
  • While in service difference between X Group and Y Group Pay is Rs.1400 (X Group Pay Only). Therefore, differance in basic pension between x Group and Y Group should be Rs.1400/2 = Rs.700/- Only where as in some cases differance is more than Rs.1500/- between (X and Y Group)
  • Huge gap in same rank and same length of service in not justifiable and also against ethos of “One Rank One Pension” for same rank and same length of service.
  • In some point of bracket of service, pension increased is 0% where as Six Months previous/past service bracket of same rank pension hike is 4 to 8% more.
  • No change in disability pension of soldiers invalided out upto five years of service. service element increased 47 to 65% but disability element Increased is 0%

OROP Comparison

Pension Group

X and Y
Old (Circular 501) New (Circular 555) Total Increased Increase in %
Sep (0.5 yrs) X GP 3500 5230 1730 49.43
Sep (0.5 Yrs) Y GP 3500 5152 1652 47.20
Sep (15 Yrs) X GP 5961 7145 1184 19.86
Sep (15 Yrs) Y Gp 5102 6665 1563 30.63
Nk (22 Yrs) X GP 7506 8375 869 11.58
Nk (22 Yrs) Y GP 6599 7170 571 8.68
Hav (24 Yrs) X GP 8868 9793 925 10.43
Hav (24 Yrs) Y Gp 7375 7995 620 8.40
Nb Sub (24 Yrs) X GP 10115 11138 1023 10.12
Nb Sub (24 Yrs) Y GP 9382 9429 47 0.50
Sub (28 Yrs) X GP 13105 13215 110 0.83
Sub (28 Yrs) Y GP 11970 12268 298 2.48


Pension Group Y Old 100% New 100% Total Increase Increase in %
Sep (0.5 Yrs) 3510 3510 Nil 00
Sep (2 Yrs) 3510 3510 Nil 00
Sep (15 yrs) 3060 3999 939 30.68
Sep (17 Yrs) 3288 3999 711 21.62
Nk (22 Yrs) 3960 4302 342 8.65
Nk (24 Yrs) 3960 4302 342 8.65
Hav (24 Yrs) 4425 4685 260 5.87
Hav (26 Yrs) 4425 4685 260 5.87
Nb Sub (24 Yrs) 5630 5658 28 0.58
Nb Sub (26 Yrs) 6018 6243 225 3.74
Sub (28 Yrs) 7182 7361 179 2.49
Sub (30 Yrs) 7182 7361 179 2.49

X Group OROP Arrears (WEF 01 July 14 To 31 Jan 16)

orop-comparison mark1

orop comparison mark-2

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  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Mr Madhu K do you know how many personnel belonging the X group are servmng In critical and field area . maximum are work in office only. Maximum personnel in X group are achieve in their service only.It may be abolished group after retirement

  • Complete Army structure is a compactly packed pyramid. First seniority is considered as rank and year of service in that rank. Within the rank pay structure varies in accordance with qualification highly skilled technicians are placed in X group and semi-skilled and below are placed in Y group. Now the rank pay is abolished and year of service is altogether put under illogical method, A junior army man can get a higher pay of a newly promoted person if his service is less than that of his junior. Steps of pay structure in the lower structure of this pyramid is not uniform. There is no notable increase in the change of pay from a NCO to JCO. A Subedar Major can only serve 4 years after getting Promotion. The selection is based on DPC. But there is no consideration for his pay if he get it at an early stage and retire earlier than his junior rank. I think the Pay Commission either unaware of the rank structure service conditions of service in the military or they treat the military is a junk of men in uniform to sacrifice for the nation without a word so that the civilian population get sound sleep in the night.

  • There must be and should be difference between X Group and Y group. It might happen that 33 yrs S/M was from Z group non-matriculate at the time of recruitment. Y group has wide range of freedom and choices to join X group starting from recruitment and while in service. Even they can upgrade themselves to Officer rank by acquiring higher education levels. So this cry of Y group comparing with X group should not be entertained at all.

    • Anonymous 8 years ago

      In civil services, there is no x or y group system. Here is only grade pay system. It should also be implemented in defence system. X group and Y group is nothing. All are equal after retirement n they called veterans.

      • The Diploma Holders are placed at Grade Pay of 4200/ from first day of their service in civil

  • Obviously X group cannot be compared with Y group. There is a difference from entry level itself. Those cying in Y group should have joined as X group during recruitment as they were free to choose their career. Why are they behind X group since job specifications are also more specialised for X group throughout entire service career. Parity must be and should be maintained between X & Y groups at all levels. Facts should not be hidden. Moreover, they have freedom of joining X group even after joining service. Not only that all Jwans can upgrade themselves to Officer Rank in early phase of their service. Talking about Y group, even Z group is also merged with Y group, so it might happen that 33 yrs SM and equivalent was merged from Z to Y group.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    As per OROP table issued on 03 Feb 2016 A subedar of X group has granted highest pension than the Subedar major of Y group who have been served more than 33 years

  • Entire jco ranks are neglected in this ( Jawans / offrs benefitted ) because in Indian Army Jcos are treated as Izadas ( neither male nor female )