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7th Pay Commission Matter: Circular issued by Karnataka Income-Tax Dept. Pensioners Association

7th Pay Commission Matter: Circular issued by Karnataka Income-Tax Dept. Pensioners Association:-

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Date: 14/03/2016


Dear Friends,

7th Pay Commission matters: The Government has appointed an empowered Committee of Secretaries headed by the Cabinet Secretary to process the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. The staff side and the Pensioners Associations have given Charter of demands to the Cabinet Secretary. First meeting with Cabinet Secretary was held on 1st March, 2016 . 

View 7th CPC: Meeting of JCM National Council with Empowered Committee on 1st March 2016

Staff side explained the justification of each and every demand and conveyed the large scale resentment amongst the Central Govt. Employees to the Cabinet secretary. The Cabinet Secretary did not make any commitment on any demand. He said that this is only a preliminary meeting. Com. K.K.N. Kutty represented the Confederation. The NJCA meeting held on 7th March 2016,decided to defer the date of commencement of indefinite strike to 11th July 2016 taking into consideration the decision of Election Commission to give dates of elections in 5 states and coming into effect the model code of conduct. Therefore final decision on the Pay Commission can be expected only after the elections are over. The Cabinet Secretary also wanted more time to study various issues raised by the staff side.

Major points on which the staff side is agitated are Minimum pay Rs.18000/- Confusions in the implementation of Pay Matrix, Age related pension after 75 years, Restoration of commuted value of pension after 12 years, Enhancement of Pension and Family Pension, Retirement gratuity and death gratuity, Increasing Fixed medical allowance and tagging it to cost of living index etc., [Extract of Circular Dt. 10-3-2016 issued by Com.K.K.N. Kutty, Secretyary General of ITPF on the periodical meeting of JCM National Council, with the Secretary, Pension P&PWA held at the the Conference hall of the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Sardar Patel Bhawan, New Delhi today i.e. 10.3.2016 by the staff side.]

Extension of the benefits of full pension to pre-2006 pensioners who had completed more than 20 years of service but less than 33 years. The Staff side said that despite series of judgements in favour of the pensioners, the Government has not yet issued the orders. Recently the Nagpur Tribunal has issued a contempt notice to the Government. They also alleged that the pensioners are being dragged to litigation. The Representatives of the Pension Department informed that the Department of Expenditure had not agreed to extend the benefit generally to all which has resulted in filing appeal. The representative of the Department of Expenditure stated that in the light of the view of the Department of legal affairs, the matter would be re-examined. 

Grant of modified parity to all those who retired prior to 1.1.2006 with reference to the upgraded post: The Staff Side stated that the Department of Pension has taken a very narrow view of the matter and the cases are dragged to the courts of law. The very spirit of the recommendation of the 5th CPC to bring about at least modified parity if not full parity has not been appreciated by the Govt. The issue was discussed at length. The official side pointed out the decisions of the Court in favour of the position taken by the Government in the case of K.S. Krishnaswany in CANO. 3174/3006, which has been upheld by the Honourable Gujarat High Court. In reply the Staff Side pointed out that the said decisions quoted by the official side had come about due to the phrase employed while issuing the original order viz. corresponding replacement scale. After some discussions, the Chairman agreed to look into the matter afresh and revisit the order of the Department of Pension in the matter.

Pensioners Adalat: The meeting also discussed the difficulties of Pensioners during the hearing of Pension Adalat. The Staff Side pointed out the need to engage some knowledgeable person to assist the complainants. The official side said that there had been no prohibition in the matter. The Petitioners are entitled to seek the assistance of another pensioner in presenting his case. If specific complaint of denial of this facility is brought to their notice, the Pension Department will issue the necessary instruction in the matter.

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