Minutes of the separate meeting held by EDE(IR) on 11.01.2016 with the Federation(AIRF) on left over PNM/AIRF items

Minutes of the separate meeting held by EDE(IR) on 11.01.2016 with the
Federation(AIRF) on left over PNM/AIRF items.

The following officers and representatives of AIRF attended the meeting:

Official Side AIRF
S/ Shri/ Smt. S/Shri
1. Ragini Yechury, EDE(IR) S.G. Mishra, General Secretary
2. Manoj Pande, ED(T&MPP) S.K. Tyagi
3. Rashmi Chowdhary, EDE(GC)
4. Ranjan P Thakur, ED(T&C)
5. Praful Chandra, Director, Safety-I
6. Harish Pawaria, Dir(Tele)
7. Sunil Kumar, DE(D&A) & DE(W)
8. D.V. Rao, DE(LL)
9. Suvomoy Paul, JDE(G)
10. Bhaskar Roy Choudhury, DDE(Sports)
11. Debashis Mallik, DE(IR)
12. Naveen Kumar, DDE(LR)I


26/2010: Implementation of the recommendation of the Railway Safety
Review Committee, 1998.

Please see Annexure-A.

On the issue of punishment of dismissal/removal in case of SPAD. Federation
demanded a meeting with Board (MS & MT).

Punishment to be imposed in accidents and derailment.

Official Side advised that as agreed in the earlier meeting, the punishment
norms issued vide letter No.99/Safety(A&R)/6/1 dated 23.04.1999 have been
reiterated vide letter No.2014/Safety(A&R)/14/6 dated 12.06.2015.
Federation, however, stated that in every case of ‘SPAD’, punishment imposed
is nothing less than ‘dismissal from service’. As such, Federation requested
for a meeting with Board (MS & MT).

Accident Free Service Certificates.

As desired by the Federation, the Zonal Railways have been advised to
furnish the details of Accident Free Service Certificates issued by them in
the last two years i.e. 2013-14 & 2014-15. Response has been received from
some of the Railways which will be furnished to the Federation separately.


29/2015: Implementation of recommendations made in para 7.2, 8.3 and
14.1 of the report on Revamping & Streamlining of Legal set-up on Indian

Status on the issues raised in the agenda is given in Annexure-B. The
matter is under review.

Attempt to close down Statistical Wing of Accounts Department.

Necessary instructions have been issued to NF Railway vide Board’s letter
No.2014/ Stat.IV/PNM-AIRF/1-4 dated 21.07.2015 communicating that necessary
action may be taken by the Zonal Railway Administration and the matter being
treated as closed at Board’s level.


56/2006: Indian Railway Tourism and Catering Corporation – Catering staff
on deputation.

Instructions regarding repatriation of catering staff on deputation to IRCTC,
back to their parent railway have been issued vide Board’s letter No.E(NG)I/2003/TR/10
pt.III dated 02.03.2015. Federation, however, mentioned that there are still
two cases where the repatriation has not been effected. Federation requested
a meeting with CRB.

29/2014: (A) Grievances of the Commission Vendors/ Bearers of Catering
Department of Indian Railways.
Compassionate ground appointment to the wards of Commission Vendors/
Bearers of Railway Catering Services.
Issue of Form 16-A to Commission Vendors.

Position has already been explained. Regarding issue of Form 16-A to
Commission Vendors, comments have been called from IRCTC and CCM/Northern
Railway and same are still awaited.
The Federation insisted that where Income Tax is deducted, employees will be
provided with Form 16-A/ other Form.

56/2012: Reckoning of Running Allowance as Pay for the purpose of
deduction of Income Tax –Enhancement in ceiling limit reg.

Ministry of Finance vide OM No.F.149/21/2013-TPL dated 23.7.2015, have
reiterated that it is not feasible to accept the request of the Railway
However, a further reference has been made to Ministry of Finance vide OM
dated 08.01.2016.
The Federation insisted on getting referred the matter to Finance Minister
by the Hon’ble MR.


17/2009: Upgradation of the facilities in the Zonal Railway Training
Schools/ Centres.

Federation was told that ED(T&MPP) visited ZRTI/ Bhuli on 07.12.2015 wherein
the representatives of the union were also available. A copy of the
inspection note of ED(T&MPP) was handed over to the Federation.

23/2010: Revision of the rates of Training Allowance and Sumptuary
Allowance to the Faculty Members of different Training Centers.

Matter under consideration.

11/2011: Provision for training institutes for various disciplines in
East Central Railway.

It was explained to the Federation that there are 16 Training Centres for
various discipline functioning in ECR which include one ZRTI at Muzzarfarpur,
and one Supervisor Training Centre at Samastipur, which has been recently
upgraded from C7W training centre on the request of ECR.

23/2011: Creation of posts for additional workload provided to Rail Coach
Factory, Kapurthala by the Railway Board.

Under process.

52/2012: Sanction of additional staff for manning newly constructed
railway lines opened for traffic.


32/2015: Creation of additional posts for maintenance and manning of new
assets and trains.

Position has already been explained to the Federation in a separate meeting
held by ED(Trg.&MPP) on 09.05.2015. It was further advised that 122 posts
have been recently created for Agra-Etawah New Line.

Action Plan Targets for the year 2012-13 in respect of Manpower Planning.

Vision 2020 envisages 1% reduction to be achieved in the sanction strength
every year as a corporate objective. Indian Railways has been undertaking 1%
reduction of sanctioned strength as it action plan since 2007-08, whereas
this was 2.5% and likewise since 2001-02. However, in the last few years
creation have outpaced surrenders as a result of which sanctioned strength
has actually increased.
Federation countered the views of the Official Side as large number of
creation of posts is awaiting against new assets.

30/2015: Additional manpower required for POH of additional AC Coaches at
Carriage Repair Shop, Tirupati.

Under consideration.

Filling-up of vacant posts in ICF, Chennai.


Absorption of Course Completed Act Apprentices in the Railways.

Instruction of Railway Board which provide that Course Completed Act
Apprentices can be engaged as substitutes in Group ‘D’ under GM’s powers in
administrative exigencies subject to their fulfilment of extant instruction
prescribed for such engagement, already exist.

60/2015: Creation of additional posts in various categories in East
Central Railway as per yardstick.

General Managers are empowered to create posts for new assets/new
Organizations on matching savings basis. Railways have also been asked to
identify and surrender vacancies in non-safety non-essential categories for
which indents have not been placed to generate matching savings for such
needed safety posts. As per BOS as on 1.4.2014, there are approximately 1300
such vacancies on East Central Railway which can be used as matching
surrender to create essential posts. It is also pointed out that money value
available in Railway Board’s Vacancy Bank is limited.

Upgradation of Horticulture staff.

Item was not discussed.

Supply of proper quality VHF Sets to Loco & Traffic Running Staff.

Necessary guidelines have already been issued by Railways vide Policy letter
No.RB Tele 12/2004 dated 06.05.2004. Railways have been advised to ensure
proper working of VHF Walkie-Talkie Sets vide letter No.2010/Tele/11/(3)1
dated 28.05.2015.


08/2015: Full utilization of the berths available for recruitment against
Sports Quota


It was explained that in order to streamline the process of recruitment of
sportsperson from open market instructions have been issued to finalise the
recruitment process latest by 31st January of each year vide
letter No.2011/E(Sports)/4/(1)/1/Policy Clarification, dated 24.08.2011.
Further, the recruitment have been increasing over the years as evident from
the following:
2012-13: 483
2013-14: 540
2014-15: 641


58/2006: Privatisation/ Contractorisation/ Outsourcing/ offloading of
various activities of the Indian Railways.

Instructions to all Zonal Railways & Production Units have been issued vide
Board’s letter No.E(LL)2015/PNM/AIRF/1 dated 20.10.2015.

20/2009: Rest Rules for Running Staff.


19/2014: Implementation of the Report of High Power Committee
constituted to review duty hours of Running Staff and other Safety related
Categories of Staff.

Decisions on major issues have been taken by the Board and instructions are
being issued shortly.

36/2015: Payment of ex-gratia and Workmen Compensation in favour of
railway employees who either sustained permanent injuries or die while on

Under examination.

Duty hours of staff working in the General Stores Depot.

Western Railway was replied to vide Board’s Letter No.E(LL)2015/HER/9 dated
15.09.2015 to decide by the Railways as the General Managers is the
competent authority to decide the working hours of Railway servants.


Denial of various benefits, after the employee is reported missing.

In the earlier meeting, it was agreed that Central Railway administration
will be advised to review this case where the employee is reportedly missing
from 2003.
Accordingly, Central Railway has been advised of the decision of the meeting
vide letter dated 05.08.2015. A copy of the letter is also endorsed to the
General Secretary, AIRF.


Revision in the Dress Regulations – 2004.

The finalized report of the Uniform Committee has been referred to Finance

7/2012: Implementation of various welfare schemes announced by the then
Hon’ble Minister for Railway during her Rail Budget Speech.

Further position on the various announcements made by the then Hon’ble MR is
to be furnished to the Federation.

28/2012: Sanction of Flood Relief Fund for the flood affected staff over
the Indian Railways.

This issue was deliberated at length. Federation once again expressed their
anguish for not providing any relief to the employees for loss of their
property. It was agreed from both side that in such an eventuality, timely
help to the affected employees is essential and for which Railway Minister’s
Relief Fund is also be one of the important sources. However, since at
present, as per existing provisions, Railway Minister’s Relief Fund cannot
be made use of for such purpose, the existing provisions to be reviewed for
suitable modification.
Official Side informed that necessary orders have been issued for T.N. Flood
and VSKP Hud-Hud Cyclone. Federation demanded some relief to Hud-Hud Cyclone
affected railway employees for their personal loss. Federation also insisted
to discuss the matter with the CRB.

07/2014: Issue of Special Passes on medical ground in favour of two
attendants in case of kid patient.

File has been submitted to Finance Dte. for concurrence.

10/2014: Provision of two sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes to
retired railway employees working in GP


In terms of Board’s Letter No.PC-VI/2009/I/RSRP/4 dated 08.01.2010, all the
posts carrying GP Rs.1800 in PB-1 (`5,200-20,200) have been classified as
Group ‘C’ post except persons placed in higher GP/ Pay Band under in-situ
Promotion Scheme/ ACP or MACP Schemes who will continue to retain the
classification of their basic posts i.e. Group ‘D’.
Since the said orders dated 08.01.2010, are effective from the date of
issue, employees in GP `1800 retired on or after 08.01.2010 are
automatically eligible for PRCP/ widow pass as per Group ‘C’ entitlement.
However, the incumbents of erstwhile Group ‘D’ post are to be placed in
above Group ‘C’ scale subject to fulfillment of conditions regarding minimum
qualification/ retraining. Since, said posts have been upgraded to Group ‘C’
with effect from 08.01.2010, Group ‘D’ staff retired earlier never held such
posts. Accordingly, those retired while holding Group ‘D’ scale/ posts
cannot be treated at par with Group ‘C’ employees.

Travel concession to retired railway employees at par with Senior

It was explained to the Federation that The Rules governing Concessions
stipulate that “Concession should not be granted for any journey, the cost
of which is borne by the Central or State Government or a Local Authority or
a Statutory Body or a Corporation or a Government Undertaking or a
University” (Rule 101(3)(d) of IRCA Coaching Tariff No.26(Part-1)(Vol.II)
and no person or party will be allowed two or more concessions at one time
(Rule No. 101(4)). Hence, the demand is not tenable. Further, as the women
senior citizen of 58 years of age would be in service, considering such a
request would involve relaxation in the provisions related to Privilege
Passes extended while in service which provide for payment of full
difference of fare between the entitled class and the higher class if the
employee desires to travel in higher class. Demand would also raise for such
concession in difference of fare being paid by retired railway employees to
take attendant in higher class alongwith them.


29/2011: Retention of railway quarter in favour of totally medically
incapacitated railway employees.

Necessary instructions are under issue.


27/2013: AC Card Passes to the Divisional Office Bearers of the AIRF
affiliated unions.


16/2015: Withdrawal of General and Restricted Holiday to the staff of
Workshop Accounts Office.

It was again advised to the Federation that in view of Para 3(ii) Board’s
letter No.E(LR)III/90/HL1-5 dated 15.06.92, Accounts Staff working in the
Workshop Offices are covered under the classification of Workshop Staff and
hence the demand of the Federation is not feasible for acceptance.

Provision of office accommodation to recognized trade unions.

Under examination.

59/2015: Issue of Card Passes to Central Office Bearers of Zonal Railway
Unions and Zonal Secretaries of AIRF in the Production Units.

In terms of Board’s letter No. E(LR)III/84/UTF/14 dated 30.01.1986, one card
pass per Division subject to a minimum of six card passes and in terms of
Board’s letter of even No.dated 17.05.1988, one additional card pass for
Workshop Branch are admissible to the recognized Union(s) at Zonal level.
These provisions cover the entire Zonal Railway. At Production Unit level,
facility of 1st class cheque pass to Zonal Secretaries of 6
Production Units subject to a ceiling of 4 passes in a calendar year is
admissible. Jurisdiction of Production Units is confined to its Headquarters
station and Zonal Secretaries are not required to travel much.


Items discussed
Items finalised

Annexure – A

PNM/AIRF Item No.26/2010 – Implementation of the recommendations of the
Railway Safety Review Committee 1998.
S. No. Para No. Current Status
1. Para 2.9.5

As a small incentive, trainees should be provided free food
during the period of training in addition to normal T.A.
(E/MPP Dte.)

The matter is under examination.
2. Para 2.9.8

All staff belonging to the technical Categories who are
enrolled in a recognised ITI course should be granted study
leave with full pay and allowance for the duration of the
Federation stressed on their demand for study leave with
full pay and allowance for the duration of the course.
3. Para 2.14.3

Running Rooms should be provided with the amenities
indicated in Para 2.14.3 Part–I (Mech/Tr. Dte.)
Federation requested for copy of instructions referred in
the Action Taken Statement. It was further agreed to conduct
a joint inspection of the running rooms at ALD and ADI
1. Para 4.3.2

1968 circular on ‘minimum’ punishment for accidents should
be modified, if it cannot be dispensed with altogether. In
this context, our committee strongly recommends that at the
very least clause relating “Signals Passed At Danger (SPAD)”
but not causing any accident should be deleted from the

(Safety Dte.)
Federation demanded a meeting with Board (MS & MT).
2. Para 3.8.3

In view of the differing views on the reliability of psycho
testing, in– service psycho testing of Railway staff should
be dispensed with.
Based on the comments received from RDSO, the matter was put
up to the Board (MT) wherein it was decided to maintain the
status-quo, that is continue with in-service psycho- testing
for identified categories. It was agreed to close this

3. Para 4.6.3(b)

Duties of the sectional permanent way gangs should be
redefined with upgradation in technology and bundling out of
certain functions on contract. Moreover the gang tools need
to be modified in the context of changes in the track
structure. Use of crowbars in PRC track is supposed to be
prohibited, and yet, in the absence of the right mix of
tools, punning is done with the blunt ends of crowbars.
Keeping in mind the new track structure and the increasing
difficulties in getting adequate blocks, it is essential
that easy to handle mechanised tool is introduced for
routine track maintenance.

(CE/P Dte.)
With the introduction of PRC sleepers, track is required to
be maintained mostly by mechanised means. Small track
machines are being provided to SE(P.Way) which are being
transported through higher vehicle. A pilot project is being
taken up for introduction of a Mobile Maintenance Unit (MMU)
on three divisions i.e. Bilaspur, Agra and Bangalore. This
will also include multipurpose tamper which have since been
commissioned. Federation demanded position on remaining
divisions and also a separate meeting with Board (ME).
4. Para 3.2.2

Implementation of our committee’s recommendation on Mobile
Train Radio Communication should be given a very high
priority by IR and the usual reason of ‘non–availability of
funds’ should not apply to this device.

(Tele Dte.)
As of today, Mobile Train Radio Communication (MTRC) works
have been sanctioned on 4561 RKMs. Of these, MTRC has been
commissioned on 2461 RKMs. It was agreed to close this


Annexure – B

The detailed comments w.r.t recommendations made in para 7.2, 8.3 and 14.1
of the Manchanda Committee’s report on Revamping and Streamlining of Legal
set-up on Indian Railways are as under:-
Point No.
AIRF’s demand
Recommendation of Manchanda Committee
Para No. 7.2 Railways should have at least one Law Officer (Group-B)
level in every division
As far as paras No. 7.2 and 8.3 (recommendations No.1
to 5) are concerned the same was processed by E(GC) in
consultation with Legal Dte and Finance Dte. and creation of
2 JAG and 6 Sr. Scale posts and upgradation of 11 posts of
CLAs to Group ‘B’ on the new zones/divisions was approved in
house by Board FC/MR and sanction was issued vide Board’s
letter No.2003E(GC)12-14 Pt.I(06) dated 9.03.2006. Further,
in pursuance of CAT/ Chandigarh’s Order dt. 17.01.2014 in
O.A No.1294/CH/2011 directing Ministry of Railways to move
the proposal for restructuring of Legal Cadre of Old Zones
to Ministry of Finance, a proposal was forwarded to Ministry
of Finance. Ministry of Finance have advised to get the
proposal for restructuring of Legal cadre revalidated by
present Minister- in-charge for further examination of the
case. The proposal has been put up for MR’s approval on
18.09.2015. It is pointed out that AIRF has wrongly stated
that the set-up recommended by the committee for Railway
Board Establishment has already been implemented. In fact
restructuring proposal of legal cadre under consideration of
MR includes Railway Board as well as old zones.
Para No. 8.3 The Committee recommended that, each zonal Railway should have at least one JA Grade Officer in Law Department with one Sr. Scale and two
Assistant scale Officers with requisite non-gazetted set-up
Para No. 14.1 The Committee has also recommended, Legal Assistants with three years of service should be considered for promotion to the post of Legal
Officer(Group-B), Legal Officer with five years of service in Group-B should be considered for Sr. Legal Officer(Sr. Scale) and Sr. Legal
Officer of three years as such should be considered for Dy. Chief Law Officer
The eligibility criteria for promotion to Group ‘B’ posts of
Asstt. Law Officer (re-designated as Law Officer) has since
been reviewed. In terms of instructions contained in Board’s
letter No.E(GP)2005/2/26 dated 16/11/2011, Chief Law
Assistants in PB-2+GP `4600 with two years of non-fortuitous
service in the grade are eligible for appearing in the
selection for promotion to Group ‘B’ posts of Asstt. Law
Officer (re-designated as Law Officer).

As regards modification in the eligibility criteria for
promotion to the Group ‘A’ post is concerned, it is stated
that as per DoP&T O.M No.AB.14017/ 61/2008-Estt.(RR) dt.
24.03.2009, minimum qualifying service for promotion from
one grade pay to another grade pay as per 6th CPC
recommendations has been notified. The RRs of law Cadre of
Indian Railways are being revised adopting
minimum qualifying service criteria
as mentioned in DoP&T O.M dt. 24.03.2009 referred to above.
In the proposed RRS, the Law Officer(Gr.

‘B’ gazetted) with 6 years of regular service
is eligible for promotion to Sr. Law Officer (Gr.
‘A’, `6600 GP) and

Sr. Law Officer with 5 years of regular service
is eligible for promotion to Dy. Chief law Officer (Gr.‘A’,
`7600 GP).
Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/establishment/E%28LR%29/Minutes_left_over_items_11012006.pdf

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