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New Pension Scheme: Guidelines for processing of Family Pension Cases

New Pension Scheme: Guidelines for processing of Family Pension Cases

B-14/A, Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhawan
Qutab Institutional Area, Katwaria Sarai
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F. No. PFRDA/24/Exit/1

May 26, 2016

Shri Amit Sinha
Executive Vice President,
NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited,
1st Floor, Times Tower.
Kamla Mills Compound,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel,
Mumbai – 400013

Subject: Guidelines for processing of Family Pension Cases.

DearMr Sinha,

This has with reference to regulation 6(e) of the PFRDA (Exit and Withdrawals under NPS) Regulation 2015 relating to family pension and transfer of corpus from subscribers NPS account to government nodal office, if the subscriber or the family members of the deceased subscriber avails the benefit of family pension.
The Authority after examining the issue has finalized the policy with respect to transfer of accumulated pension wealth of the subscribers to government and where the subscribers family has availed the additional relief given by the government in the family of family pension Accordingly, the guidelines for processing of such claims are being enclosed herewith for your guidance and implementation of the same.
Therefore, you are advised to intimate to all the accounting formations under the central government, state governments (excluding the states which have clarified that they do not provide the benefit including Punjab & Sikkim) and autonomous bodies falling under theirjurisdiction about the policy guidelines and also the process to be followed
The same shall be made part of the online exit module. In case if you want any clarifications on the matter. you may write back to us

Yours sincerely,
(Venkateswarlu Peri)
General Manager

Enclosure: a/a
Shri Kamal Chaudary
Chief Executive Officer,
National Pension System Trust,
3’d Floor, Chatrapati Shivaji Bhawan
B-14/A, Qutab Institutional Area
New Delhi 3100 016

Guidelines for processing of Family Pension cases

Online processing of Withdrawal request in case family pension is provided by the Nodal Office to the claimant(s)/subscriber(s)
1. The family member(s)/subscriber(s) who is/are availing Family Pension from will submit the No objection certificate (Annexure-II) to the concerned Nodal Office.
2. Nodal Office will authenticate the Annexure II.
3. Nodal Office shall fill in the declaration form Annexure I & provide necessary authentications.
4. Nodal Office (first User) will login into CRA system to select the option that the family pension is being/ has been granted to the family members of the deceased subscriber or to the subscriber.
5. Nodal office will enter the details of family member(s)/subscriber(s) into the CRA system to whom the family pension is being given (as mentioned under Annexure II).
6. A new field – Nodal Office bank detail will be enabled. Nodal Office will provide its bank details as per Nodal Office Declaration form (Annexure I).
7. Nodal Office (first User) will submit post entering the complete details.
8. Nodal Office (second User) will authenticate and authorise the said request. Claim ID will get generated on successful submission of Withdrawal request.
9. Nodal Office will print the online form dispatch the same along with duly filled attested both the Annexures – I and II to CRA.
10. On receipt of documents, CRA will initiate the withdrawal request in the CRA system.
11. The accumulated pension wealth, of the particular deceased subscriber or the subscriber (in case of disability) for whom the withdrawal request is raised, will be transferred to the Nodal Office bank account as per the settlement cycle.