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Disburse 7th CPC Arrears alongwith the Salary of August, 2016 without waiting budget allotment: CGDA

Disburse 7th CPC Arrears alongwith the Salary of August, 2016 without waiting budget allotment: CGDA


NO. AN/VII/7220/BE 2016-17

Dated: 10.08.2016

The PCsDA/ PCA(Fys) Kolkata/CsDA
(Through Website)

Subject : Implementation Of Seventh Central Pay Commission recommendations-Instructions regarding

Apropos HQrs Circular No. AN/XlV/14162/Seventh CpC/ Vol-l dated 05.08.2016, it is requested that keeping in view the contents of Para 2(x), the revised pay consequent upon fixation of pay under CCS(RP) Rules 2016 with effect from 1.1.2016 and the arrears thereof , may be paid alongwith the salary Of August 2016. The payment may be made without waiting for allotment Of additional funds from the HQrs, under the Salary head. 
2. Also, it is requested that the details Of the payment of arrears under the respective Code Heads Of ‘Salary’ may be intimated separately to the HQrs. The requirement Of additional funds under the ‘Salary’ head may be projected in the RE 2016-17/ BE 2017-18 estimates.

3. Hindi version will follow.

(Mustaq Ahmad)



  • NISHIT DEY 8 years ago

    We badly need Upgraded PPO I am holding PPO of 2003

    Pl issue Fresh P.P.O in sort of Up gradation of Basic Pension

    • What are all the dates or occasions a new / fresh PPO will be issued ? I have received only one PPO, when I retired from IAF in 1988.

  • Can't sat brother . I am also seeking reply of a post just like yours .Bur as per general news we (Defense veterans)should also get this along with August pension . And moreover we should also get the 2nd installment of OROP arrears with August pension . Let us hope for the best .

  • Sir, will defence personnel (Army, Navy & Air Force) will also get salary & arears in the month of Aug 16 Salary?

  • Devinder Kohli 8 years ago

    What about defence personnel
    & OROP arrears.PM annoused
    20% hike in pension to day.

  • The Central Government has not issued orders regarding 7th Pay commission in respect of Central Government funded Autonomous Bodies. Please issue orders for implementation of 7th Pay commission recommendations for employees of Autonomous Bodies.

  • Sir – Will the defense pensioners also get their arrears along with August 2016 pension (revised) . Thanks .

    • Justin Christian 8 years ago

      @ O.D.Sharma MOD is yet to issue OM for defense pensioners and based on that OM PCDA will issue payment instruction…..