Extension of CGHS facility to retired BSNL employees: BSNL OM

Extension of CGHS facility to retired BSNL employees: BSNL OM

(A Govt. of India Enterprise) 
Admn. Section, Corportate Office
Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi

No. BSNL/Admn.I/14-15/09(pt)

Dated: July 29, 2016


Sub: Extension of CGHS facility to retired BSNL employees.

The decision of extension of CGHS facilities to the retired BSNL employees was conveyed vide letter No. 4-12(11)/2012-PAT dated 20.2.14.  The letter also mentioned that BSNL employees who opt for CGHS would have to pay the requisite fee to CGHS as applicable to Government retirees.  The facility was not being extended to BSNL employees due to different pay scales applicable to BSNL employees.  Now CGHS authorities have requested DOT to indicate equivalent basic pay and Grade Pay as per the Central Pay Scales on the Pension Payment Order (PPO) which will facilitate evaluation of subscription and room rent of the beneficiary.  Retired employees intend to avail CGHS facility may approach DOT and get the equivalent basic pay and Grade Pay indicated on their PPOs for availing CGHS facility.
Management Committee has approved reimbursement of onetime payment of CGHS subscription paid by the BSNL employees.  Retired employees who intend to avail CGHS facility, will surrender BSNLMRS facility and subscribe for CGHS facility.  While surrendering BSNLMRS facility, they will indicate their desire to avail CGHS facility.  On payment of subscription, they will submit a final claim from BSNL by furnishing the proof of payment indicating the amount.
The information be widely circulated.  Record of retired employees migrating from BSNLMRS to CGHS facility may be maintained and intimated to Corporate Office on quarterly basis.

(Raj Kumar)
Assistant General Manager (Admn.IV)

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