Issues relating to medical facility extended to retired employees

Issues relating to medical facility extended to retired employees: BSNL Instructions

(A Govt. of India Enterprise)
Admn. Section, Corporate Office
Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi
No. BSNL/Admn.I/15-18/16(i) 
Dated: August 10, 2016
All CGMs

Sub: Issues relating to medical facility extended to retired employees.

Various retired employees Associations have conveyed their difficulties in availing medical facility, like inordinate delays in settlement of their claims, non-availability of empaneled hospitals for cashless treatments on CGHS rates. Therefore, all Circle Heads are requested to ensure the following:
1. All the claims of retired employees are settled within one month from the date of receipt of the claim.
2. Sufficient number of CGHS approved hospitals are empanelled preferably on cashless basis. Where the hospitals are reluctant to extend cashless facility, atleast it is ensured that the services are extended on CGHS rates on cash payment.
3. Status of claims of retired employees may be informed to them whenever it is sought. List of emapnelled hospitals should also be made available to retired employees either on intranet portal or at the claim processing units.
Necessary instructions may be issued to all concerned in the Circle for adhering to the above guidelines. Action taken on the above issues may be intimated.
This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.
(Raj Kumar)
Assistant General Manager (Admn.IV)
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