Filling up of supervisory posts of Accounts Department: NFIR writes to Railway Board

Filling up of supervisory posts of Accounts Department: NFIR writes to Railway Board

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

No. II/70/Part II
Dated: 18 /08/2016

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Filling up of supervisory posts of Accounts Department-reg.

Ref: Railway Board’s letter No. 2015/AC-II120/App-3 dated 01/08/2016, addressed to General SecretarylNFIR.
On perusal of the proposal sent vide Railway Board’s letter No.2015/AC-II/20/App-3 dated 01/08/2016, the NFIR finds that the said proposal may not in fact give desired results for ensuring efficiency and achieving perfection in the working system. In this connection, NFIR conveys as follows:-
(i) There is need to ensure annual recruitment of JAAs against the DR quota percentage uninterruptedly, thereby, such recruitees can be adequately trained, retrained for meeting the system’s requirements .
(ii) It needs to be admitted by the Railway Board that wrong policy of non-filling of vacancies particularly against DR quota for decades together has resulted difficult situation. Federation wants that such mistakes not be repeated.
(iii) The extant policy of holding centralized examination of Appendix-III IREM needs to be reviewed and decentralized to facilitate Zonal Railways to conduct these examinations regularly fo’r the purpose of filling the vacancies as well for meeting the future requirement. If this policy revision is approved and implemented, the fear that 34% vacancies by 2019-2020 will get dispelled.
(iv) The Railway Board may consider introducing the system of filling vacancies of SSO(A) etc., through different types of examinations against 70% and 30% quota vacancies as is being presently done in the case of selections to Group ‘B’ (Gazetted).
• Those Accounts Assistants with GP 4200/- (PB-2) put in minimum two years service may be allowed to appear in the selection against 30% quota vacancies and panel drawn based on merit. In the case of 70% quota vacancies, those Accounts Assistants rendered 5 years service, may be made eligible to appear and such number be equal to three times the vacancies in the order of seniority and panel be drawn on the basis of their seniority.
• The examinations against 70% & 30% quota vacancies may be conducted annually and while calling for the applications against these quotas, option from the staff may be obtained whether they prefer SSO (A) or Sf. TIA or Sr. ISA, thereby they can be deployed on promotion in case of their empanellement.
• 5% marks weightage may be considered to be added to the qualifying marks to those Accounts Assistants who have completed three years service or more.
• The syllabus for 70% and as well 30% quota vacancies may be formulated by Railway Board which should be followed by Zonal Railways.
• The questions may be of “objective” type upto 50% out of total number of questions and the remaining may be “subjective”.
(v) The Zonal Railways may be advised to conduct the examinations” online “, depending upon the availability of infrastructure and facilities. Such system would contribute for quick evaluation and declaration of results without any loss of time to facilitate filling the vacancies within the reasonable time.
(vi) It also needs to be seriously considered for providing the following pay structure in the Accounts Department.
(a) JAA – GP 4200/-
(b) AA- GP 4800/-
(c) SSO (A)/Sr. TIA/Sr. ISA – GP 5400/-
NFIR expects the Railway Board to consider the above and respond early. During discussions as and when fixed, the Federation will highlight more details.

Yours faithfully,
(Dr. M. Raghavaiah) 
General Secretary

Source : NFIR