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7th Pay Commission – Defence Minister asked for implementation inspite of resentment

7th Pay Commission – Defence Minister asked for implementation inspite of resentment

New Delhi, 13 September, 2016: Overruling service chiefs, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has asked them to implement the 7th Pay Commission without any delay.
Last week, the three services – Army, Navy and the Air Force – had issued an open signal to servicemen informing them the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission is being kept in abeyance till anomalies are addressed.
On Monday, the three services, led by the Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee, Air Chief Arup Raha met the Defence Minister to reiterate the need to address the anomalies before the 7th Pay Commission could be rolled out for forces.

Top sources told NDTV that Mr Parrikar gave the forces a patient hearing but was firm that the 7th Pay Commission had to be implemented and anomalies will be looked at by the government.
The major grievances of the forces include not being allowed non-functional upgrade (NFU) available to bureaucracy. NFU allows bureaucrats who have been passed over to get a higher pay as soon as their batch mates make it to the next rank, and a pay matrix that is separate from the civilian bureaucracy. The government has formed an anomalies commission to look to into these issues.
Defence Minister Parrikar’s firm message to the forces comes at a time when a large section of the government feels that pay and perks of military is better than most other government services.  
“The military gets pension when no other service gets pension anymore, besides the military has been given One Rank One Pension (OROP), which is not available any other service,” sources said.
It now remains to be seen the forces withdraw their earlier signal and takes steps to implement the 7th Pay Commission.

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  • It is very sad to know we lost our 17 brave soldiers today. But i would request RM to accompany def min babus with him to Uri instead gen suhag. They will fight better with those Pakistanis.

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Only 60000 Officers demand their own anomoly. What about PBOR nobody care even chief. We are coming in PB1 and going PB1 not a single promotion we are getting.

  • Orders have been issued. Implementation will be done by disbursing authorities after PCDA(P)instructions. It may become clear by the end of this month.

  • bc goyalmhow 7 years ago

    early issue of pension revision orders for ex-servicemen awaited by lacs

  • Dear sir please tell us when PBOR pension will be issue as per cort order for pre 2006 and arrears, also 7cpc Military pensioners to impliment the order

  • Soldiers can merely request for previlege given to them based on Status, power and accountability. If not granted , there is laid down procedure to follow.
    Possibly, chiefs have been briefed that the soldiers will not obey orders(secret report) if chiefs cannot look after their and their dependents security and welfare which has to persued logically as well as tactfully with the permission from the Govt. in power.
    If fail, there is previlege to resigh to safeguard their image and prestige. I doubt there is plan to put down defence which responsibility rests at Chiefs soldiers. Troops commanded look at their Commanders. God Bless EMS !

  • No,, I will not agree to implement pay commission without clearance of allowances like map etc… Soldiers along with their families sacrifice life to the nation that's why we are sleeping peacefully in night…just c and watch the life in j&k and North east…

  • In my opinion , the 7th pay commission(for Defense)should be implemented at the earliest and any anomalies what so ever may be raised by our Chiefs for the betterment , to be looked after seriously at the earliest by Ministries concerned . Thanks .

    • GEORGE CYRIAC 7 years ago

      Pension is not from Mr. Parikker's pocket it is the right of a soldier who served for the nation on 24 hours basis.