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Ex-servicemen support service chiefs over pay commission

Ex-servicemen support service chiefs over pay commission

Jalandhar, September 13

The Indian Ex-servicemen movement (IESM) convener Lt Col Balbir Singh today said that this was the first time in the history of Indian Army that the incumbent service chiefs have declined to accept the 7th pay commission which projected lowest pay for the armed forces. 
“The entire community of the IESM stands by our chiefs and supports them in getting our respect and honour which is being lowered in status and pay. It is high time that the government should understand our well deserved demands before it is too late,” said Col Balbir. He said tby bringing unrest in armed forces; the government was compromising on the security of the nation. 

He said the government should restore our status and bring pay and parity with other Class A services. He also said that the service chiefs should not bow down to the political pressure imposed by Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar who had asked them to accept it with immediate effect. —TNS
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  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Lt Col Balbir Singh not the entire community only officers. Plz tell the truth don't spread this types of rumer

  • Subramanian Kumarswamy 8 years ago

    If need we will all assemble in Delhi. Say about at least 1,50,000 esm to support our hon. High commands

  • We all support our heads of all three defence services

  • I do praise our community to stand together for a right cause and fight for right . I salute my heroes for taking such a bold step to keep the Defense Morale to a high level .

  • Arokiasamy Anthonisay 8 years ago

    We are with the Chiefs ! Honour is the feeling that converts an ordinary person into a true soldier. This the Nethas and the Babus must realise !

    • Anonymous 8 years ago

      why you are supporting ? As you may not be knowing that they are fighting for officers benefit not for JAWANS/JCOs benefit .If I am wrong, tell them to broadcast the JAWANS/JCOs points which they included in their agenda ?

    • Anonymous 8 years ago

      Wrong even the serving PBOR not in agreement with the three chiefs .. chief is not only for officer but also for men and civilian working in airforce army and navy . being the disciplined solder they must accept and represent but not obeying the order of defence ministry is totally violation of disciplin and all the chiefs must be punished for the same