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Disability pension for Armed Forces in 7th CPC not reduced, but significantly increased- Central Government

Disability pension not reduced, but significantly increased- Central Government
The Some Media Reports claimed that Disability Pension has been reduced, but the Government rubbishes the Media reports and said that it has been significantly increased in 7th CPC.
The Union government on Monday rubbished media reports which claimed disability pension for the armed forces had been reduced and slammed negative reporting on the issue by the “usual suspects”.
“Media reports have tried to create an impression, by selective misquoting, that the disability pensions have been slashed. The truth is that the disability pension for non-battle cases has increased for majority of the personnel,” sources in the government said.

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“There was a dramatized article in the media today describing how the pensions of Army personnel who participated in the surgical strike get cut drastically if they got severely injured during the surgical strike. But the fact is, that the disability pensions for war injury cases for personnel who have been invalidated have not been touched, according to the recommendations of the 7th pay commission,” government sources clarified.

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“The disability pension of almost 90% of the armed force personnel have been significantly increased,” the sources said, adding, “the increase ranges from around 14% to 30% among the PBORs/JCOs.”
Contrary to the media reports, the disability pension for sepoys has increased from Rs 9282 to Rs 12,000, for havildars from Rs 10,542 to Rs 12,000 and for naiks from Rs 9680 to Rs 12,000 after the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, they said.
The government has accepted the recommendations of the 7th pay commission to ensure increase in the disability pensions for majority of the personnel in the Indian armed forces. The resolution based on the 7th pay commission recommendations has been passed. The details and the actual order are yet to be issued.
In 2015, a total of 62,311 armed forces personnel retired. Of these, 60,662 were personnel below officer rank (PBOR) and junior commissioned officers (JCO) and 1649 were commissioned officers. Naiks and Havildars constitute the maximum proportion of armed forces. 24035 Naiks and 23124 Havildars retired in 2015

News Source: Times of India


  • Lies of a Government which dare not issue official response to fact that it has unfairly and illegally cut disability pension of only the military. Otherwise why have different systems of calculating disability for civilians and military. It is only in India that military is paid less risk related allowances, army officers and men pay for their own insurance, military gets thrown out of job due to disability while even totally bed-ridden civilian employee is guaranteed job till 60 years of age and then earn better disability pension than a fauji.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    This report is totally baseless and has been rubbished in major navdeep blog. Why it has been published by you is not understood. Please also publish report of major navdeep along with it..also please also take up issue of equity in disability pension between civilian officers and subordinate staff. The report merely brings out the increase in disability pension for defence via a via 6;CPC. It is no brainer that in CPC BP will increasedue to DA merger and 14.27 % increase in BP. However the report very cleverly does not compare disability pension of civilians with defence. This report is deliberate attempt for propagating falsehood..