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Purchase of Note Book, Lap-top etc. for discharge of official work: Revised Guidelines by Fin Min

Purchase of Note Book, Lap-top etc. for discharge of official work: Revised Guidelines by Fin Min

F. No. 8(64)/2016-E.II(A)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
New Delhi, the 27th September, 2016


Subject: Purchase of Note Book/ Lap-Top, etc., by Ministries/ Departments – revision of guidelines reg.

In supersession to this Ministry’s Office Memorandum bearing No 8(25)/2012-EII(A) dated 19th September 2014 regarding purchase of Note Book/Lap-Top computers by Ministries/Departments and delegation of powers thereof, it has been decided that lap-top; tablet; notepad; ultra-book; notebook, netbook or devices of similar categories may be issued to officers of the rank of Deputy Secretary/equivalent and above for discharge of official work. These powers shall continue to be exercised by the Secretary of the Ministry/Department concerned in consultation with the Financial Adviser. It would be the prerogative of the Administrative Secretary to decide on the nature of gadget to be issued to the eligible officers.
2. This would, however, be subject to the following conditions:
i. Cost of the device, including standard software should not exceed Rs. 70,000/-
ii. Purchase procedures prescribed under GFRs/CVC guidelines may be followed.
iii. The officer who is given the device, shall be personally responsible for its safety and security as well as security of data/information, though the device shall continue to remain Government property. In case of its loss, cost will be recovered from the officer based on the book value of the device. The officer concerned will be at liberty to get the device insured at his personal cost.
iv. Only one device may be issued to an entitled officer. The officer will have the option to retain the device after four years by paying 10% of the original cost.
v. For the purpose of calculation of the book value, a depreciation of 25% per year, on reducing balance, be adopted.
vi. No new device may be sanctioned to an officer, who has already been allotted a device, in a Ministry/Department, up to four years or till the fitness of such device is certified by the authorized service centre of the OEM or by the vendor providing AMC services for such devices to the Ministry/Department, whichever is later. No proposal of replacement will be, however, considered during the manufacturer’s warranty period. Upon the transfer of the officer to another Ministry/Department of the Government of India, he may exercise the option of carrying this device to his new posting with the approval of the Administrative Secretary. No new device may be issued to a new incumbent if the device is returned by his predecessor upon his transfer from that Ministry/Department, except when such device has completed the stipulated period of four years or its useful lifespan, whichever is later.
vii. Disposal of the gadgets may be as per extant norms prescribed for e-waste disposal.
3. This issues with the approval of Finance Secretary. 

(Pankaj Hazarika)

Source: www.finmin.nic.in [Click here to download]