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These employees will get 100% hike even without Pay Commission

These employees will get 100% hike even without Pay Commission

New Delhi: It is ironical that while central government employees are protesting the meager pay hike received under 7th Pay Commission, the Members of Parliament are likely to get a 100 percent hike in salary soon.
As per reports, the PMO has agreed to the hike in the salary of the Members f Parliament. The Joint Committee on Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament headed by BJP MP Yogi Adityanath had recommended hike in basic compensation of MPs from Rs 1,90,000 per month to Rs 2,80,000 per month (salary along with constituency and office staff allowances).

The government had last revised the MPs’ salary in 2010. PMO has also agreed to the hike in its own allowances.
The salary of the President of India is also expected to go up from the existing Rs 1.5 lakh per month to Rs 5 lakh. State governor’s salary is seen rising to Rs 2.5 lakh per month from the current Rs 1.10 lakh per month.
The government is likely to bring separate bills in the winter session of Parliament, starting November 16 for the salary hikes for President, Governors and MPs. The salary raise of the vice-president, who is also chairman of the Rajya Sabha, will also be sough during the session.
Some more allowances hike likely are as follows: 
  • MP’s constituency allowance-It will rise to Rs 90,000 per month from existing Rs 45,000 every month
  • The secretarial assistance and office allowance- It is seen going up Rs 90,000 from Rs 45,000.
  • Annual furniture allowance for MPs’ official residence- It rises to Rs 1,50,000 a year.
  • Free broadband for residential space worth Rs 1,700 per month.
  • The monthly pensions for former MPs rises from Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 per month. 
  • Those MPs who served for more than five years would get an additional amount in pension — the number of years multiplied by Rs 2,000.
  • Free government accommodation, air travel and train travel facilities,three landline telephone connections,two mobile phones, a loan of Rs 4 lakh to buy a vehicle are other perks given to the Parliamentarians.

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  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Mp's r living a maharaja lifestyle & will be living like American President. What about efps meagre pension stagnant for last 10/20 years. At least that sud be hiked to earlier mp pension, ie,Rs20000/-minimum.

  • Raghu P 8 years ago

    Our elected leaders deserve to receive a good remuneration too. If a peon or a clerk can have a pay hike, is an MP less deserving?
    We must shed our limited mindset and understand the role that the MPs play in a democracy.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Mr.Ramachandran -You can get the required information from the Ministry of Finance. For that you are required to make an application to them under the RTI Act.

  • Deva Dhason 8 years ago

    As the central Government employees and pensioners have been given an UP in their remuneration through 7th CPC, IT IS RIGHT THAT THE PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT AND PARLIAMENTARIANS SHOULD BE GIVEN INCREASE IN THEIR RENUMERATION.

    The increase should be as per below details; as it has been done by 7th CPC.

    Divide the existing remuneration by 2.25

    and the multiply by 2.57.

    this may give an increment of 20% around. anything more taken by Indian Politician is a great injustice

  • gummuluri sundar narayana sarma 8 years ago

    Not only employees but also 45mlakh pensioner who are senior citizens are being treated like beggars God save them.

  • Unknown 8 years ago

    Not only employees but also 45mlakh pensioner who are senior citizens are being treated like beggars God save them.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Blame not the ministers but blame your leaders who mercilessly cheat you each time.Please dont forget that the NJCA had withdrawn the strike of July 11 when all the CG employees were in full mood for a strike.Dont give any donation and subscription to these leaders.Take your salary to your home.Respect yourself and not these leaders.

  • Parliament is the supreme authority in India and it is empowered to make decisions on the rewards for the performance of the elected representatives.

    • Anonymous 8 years ago

      45 lakh pensioner are the disgruntled lot.Option 1 has not yet been approved. Further employees and pensioners of Institutes of National importance are yet to get what has been given to CG employees. This is ridiculous.

  • FinanceMinister and other three ministers assuarances are entitled to place in dustbin.Prime minister will always busy in touring foreign countries.HE has no time to hear the genuine grievances of his own ageold pensioners and their working employees put forward by somany associations and tradeunions.In these circumstances,there is no surprise in sanctioning 100%increase in emoluments of MPs with the approval of Prime Minister and cabinet after a gap of 6 years.But in the mean time to increase 10%in wages and 1% increase in DA/DR of pensioners and employees after a gap of 10 years no funds are available.Whatever Govt says that the minimum pay has been increased from Rs.7000/= to Rs.18,000/=is not at all correct.Rs.7,000/=is basic pay .the DA/DR on that basic pay at 125%on pay ie Rs.8,750/=Total minimum salary received on 31-12-2015 was Rs.15,750/=.This has been increased to Rs.18,000/=Thus the actual increase is Rs.2,250/= pm after a gap of 10 yearsand wait for another 10 years.This fact should have been brought to the notice of all citizens of india.Finance and other 3 ministers cunningly called the members of the union ,convinced them to accept their assuarances and arranged to withdraw the proposed strike.Unions accepted the assuarances with full hope,but now deceited.Unions and Associations convene meeting and take further decision without timelag.

    • Thandava Krishnan sir your are 100% correct as you said PM of this country has no time to study about CG employees wages and allowances and Cabinet want to time for study nearly 12 months but regarding their emoluments cabinet approved immediately.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Why they should lag behind? After Britishers they are the ones who have every "RIGHT" to loot India & the slaves staying in India because nobody dares to question them hence 'slaves' is the right word to describe people other than Politicians.

  • Jo bhuka hey usko ladna padeyga apney hak k liye. Jago comrades j ago

  • In 2004 it was farmers who defeated NDA. In 2017 UP and 2019 general elections it is the turn of government employees . Even now the 7th cpc has not been implemented in toto. What a shame ! Nearly 4.5 lakhs of employees in prestigious autonomous and statutory bodies have not been awarded revision.What will the government gain from this ? Only hatred.At the end Modi government will save some crore rupees at the cost of the tears of employees . Thus the country will save some money but BJP will see the exit in 2019 elections.

    • Anonymous 8 years ago

      It is written on the wall BJP will lose in next general election in 2019. It is sure!!!

  • These hikes r as per norms of the country. Payments in our country vary inversely as th work. that means the more a man is away from the actual work the more is he previledged. MPs r not only not working but also not allowing to work. so their pay hike in this regard is possibly low. then comes the Babudom who simply add so many ifs and buts to the govt schemes that the oiginal idea of the scheme moves away. So, for us and the army very little is left.

  • Shameless idiots

  • Can anybody give me the following details details
    (a)Present total budgetary allotment for salary of MPs
    (b) Expected increase in the budgetary allotment for salary after the hike.
    (c) Expected expenditure subsequent years.
    I could not find the details anywhere where as in the case of government employs it is given in pay commission more over it is announce whenever there is an increase in pay or pension given to CG employs.

  • Harshad Mandani 8 years ago

    One of the more nusence in shri Modi &Jetley' workinh economic affairs. Only GOD save voters.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Yes this hike is needed as they are the hardest working lot