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Creation of posts and cadre review in Central Group ‘A’ Civil Services: reiteration of the existing guidelines

Creation of posts and cadre review in Central Group ‘A’ Civil Services: reiteration of the existing guidelines

F. No. I-11019/17/2016-CRD
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
(Cadre Review Division)
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi-110 003
Dated: 15th February, 2017
Office Memorandum

Sub: Creation of posts and cadre review in Central Group ‘A’ Civil Services: reiteration of the existing guidelines.

D/o Personnel and Training is the nodal agency for formulation and evaluation of personnel policies in Government of India. One of the major functions envisaged for DoPT concerns the periodical review of cadre structures of Central Group ‘A’ Civil Services.

2. The responsibility for laying down standards in the matter and coordination rests with this Department. The present system of cadre review of Central Group ‘A’ Civil Services is in existence since 1972 with the issuance of 1st set of the Guidelines by the DoPT. The latest guidelines in this regard were issued on 14.12.2010 (Annexure-I). All the Central Group ‘A’ Services as listed by this Department have to undertake cadre review through the established procedure laid down by the DoPT which involves examination of proposal by the DoPT, DoE, Cadre Review Committee and finally approval of the Cabinet. 

3. While examining the cadre review proposals, it has come to the notice of this Department that certain cadres are not following the guidelines and periodicity of cadre review. Further, most of the cadres have adopted the ad-hoc measures of creation/up-gradation of posts or increasing the cadre strength by restructuring resulting in distortion within and amongst the Services. Most of these‘ad-hoc measures were taken without consulting the DoPT whereas, as per DoPT’s existing guidelines issued in 1978, any addition in the cadre structure has to be done in consultation with the DoPT.

4. The guidelines issued in 1978 (Annexure-II) in this regard, which were reflected in the Monographs of 1986 and 1993 also are as under:-
“Normally addition to a cadre by way of increasing the number of posts at different levels should be considered only in the course of triennial (now five years) cadre review. Mid review changes should be avoided as far as possible. Regular cadre reviews carried out at triennial (now five Years) intervals must envisage such eventualities while making advance projections for the five year period of additional manpower requirements. Accordingly, the need for creating posts not envisaged by the Cadre Review Committee before the next cadre is due can be expected to be rare. In the event, however, of such eventuality, it may be ensured that the additional posts so created conform to the cadre structure most recently approved by the Cadre Review Committee. There can, however, be no rigidity in this regard. In any case the cadre authority should consult PP Division (now Cadre Review Division) of the DP&AR ( now DoPT) in this regard.
⏵ It is pertinent to note that none the Group ‘A’ Central Civil Service had been exempted from these guidelines at any point of time.

5. In order to avoid distortion in cadres, address stagnation, ensure parity between the cadres and uniformity in the applicability of the cadre review guidelines, DoPT reiterates its earlier guidelines on cadre review and all the Central Group ‘A’ Civil Services (Annexure-III) are requested to undertake cadre review through the established procedure laid down by the DoPT vide its OM No. I-11011/1/2009-CRD dated 14.12.2010 (Annexure-I). Further, any addition in cadre strength of Central Group ‘A’ Services must be routed through the DoPT as laid down in the cadre review guidelines issued by DoPT in 1978 as mentioned in para 4 above and reiterated in the Monographs of 1986 and 1993.
(M.S. Subramanya Rao)
Director (CRD)