UGC Pay Review Committee Recommendations for University and College teachers – 20% Pay Hike, Performance linked Promotion etc.

UGC pay hike plan: The Telegraph News


New Delhi, Feb. 22: The UGC today recommended a 20 per cent pay hike for university and college teachers.
A performance-linked promotion system has been suggested with stress on research. The retirement age will remain unchanged at 65.
The recommendations, made by a five-member committee, have to be accepted by the HRD ministry. If approved, the hike will be the first such revision in more than a decade and cover nearly 30,000 teachers in central universities and over four lakh in state varsities and colleges.
The panel has suggested that the new salaries be paid with retrospective effect from January 2016. The UGC cleared the report without changes.
According to the recommendations, a teacher’s starting package will be revised by a multiplier of 2.72, applied to the basic salary and another component called academic grade pay (AGP).
For instance, a directly recruited professor who gets around Rs 43,000 as basic salary, Rs 10,000 as AGP and dearness allowance now will be entitled to a basic salary of Rs 1.44 lakh which would subsume the present dearness allowance. 
The Seventh Pay Commission, whose report was accepted last year for civil servants and other central staff, had used the 2.72 multiplier.
The last revision for teachers in 2006 had put their package higher than that of civil servants at the entry level. Teachers may continue to retain the edge even under the revised structure, sources said.
Furqan Qamar, the secretary-general of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), said university and college salaries had been kept higher to attract talent.
On promotions, the current determinants are indicators like teaching and research output. The UGC panel, headed by Prof. V.S. Chauhan, has suggested that more stress be laid on quality research, such as papers published in reputable journals, the sources said.
The UGC has forwarded to all central universities a finance ministry order suggesting the Centre will bear no more than 70 per cent of the additional expenses arising out of the revised pay. This order covers autonomous institutions, including central universities.
The higher education regulator has asked the 40-odd central universities to specify how much internal resources they can generate, indicating the possibility of a hike in tuition fees.
The new pay proposals are not binding on state universities, which have to fund the higher salaries from their own resources. But they have usually adopted such suggestions in the past.
The Union HRD ministry has set up a separate committee for salary revision of teachers in technical institutions like the IITs and the IIMs.
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  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    API based evaluation should continue as it sometime check corruption in recruitment process of University in faculty position.

  • Let the UGC/MHRD should consider and recommend the new structure/remedy for the Academic Equivalent Posts as prescribed by UGC/MHRD in the previous Pay Commissions (4-CPC/5-CPC) and left out in the 6-CPC.

  • Mayuri Rathod 7 years ago

    when 7th pay will be implemented?please share information…

  • This is amidst April. Still this time no idea about when it is going to get implemented.Though the Pay scale recommendation is from January 2016, it is 1 and 1/4 years passed within this time. Hence kindly do not lag it for long again. The money what we get on time, even if it is considerably small, will be extremely valuable than that we get after some years. Hence it is hopped by all college /university teachers that the injustice of lagging decision on revision of pay scales will not go for long, as they now draw comparatively a very less salary than a higher secondary school teacher.

  • krishnabhadran 7 years ago

    is there any recommendations about including non teaching employees in the ugc scale

  • MHRD should accept the recommendations of the UGC committee and implement the 7th CPC scales without any further delay. The pensioners are also eagerly waiting for the orders from MHRD to enable all the Central Universities to implement atleast in the month of April.

  • Why wait. Govt. should Take steps to implement soon.

  • 7th pay to university teachers should be impliment immediately

  • Ashok Kumar Agarwal 7 years ago

    20% pay hike by UGC Shall be covered by 2.72 multiplier factor to pensionars also,2.57 factor shall result in 14% hike only

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Since most states could not come to a consensus regarding superannuation age of college teachers let 65 years be applicable to those who acquired their PhD on or before January 1996 special preference should be given to PhD holders otherwise what is the point of struggling for many years and be placed at par with college teachers without PhD.The number of such teachers would not be more.As of now college teachers with or without PhD get the sameamount which is entirely unfair.Some college teachers hardly come to college but they are enjoying a very high salary but the ones who suffer are the students

  • Ashok Kumar Agarwal 7 years ago

    Revised pension multiplier factor shall be 2.57 or 2.72 OF BASIC PENSION for UGC grade retired teachers before 01-01-2016

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    is there any thing to hope for the Guest Faculties serving in the Universities

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Stress on research!!!! How it is posible where a faculty is not able to continue his/her research works… conditions must be explained in exhaustive manner. One should not always eye Jnu, Du or central univs or Cfi.

  • What is the new salary for the guest lecturer of central university?

  • guntur banana 7 years ago

    Hon'ble HRD minister Sir,…in the better interest of Higher Education in the country Kindly –Make it mandatory to all states to implement revised 2016 UGC pay scales… Evenly 65 years of superannuation age and enhance central assistance to states/UTs 100 percent… a submission from Basala Babu Rao Guntur

  • Sanak Das 7 years ago

    U.G.C. 7th PAY be awarded by passing special,Teachers eligibility test. Which should be conducted by u.g.c.

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Please publish the pay matrix table also.