Revision of Minimum Rates of Wages: Order dated 17.03.2017

Revision of Minimum Rates of Wages: Order dated 17.03.2017

Government Of India
Ministry Of Labour & employment
Office of the Chief Labour Commissioner (C)
New Delhi

Dated: 17-3-2017

Revision of Minimum Rates of Wages

The Central Government in exercise of the powers conferred under clause (b) of section 3 read with clause (i) of Sub-section (1) of Section 4 of the Minimum wage Act, 1948 has revised the minimum rates of wages per day for all category of employees specified in column No.(1) of the Gazette Notification S.O.No.186(E) for the schedule Employment of Agriculture which is effective from the date of publication i.e. 19th January, 2017. The revised rates of minimum wages per day is given below.
Of Employee
Area “A” Area “B” Area “C”
Unskilled 333 303 300
Semi-Skilled/Unskilled Supervisory 364 335 307
Skilled 395 364 334
Highly Skilled 438 407 364
Clerical 395 364 334

The workers are eligible for the minimum wages quoted against their respective category and next VDA shall be effective from 01.04.2017 only.
The other details of notification S.O.No.186(E) is available in Ministry of Labour & Employment Website labour.gov.in

(Anil Kumar Nayak)
Chief Labour Commissioner(C)

Gazette Notification S.O.No.187 (E)
Gazette Notification S.O.No.188 (E)
Gazette Notification S.O.No.189 (E)
Gazette Notification S.O.No.190 (E)
Gazette Notification S.O.No.191 (E)
Gazette Notification S.O.No.192 (E)

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  • basic pension of ex defence personnel is required to be known known to further regulate the pension recommended by 7cpc.With all the revisions after revisions going on we are not clear as to what is our basic pesion as on 01 January 2006?Nothing is known about it. Nor this aspect has been cleared by any of the autorities in chain Ilustraions given in letter dt 29/10/2016 are also vague.Can some one explain as to how has the revision prior to regulate the pension under 7cpc award is done ?It seems all these orders are meant to be understood only by the originator ?