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7th CPC Pay Fixation on Promotion/MACP after 01.01.2016: Clarification reg CCS (RP) Rules 2016 Rule 5 & FR 22(1)(a)(i)

7th CPC  Pay Fixation on Promotion/MACP after 01.01.2016: Clarification reg CCS (RP) Rules 2016 Rule 5 & FR 22(1)(a)(i) by CGDA

Important Circular

AN-PAY Section
10-A, S.K. BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA: 700001

NO. 115/AN-PAY/V/7th CPC 

Date: 21/06/2017


All CFAs(Fys)/ All Branch Accounts offices
All Sections of Main Office
RTC Kolkata/CIA Kolkata

Subject : – Implementation of CCS (RP) Rules 2016 : Clarification regarding exercise of option under Rule 5.

Reference :- HQrs office, New Delhi letter No AT/II/2702/Clar dated 28/04/2017.

Reference is invited towards HQrs. Office communication cited above (copy enclosed), under which it has been clarified with an illustration that officials promoted or granted MACP between 01/01/2016 to the date of notification of CCS (RP) Rules, 2016 may opt to enter the 7th CPC after availing benefit of promotion under 6th CPC.
2. Further, attention is also invited towards HQrs. Office communication bearing No. AN/X1V/14164/7th CPC/Corr/Vol-l dated 16/12/2016 (copy enclosed) addressed to CDA Secunderabad with a copy to CDA, 1T & SDC, Secunderabad regarding fixation of pay under 7th CPC in light of implementation of FR 22 (1)(a)(l) vide Gol, Dept. of Expenditure (1C) OM dated 29/09/2016 for implementation those who are actually entitled.
3. In view of the above, it is requested to obtain option form and undertaking from the eligible officials fall under the issues explained vide ibid HQrs. Office communications and be forwarded to this office for further necessary action at this end.
Encl : As stated above.
(S K Ghosh), IDAS
Asst. Controller of Accounts (Fys.)
7thcpc pay fixation on promotion macp

Office the Controller General of Defence Accounts

Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt-110011

No. AT/II/2702/Clar Dated: 28 Apr 2017


All PCsDA/CsDA/PCA (Fys)/CFA (Fys)
(Through NIC mail server)

Subject: Implementation of CCS (RP) Rules 2016: Clarification regarding exercise of option under Rule 5. 

Reference: This office UO Note of even No dated 28-02-2017,

As per this office UO Note cited above, the issue of availability of option to enter the 7th CPC w.e.f. 01-07-2016 (i.e., from the date of next increment in terms of proviso 1 of rule 5) to those employees who have got promotion/upgradation in a higher grade between 1st day of January, 2016 and the date of notification of CCS (RP) Rules 2016 had been referred to MoD along with an illustration (given below) of pay fixation of an employee who got financial upgraradation on 17-01-2016 in the grade pay of Rs 5400/- (PB2); MoD was requested to examine the issue and clarify the matter w.r.t. illustrative pay fixation.

2. The illustrative pay fixation forwarded to MoD/ D (Civ-I) is as follows:

Pay as on 01-01-2016 in the pre-revised pay structure
in PB 2 (Rs 19300-34800) with grade pay Rs 4800/-
Rs 25080/-
(20280 +4800)
Date of grant of MACP in PB 2 with grade pay Rs 5400/- 17-01-2016
Pay fixed wef 01-07-2016 by granting difference of
(20280 +5400)
Pay on 01-07-2016 on accrual of annual increment @ 3%
of Rs 25080/- (20280 + 4800) {Rs 7524 rounded off to Rs.760/-}
Rs 25840/-
(21040 +4800)
Promotional increment @ 3% on grant of MACP on
Increment Rs 775.2
rounded off to Rs 780/-
Pay fixed w.e.f. 01-07-2016 in the pre-revised
structure in PB 2 (Rs. 9300-34800) by granting promotional increment
Rs 27220/-
(21820 + 5400)
Amount arrived at by multiplying the existing pay as on
01.07.2016 with the fitment factor of 2.57 (the individual opted for
fixation of pay under CCS (RP) Rules 2016 w.e.f. 01-07-2016)
Rs. 69855.4
Revised pay fixed as Per Rule 7 of CCS (RP) Rules 2016
in the new pay matrix in level 9 w.e.f. 01-07-2016
Rs 71300/-

3. Now MoD/ D(Civ-I) has intimated that the illustrative pay fixation as provided above seems to be correct and in consonance with the provisions mentioned in CCS (RP) Rules, 2016.

4. Affected cases may be dealt with accordingly.

This has the approval of Addl CGDA (PP&W).

(Vinod Anand)

CGDA, Ulan Batar Road, Palam, Delhi Cantt.-110010

No. AN/XIV/14142/Seventh CPC/Vol-I 
Dated: 16/12/2015
No.1. Staff Road,

Subject: 7th CPC Pay Fixation – Tulip – publicaction of Pt.II.O.O. – Reg.

Reference: Your Office letter No.AN/PAY/5005/FF/2016 dated 23-11-2016,

The pay fixation-proposed at Annexure A of your letter cited under reference in respect of Sh. A.K. Banerjee SAO was examined in the light of extant provisions orders on the above subject and it is intimated that based on the information provided by your office, the methodology adopted seems to be correct.  Further, the GoI, Dept. of expenditure (IC) OM dated 29.09.2016 and provisions of FR 22(i)(a)(1) are also self explanatory to deal with such cases.
2.  In the light of above, it is requested to take up the issue with CDA IT & SDC also for making necessary amendments/provisions in TULIP Programme in line with the methodology shown in Annexure A of your letter to avoid any discrepancies in pay fixation.  Action taken report in this regard may be intimated urgently alongwith copy of the Pt.II O.O. for pay fixed under rules.
This has the approval Sr. Dy.CGDA(AN).
(Ajay Goel)

 Letter No. No.AN/Pay/5005/PF/2016 Dt. 22.11.2016.

Name :
Sh. A.K. Benerjee, Accounts Officer

Pay as on 31.12.2015 :
24260+5400 (level 9)

Promotion :
SAO (01.04.2016)

7th CPC Option :

FR22(1)(a)(1)Option : 

1 Level in the revised Pay structure: 9. Pay Band 9300-34800 : 15600-39100
2 Basic Pay in the Revised Pay: 77900 (01.01.2016) Grade Pay 4800 5400 5400 6600
    Level 8 9 10 11
3 Granted SAO Promotion on 01.04.2016 in
Level 10.
10 62200 69200 73200 88400
11 64100 71300 75400 91100
12 66000 73400 77700 93800
4 Pay raised to Rs.80000 as on 01.04.2016 in
Level 10: Since opted FR 22 1(a)(1) DNI in the lower scale.
13 68000 75600 80000 96600
14 70000 77900 82400 99500
15 72100 80200 84900 102500
5 Pay in the upgraded Level i.e. Level 10:
84900 on 01.07.2016 as per his FR 22(a)(1) option, after giving
promotion increment and annual increment in the lower Scale
16 74300 82600 87400 105600
17 76500 85100 90000 108800
18 78800 87700 92700 112100

Sr. Accounts Officer (AN)