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Clarification, FAQ on 7th CPC Pension Revision of Pre-2006 Armed Forces Personnel – Delinking of Qualifying Service of 33 years: PCDA Circular No. 578

Clarification, FAQ on 7th CPC Pension Revision of Pre-2006 Armed Forces Personnel – Delinking of Qualifying Service of 33 years: PCDA Circular No. 578


Circular No. 578 

Dated: 25.05.2017

Subject: Clarification on revision of pension of Pre-2006 pensioners
(JCOs/ ORs and Commissioned Officers)- delinking of qualifying service
of 33 years for revised pension.


This office Circular No. 568 dt 13.10.2016, 555 dated 04th
Feb, 2016 and 570 dated 31st
Oct, 2016.
While revising the pension in respect of Armed Forces Personnel pensioners
in terms of above mentioned circulars, Pension Disbursing Agencies have
expressed difficulties on certain points. To facilitate the PDAs for smooth
and quick revision, necessary clarification on the raised points are as


Points raised Points raised in detail by the
Pension Disbursing
1. Applicability for reservists (Cir 568) It may please be specifically clarified whether Circular 568 is
applicable for Reservist pensioners.
Reservist pensioners have never been equated with Regular
Army personnel. Therefore, Circular No. 568 dated
13.10.2016 is not applicable for revision of pension in
respect of Reservist pensioners.
2. Revision of pension of Recruits
(Cir 568)
Whether the Recruits (in army), Aircrafts man under
training (in Air Force) and Apprentice (in Navy) are
eligible for revision under Cir 568 dt- 13.10.2016
While revising the pension of Recruits in terms of Circular
No.568 dated 13.10.2016, service element and disability
element will be protected with Sepoy Group ‘Z’, since all
tables are based on the minimum of the pay in the pay band
plus grade pay as per Special Army Instruction 1/S/2008,
2/S/2008, 3/S/2008 & 4/S/2008 corresponding to the
pre-revised scale. However, the pension of Recruits will be
revised according to lowest group of Sepoy i.e. ‘Y’ w.e.f.
01.07.2014 in accordance with Circular No. 555 dt
04.02.2016. In other words, pension of such Recruits will
be payable from 01.01.2006 to 30.06.2014 for the Sepoy
group Z and thereafter for Sepoy of Group Y w.e.f.
3. PSU absorbees (Cir 568) Whether the Circular 568 is applicable to PSU Absorbees who
have commuted 100% of their defence pension and are now
drawing 1/3rdI restored pension. If not, whether any
separate order/circular will be issued for such category.
Pension of PSU absorbees who have commuted their 100%
pension to receive lump sum payment, will not be revised in
accordance with Circular No. 568 dt 13.10.2016. Separate
orders will be issued by the Govt and will be circulated on
receipt of Govt order.
4. Last Rank Vs Rank
Eg. How to revise pension where rank last held is JWO Gp I
and rank for pension is Sgt Gp-I (Cir 568)
This doubt has been raised uniformly by both DPDOs and
CPPCs of PSBs. This circular is a replacement for Circular
547. Therefore, the revised pension payable for JWO Gp I
(rank last held) with 15 years QS is Rs 9170/- w.e.f.
01.01.2006 as per Cir 568. However, the subsequent
revisions viz. 01.07.2009, 24.09.2012 and 01.07.2014 is
applicable only for rank for which pensioned viz. Sgt Gp I.
Even OROP revision for Sgt Gp I with 15 years QS is only

Whether in this case, the individual will be
entitled for revised pension of Rs 9170/- from 01.01.2006
to 31.12.2015 and VII CPC revision w.e.f. 01.01.2016 will
be 9170×2.57

The pension under Modified Parity Scheme (minimum
guaranteed pension) in accordance with Circular No.-547dt
11.09.2015 and Circular No. 568 dt 13.10.2016 may be
revised in the last rank held by the Armed Force Personnel.
It has been mentioned in Para-1 of Govt. letter No.
1(2)/2016-D(Pen/Pol) dated 30.09 .2016 circulated vide this
office Circular No. 568 dated 13.10.2016 that- “in terms of
fitment formula laid down in Para 4.1 of above said letter
dated 11.11.2008 should in no case be lower than fifty
percent and thirty percent respectively, of the minimum of
the pay band plus Grade pay corresponding to the
pre-revised scale from which the pensioner had retired/
discharged/ invalided out/died including Military Service
Pay and ‘x’ Group Pay, where applicable.”

However, the
revision of pension w.e.f. 01.07.2009, 24.09.2012 and
01.07.2014 (under OROP) will be revised in the rank for
which pensioned as mentioned in relevant orders /
Circulars. Therefore, in the case of Sergeant GP-I having
15 years qualifying service, pension will be revised to Rs
9170/-from 01.01.2006 to 31.12.2015 and as per 7 th CPC revision, pension will be revised as Rs
9170×2.57 w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

5. MNS Officers (Cir 555 & Cir 568) Revision of pension for MNS officers is indicated in
Circular 568. However, no revised pension for MNS Officers
(Lt to Major) is indicated in Table 4 of Cir 555(OROP).
Whether the PDAs can revise the pension of MNS Officers as
per Cir 568 and directly proceed to VII CPC by multiplying
the same with 2.57
The basic pension drawn by the officers of MNS as on
31.12.2015 may be revised under 7th CPC as per
Circular No. 570 dated 31.10.2016.
6. Why additional pension is not payable on DE/WIE (Cir 570) As per Note to para 10 of Cir 570, additional pension is
not payable on DE/WIE. This is not clear. As per Circular
570, DE/WIE is not revised and paid at the old rates with
Dearness relief. Till date, additional pension is being
admitted on DE/WIE.

Therefore, when revision of DE/WIE has
not been done and are still being paid at old DE/WIE rate
on which additional pension pension on DE/WIE has been
suddenly withdrawn.

Note below Para 12 of Govt. letter No.
17(01)/2006-D(Pen/Pol) dated 30.09.2016 (Circular No. 570
dated 31.10.2016) may be referred to under which it has
been mentioned that w.e.f. 01.01.2006, the additional
pension will not be admissible on Disability Element/
Liberalised Disability Element/ War Injury Element/ War
Injury Element of Disability /Liberalised /War Injury
7. Difference in enhanced rate of family pension for MWO X as
per Cir 567 & 568
In Cir 567, the enhanced rate for family pension is shown
as Rs 10985/- (i.e. 10985/- (i.e. 21970/2). Whereas in Cir
568, the enhanced rate of family pension is shown as Rs
10895/- (i.e. 21790/2) Please confirm which is the correct
enhanced rate of family pension for MWO Gp X.
Matter is being examined. However, enhanced rate of
Ordinary Family pension Rs 10895/- provided in circular no.
568 may be paid till receipt of necessary amendment in
Govt. letter.
8. Applicability of 6th CPC & 7th CPC for
Revision of pension for reservists who have granted
ex-gratia pension as well as ex-gratia family pension.
In terms of GoI, MoD letter No. 1(06)/2010-D(Pen/Pol) dated
22.11.2013 the amount of ex-gratia of Rs 750/-is being paid
to Reservists and amount of Rs 645/- is being paid to the
widows and dependent children of the deceased Reservists.
No further Govt. orders have been received for revision of
pension of these pensioners. Therefore, existing amount
will be payable till receipt of Govt. orders in the matter.
9. Revision of pension to the Havildars granted ACP-I Pension of post-2006 Havildars granted ACP-I who were
granted pension benefits of Nb-Subedar later on promoted to
the rank of Hony. Nb Sub and whose Corr. PPO has been
issued receiving the rank as Hony. Nb Sub
Pension may be revised to the rank of Nb-Sub. Necessary
Circular No. 566 dt16.09.2016 has already been issued in
this regard.
10. Modified Parity for MNS(Local) & NCC MNS (Local) & NCC belongs to civil pensioners. Their
revision orders are is sued by DOP&PW
The orders for modified parity for revision of pension of
MNS (Local) & NCC have been issued vide this office
Civil Section Circular No. C- 144 dt 08.0 4.2016.
11. Recovery of DR @ 125% instead of DR 119% (Circular 570) Various PDAs have raised issues regarding recovery on
account of payment of excess dearness relief and additional
pension on disability pension and war injury element.
(i) Recovery of excess amount paid on account of payment of
DR @ 125% instead of DR 119% while working ou t disability
element/war injury element may be withheld till further

(ii) Recovery of additional pension on disability
element/war injury element p aid w.e.f. 01.01.2016 in
respect of such pensioners who attained the age of 80 years
and above may be withheld till further orders. Kindly refer
Circular No. 574 dated 20.02.2017.

12. Revision of Pension in r/o DSC & TA (Circular No. 568) Is Circular No. 568 is applicable for revision of pension
in r/o TA & DSC
Para 10 of Circular No. 568 dt 13.10.2016 may be referred to
in this regard.


Dated 25.05.2017

(Nasim Ullah)
Asst. Controller (Pensions)

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  • Unknown 5 years ago

    DL 33 arrears nahi mila hai

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    1. I No 8430073M Honh Nb Sub Clk Basudev Ghimire served in APS (Gp B/Y Class I) for 26 years 10 months and 9 days from 22 Apr 1976 to 28 Feb 2003 A/N. During service I had passed JCO cadre also. Instead of promoting me to the rank of regular Nb Sub Clk my org transferred me pension establishment on 01 Mar 2003 F/N and awarded Hony Nb Sub Clk after retirement ii.e. before implementation of 6th CPC
    2. All the Hony Nb Sub who retired on after 01 Jan 2006 are getting pension equal to regular Nb Sub but I am getting pension too less. Para 5.1.62 6th CPC and orders for notional fixation of pension dated 12 Jun 2009 both are effected from 01 Jan 2006 but it is seen that Hony Nb Sub who retired on after 01 Jan 2006 are getting pension of regular Nb Sub wef 01 Jan 2006 and those who had already retired before 01 Jan 2006 are being depriving from the benefits/financial hardship of the equalization due to the reason juniors are getting more pension than the seniors. Kindly look into the matter and give justice accordingly with reference to group, class, trade, cadre and length of service.
    3. I requested/reported/brought into the notice of all higher authorities to give justice to revise my pension as per the recommendations of 6th cpc para 5.1.62 and Govt orders dated 12 Jun 2009 but it noticed that all are ruling that pre-2006 retirees are not elegible the revision. Is there any judicial authority to hear voice of the poor veteran who had putforth 27 years meritorious service in the indian Army?

  • Anonymous 7 years ago


    1. All Havildars granted ACP-1 are getting pension equal to regular Nb Sub wef 01 Jan 2006 whereas Havildars after passing the JCO cadre course prior Jan 2006 granted Honorary Naib Subedars are getting pension of Havildars plus Rs 226/- only wef Jan 2006.
    2. If ACP-1 Havildars having without qualification of JCO cadre getting pension of regular Nb Sub wef 01 Jan 2006 why the pre-2006 retirees are depriving benefits of equal pension in terms of para 5.1.62 of the recommendation of 6th CPC wef 01 Jan 2006?

  • Mani.S Mani.S 7 years ago

    Sir wha about OROP table 9 & table 7
    pay parity Rivision. both the table 9 andtable 7 are equal grade &group then why the commissio has given more pension to is drmoralize the Regular service defence subadars and retaired subadars who all regulararmy airforce and navy table 7 pensioners. It seems like OROP commission done mistake knowing or un knowingly please the commission should understand and both table must be equal pension to table 7. Pl donot demoralize the regular army , airforce and navy subadar equlant, pl look in to this and correct,