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7th CPC: Disadvantage of employees on promotion/MACP from one level to another level on implementation of CCS(RP) Rules 2016

7th CPC: Disadvantage of employees on promotion from one level to another level on implementation of CCS(RP) Rules 2016

Agenda items for the meeting of the National Anomaly committee sent to NC JCM by Confederation vide No. Ref: Confdn/JCM NC/Anomaly/2016-19 Dated – 03.07.2017


As per Rule 13 of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2016, the fixation of pay in case of promotion from one level to another level in the revised pay structure shall be made in the following manner, viz; – “One increment shall be given in the level from which the employee is promoted and he shall be placed at a cell equal to the figure so arrived at the level of the post to which he is promoted and if no such cell is available in the level to which promoted, he shall be placed at the next higher cell in that level.
Earlier, till 5th CPC (6th CPC grade pay introduced, so this issue will not come), when pay scales were in force in the place of Grade Pay system, pay on promotion from one scale to another scale was fixed by giving one increment in the lower pay scale from which the employee was promoted and he was placed at the next above stage in the higher scale (promoted scale) and if the figure so arrived after giving one increment in the lower scale was equal to the same stage in promoted scale, then he was being placed at immediate next stage in the higher (promoted) scale.
It is clear that earlier rule was not only more beneficial to the employees but also it make their promotion comparatively charming.
After implementation of 6th CPC grade pay system, there was no question of fixation of pay either at equal or at next stage due to grade pay and percentage increment, which was much beneficial to the employees on promotion/upgradation under MACPS from one grade to another grade.
In the existing Pay Matrix the stages are same in most of the level such as Level 2 & 3, 6 & 7, 7 & 8, 6& 8 etc. In this situation, if an employee is promoted/upgraded under MACPS from one level to another level, his pay will be almost same as he may draw even without promotion.
For example – An employee (like senior Accountant) working in Level – 6 (erstwhile grade pay 4200) and drawing pay of Rs.47600/- (cell-II in Level-6) with effect from 01.07.2016 after annual increment, if promoted under MACPs to Level-7 (erstwhile grade pay 4600) or promoted to the post of Asst. Accounts office (AAO) to the Level – 8 (erstwhile grade pay 4800) with effect from 01.04.2017, his pay will be fixed as under, as per Rule – 13 of CCs (RP) Rules 2016 –
1. Basic Pay in the Revised Pay Structure (Level-6) 47600
2. On upgradation under MACPS to Level – 7 49000
3. On Promotion to higher Level (AAO) Level – 8 49000
4. On drawing one increment (without any promotion
Or MACPS) in Level – 6 49000

It can be seen that there is no improvement on promotion/upgradation, which will adversely affect the morale of the employees leading to increase in number of declination (forgoing) of promotion.
Necessary amendment in the Rule – 13 that ___ “on promotion/upgradation of an employee, if stage/cell on pay fixation is equal in the promoted/upgraded level, he shall be placed at the next higher cell/stage in the promoted scale (Level)” __ may be made.