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7th CPC Revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Defence Civilian Pensioners: PCDA Circular No. C-168 (In amendment of C-164)

7th CPC Revision of Pension of Pre-2016 Defence Civilian Pensioners: PCDA Circular No. C-168 (In amendment of C-164)


Circular No. C-168 
No: G1/C/0199/Vol-I/Tech 
Dated: 10

(All Head of Department under Min.
of Defence)


Subject: – Implementation of Govt’s
decisions on the recommendations of
the Seventh Central Pay Commission-Revision
of pension of pre-2016 pensioners/family
pensioners, etc.

Reference: – (i)
GOI, Deptt. of P&PW O.M. No. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A), dt. 6th July, 2017.

(ii) This office important circular no. C-164, bearing no.G1/C/0199/Vol-I/Tech, dated 30th May 2017.


GoI, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance and Pensions, Department
of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare has issued a CONCORDANCE TABLE
vide O.M. No. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A), dated 6th July, 2017 for revision of pension of pre-2006
pensioners/family pensioners based on notional pay fixed as on 01.01.2016. A copy
of the same has been uploaded on this office website for
easy accessibility of all concerned. This table should be used to arrive at notional basic
pay in the pay matrix of 7th CPC.
2. Reference of this office DO letter of even no. dt.
02/06/2017 is also invited, under which it was requested to all HODs that a Nodal Officer may be nominated
who can be contacted for expediting the process and resolving any issue which
is encountered. Details such as telephone number, mobile no., email –id etc. may kindly be
intimated immediately if not already done, by email to[at]

3 Reference may kindly be made to this office circular
no. C-164 dated 30.05.2017 wherein methodology for revision of pension consequent upon issue
of GOI, DP&PW OM No. 38/37/2016-P&PW(A), dated 12.05.2017 was conveyed. Several
queries in form of letter, email, phone calls are being received for clarification of
certain provisions of the ibid circular. It has been decided, therefore to circulate such
clarification through this circular. Hence, topic wise clarifications are appended below:-1
a). HOO Code:
(i) At Para 20 of the circular C-164 dated 30.05.2017, it was
mentioned that HOO code shall to be obtained by sending email to [email protected] in
the prescribed proforma duly signed by Head of Office (HOO) and Head of Department (HOD). It has
been seen that request for HOO code allotment is being received in this office in very
sparse manner.  
Since, this code is mandatory for preparation of LPC-cum- Datasheet and
also for transmission of PPOs to Head of Offices, it is requested to impress upon
the Head of Offices functioning under your jurisdiction to kindly forward the request for
allotment of HOO code immediately in prescribed manner. It is worthwhile to mention here
that the term  ‘Head of Department’ refer to organization such as OFB, AOC, ENG., DRDO,
AF, Navy, DAD, Coast Guard etc. and Head of Office indicates the Unit (say a Factories
under OFB, a laboratories under DRDO etc.) which are required to send claim for
pension sanction/revision to this office. It is also planned to soon modify existing
LPC-cum- Datasheet which is presently being used for processing regular pension claims for other
types of pension including superannuation etc. Therefore, timely allotment of HOO Code
will avoid any delay in preparation of pension claims.
(ii) It may be kept in mind while filling HOO registration form
that column ORGANISATION should be filled with organisation code(as being
filled in 1st column of existing  LPCs) of HOD. For example if HOD is Factory
organisation then ORGANISATION Column shall be filled as : 01.
(iii) It has been observed that in some cases HOO Code has been
allotted, but the same isshowing error while filling LPC-cum- Datasheet through Utility because
the leading zero is  dropped and then the code consists of 5 digits only. The utility has been
updated and the revised version of the utility is
now available on this office website .

(i). HOO Name (Column2):- It has also been
observed that in the field of ‘HOO Name’ name of officer holding that appointment is mentioned. In this regard,
attention is invited to filling instructions of Column 2 which mentions clearly
that the column will be filled with ‘office name’ of the pensioners. For example if Govt.
employee retired from HQ CWE SHIMLA HILLS JUTGAON CANTT SHIMLA, this column shall be filled as HQ CWE
SHIMLA. In no case, name of the officer who is Head of the Unit or appointed to act
as HOO under Delegation of Financial Power Rules 1976 should be mentioned.
(ii) In the field of PPO no., slashes ‘/’ are also being
indicated. While it is clearly mentioned in filling instruction that PPO no. should be filled without
slashes. For example if PPO no. is C/MISC/10250/2016, it should be filled as CMISC102502016 .
(iii) Date of Birth, Date of Appointment and Date of Retirement
should be filled in (MMDDYYYY) format. For example if Date of Birth is 5th February 1950 it
shall be filled as 02/05/1950. Alternatively calendar facility provided in the utility may
be used.
(iv) It has been observed that pay scale at the time of retirement
is not being filled in the corresponding column as provision mentioned under the caption “ PAY
DETAILS”. For example: if, Govt. employee retired under 4th CPC in Pay scales
5900-200-7300 with last pay drawn 6100/- all columns from 4th CPC Pay Scale and onward
should be filled properly. For example :-

4th CPC Scale (as 01.01.1986) : 31 (5900-200-7300)
4th CPC Pay/Notional Pay (as 01.01.1986) : 6100
5th CPC Pay (as 01.01.1996) : 29 (18400-500-22400)
5th CPC Pay/Notional Pay (as 01.01.1996) : 18400
6th CPC Pay Band(as 01.01.2006) : 4 (PB-IV)
Grade Pay (as 01.01.2006) : 10000
6th CPC Pay/Notional Pay (01.01.2006) without grade
: 44700
7th CPC Level of Pay : L14
7th CPC Pay Index : 1
7th CPC Notional Pay (as on 01.01.2016) : 144200

(v) Basic Pension as on01.01.2016 (Column 29) It
has been observed that in some
 cases this column is filled with 50% of notional pay as on 01.01.2016,
which is not correct.
 Filling instruction in this regard is very clear, this column is meant to
reflect basic pension
 as on 01/01/2016 as per pre-revised scale of 6th CPC. In other words
 entitlement under 6th CPC should be multiplied by 2.57 and this results
need to be reflected
 in this column.

(vi) Name of PDA (Column 45) : As per filling
instructions if PDA is Bank (Code-9), then filling of Column no. 45 to 51 i.e. PDA Station, Name of Bank, Bank
Account no., IFSC code of Paying Branch and BSR Code of CPPC must not be left blank.
c) Vetting of Data Sheet
(i). At Para 20 of the circular C-164 dated 30.05.2017, it was
mentioned that in the annexed proforma of LPC-Cum-Data Sheet, the claim will be forwarded along
with all concerned documents by the H.O.O/H.O.D to PCDA (Pension) Allahabad after
getting it vetted from PAO/LAO attached. In this connection it is clarified that it is
not necessary to get LPC-cum- Datasheet vetted by both authority i.e by PAO and LAO. Any one
of the two may vet the LPC-cum- Datasheet before forwarding to this office.

4. In view of the foregoing, Head of Departments are requested to
issue suitable instructions (along with copy of this circular) to all the Head of Offices
under their administrative control to ensure that claims on the subject matter are
floated in accordance with clarification given in above Paras without delay. It is further
requested that HOD’s may evolve suitable mechanism to monitor progress in forwarding of
LPC-cum-Data Sheet by their sub -offices functioning as on Head of Office.

(Rajeev Ranjan Kumar) 
Dy. CDA (P)

No: G1/C/0199/ Vol-I/Tech
Dated: 10



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