Empanelment of Hospitals/Nursing Homes And – Diagnostic Centres For ECHS: DESW OM dated 05.12.2017

Empanelment of Hospitals/Nursing Homes And – Diagnostic Centres For ECHS: DESW OM dated 05.12.2017

Government Of India
Ministry of Defence
Dept of Ex-Servicemen Welfare
New Delhi the 05 December 2017
The Managing Director
Central Organisation, ECHS
Maude Line, Delhi Cantt


1. I am directed to state that in terms of the of Govt of India, Ministry, of Defence letter No 22B(04)/2010/US(WE)D(Res) dated 18 Feb 2011 and 22B(02)/2013/US(WE)D(Res) dated 18 Oct 2013, and 22B(02)/2013/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 24 Feb 2015 it has now been decided by the 11th Screening Committee for empanelment of Medical facilities with ECHS in its meeting held on 31 Aug 2017 under the chairmanship of MD ECHS to empanel 123 Private Hospitals/Nursing Homes and Diagnostic Laboratories for different specialities and procedures as per the list attached in the Annexure:-

Ser City Name of Hospitals Annexure No
1. Agra Purushottamdas Savitridevi Cancer Care & Research
2. Ahmedabad Krishna Shalby Hospital (A unit of -Shalby Ltd). 2
3. Ahmedabad Aashu Dental & Multispeciality Clinic 2
4. Aluva Rajagiri HOSpital (A Unit of Rajagiri Healthcare  and
Edutational Trust)
5. Ambala City MM Hospital 4
6. Amravati Shreenetralya Super Speciality Eye Hospital 5
7. Amritsar Nanda Hospital 6
8. Amritsar Dr Lal Path Labs Ltd- 6
9. Amritsar Care and Cure Medicity Hospital 7
10. Amritsar Jai Kamal Eye Hospital 7
11. Amritsar Medistar Hospital 7
12. Amritsar Vision plus Eye Hospital 8
13. Amritsar Neelkanth Hospital 8
14. Bangalore Columbia Asia Hospital (A Unit of columbia Asia
Hospitals Pvt Ltd)
15. Batala Bajwa Hospitals 10
16. Bathinda Chahal Hospital Pvt Ltd 11
17. Chandigarh Prime Diagnostic Centre and Heart Institute (a Unit of
Prime Diagnostic Centre Pvt Ltd
18. Chandigarh Neeraj Eye Hospital Pvt ltd 12
19.. Chandigarh Dharam Hospital 12
20. Charkhi Dadri Goyal Dental Clinic 13
21. Delhi Shri Bhagwan Diagnostic & Imaging Centre Pvt Ltd 14
22. Delhi Cygnus MLS Super Speciality Hospital (a unit of Cygnus
MLS Hospital Pvt Ltd)
23. New Delhi Rockland Hospital 15
24. New Delhi Artemis Hospital (A unit of Artemis Medicare Services
25. New Delhi Delhi Institute of Functional Imaging (A unit of
Chhaitanya Diagnostics Pvt Ltd)
26. New Delhi Bhagat Hospital (A unit of Bhagat Hospitals Pvt ltd) 17
27. New Delhi Bharti Eye Hospital 17
28. New Delhi Metropolis Healthcare Ltd 18
29. New Delhi Dr Ashok Dentistree 18
30. New Delhi Hi Tech Eye Centre 18
31.. Dhule Seva Super Speciality and Critical Care Centre 19
32. Ghaziabad Narinder Mohan Hospital & Heart Centre (A unit of
Narinder Mohan Foundation)
33. Goa SMRC’s VM Salgaocar Hospital 21
34. Greater Noida Green City Hospital (A unit of AAR AAR Medical Services
Pvt Ltd)
35. Noida Suraksha Diagnostic Pvt Ltd 23
36. Noida Noida MRI and Diagnostic Centre (Unit of SDS Healthcare
and Imaging Pvt Ltd)
37. Gurgaon Rockland Hospital 24
38. Gurgaon Modern Diagnostic and Research Centre Pvt Ltd 25
39. Gurgaon Modern Diagnostic and .Research Centre Pvt Ltd 26
40. Gurgaon Columbia Asia Hospital (A unit of Columbia Asia
Hospital Pvt Ltd)
41. Gurgaon Eye Q Super Speciality Eye Hospitals (A unit of Eye Q
Vision Pvt Ltd)
42. Haldwani Eye Q Super Speciality Hospitals (A unit of Eye Q
Vision Pvt Ltd)
43. Hisar Sarvodaya Multispeciality & Cancer Hospital. 30
44. Hisar Eye Q Super Speciality Eye Hospital (A unit of Eye Q
Vision Pvt Ltd)
45.. Hisar Dr Ram Narayan Soni Ortho Hospital 31
46 Hoshiarpur Thind Eye Hospital 32
47. Hyderabad Medivision Eye and Health Care Centre Pvt Ltd 33
48. Hyderabad Partha Dental (A unit of Partha Dental Care India Pvt
49. Jabalpur Jabalpur Hospital & Research Centre 34
50. Jagadhari Aggarwal Hospital 35
51. Jaipur Ganadhipati Purushottam Shekhawati Hospital& Research
52. Jaipur Dr Goyal’s Path Lab & Imaging Centre 36
53. Jaipur Marudhar Hospital 37
54. Jaipur Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Hospital 38
55. Jaipur Adinath ENT & General Hospital 39
56. Jaipur Barala Hospital and Research Centre 39
57. Jaipur Rajat Imaging Centre 39
58. Jalandhar Kidney Hospital & Lifeline Medical Institutions 40
59. Jalandhar Dr Lal PathLabs Ltd 40
60. Jalandhar Karan Hospital 41
61. Jalandhar Dr Dang’s Nursing Home & Hospital 41
62. Jalandhar Oberoi Dental Clinic 42
63. Jalandhar Dr Harpreet Eye and Dental Care Centre 42
64. Jorhat Chandraprabha Eye Hospital 43
65. Kadapa Vijaya Super Speciality Dental Clinic 44
66. Kalyan Fortis Hospitals Ltd 45
67.. Kanpur Eye Q Vision Pvt Ltd 46
68. Karimnagar Partha Dental 47
69. Karnal Park Hospitals (A unit of DMR Hospitals Pvt Ltd) 48
70. Khammam Partha Dental 49
71. Khanna Jain Multispeciality Hospital 50
72. Kolkata Suraksha Diagnostic Pvt Ltd 51
73. Kolkata Metropolis Health care Ltd 51
74. Kolkata Charnock Hospitals Pvt Ltd 51
75. Lalitpur Nepal Cancer Hospital and Research Centre Pvt Ltd 52
76. Lucknow Raj Scanning Ltd 53
77. Lucknow Grover Dental & Medical Centre 53
78. Lucknow Eye Q Vision Pvt Ltd 53
79. Ludhiana Guru Teg Bahadar Sahib Charitable Hospital 54
80. Ludhiana Brar Eye Centre 54
81. Ludhiana Anurag Eye Centre 55
82. Ludhiana Ambay Eye Care Centre 55
83. Mahendergarh Ganga Devi Pandey Eye Hospital 56
84. Mathura Nayati Multi Super Speciality Hospital 57
85. Meerut Jindal Rehabilitation & Dental Centre 58
86. Meerut IIMT Life Line Hospital 58
87. Mohali Mayo Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital (A unit of
Chandigarh Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
88. Mohali Indus International Hospital 60
89. Mohali Sangam Netralaya 61
90. Mohali JP Hospital 61
91. Mountabu J Watmull Global Hospital & Research Centre 62
92. Mukerian Dashmesh Dental Clinic 63
93. Mumbai S.L. Raheja Hospital (A Fortis Associate) 64
94. Mumbai Fortis Hospitals Ltd 65
95. Navi Mumbai Hiranandani Hospital (A Fortis Associate Hospital) (a
unit of Hiranandani Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
96. Navi Mumbai Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd 67
97. Mysore Bharath Hospital & Institute of Oncology (A Unit of
Sada Sharada Tumor and Research Institute)
98. Nagpur Spandan Heart Institute and Research Centre (A unit of
Spandan Heart Institute and Research Centre India Pvt Ltd)
99. Narnaul Goyal Netra Chikitsalaya 70
100. Nashik Apollo Hospitals 71
101. Palwal Gamma Physio Care & Pain Relief Clinic 72
102. Patiala Garg Eye Hospital 73
103. Patna Ruban Emergency Hospital (A unit of Basudeo Health
Foundation Pvt ltd)
104. Pune Columbia Asia Hospital (A unit of Columbia Asia
Hospitals Pvt ltd)
105. Raipur Ramkrishna Care Hospital (Unit of Ramkrishna Care
Medical Sciences Pvt Ltd)
106. Rewari Riti Eye Care Hospital 77
107. Rohtak Dr Jale’s Life Care Hospital 78
108. Roorkee Eye Q Super Speciality Eye Hospitals 79
109. Salem Nathan Super Speciality Hospital 80
110. Sikar I Max Eye Care Hospital 81
111. Sikar SB Mittal Memorial Heart & Critical Care Hospital 81
112. Sonepat Haryana Multispeciality Hospital 82
113. Sonepat Satyakiran Healthcare Pvt Ltd 82
114. Sonepat Nawal Hospital and Trauma Centre 83
115. Srikakulam Dr Kamal Vilekar Multispeciality Dental Hospital 84
116. Srinagar Noora Hospital 85
117. Surat Medical Educational Trust Association Surat of Seventh
Day Adventist Hospital
118. Thane Wockhartdt Hospitals Ltd 87
119. Thrissur Daya General Hospital & Speciality Surgical Centre (A
unit of Medical Centre Trichur Ltd)
120.  . Trichy Apollo Speciality Hospital (a Unit of Apollo Hospitals
Enterprise Ltd)
121. Trivandrum Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (A unit of KIMS
Health Care Management Ltd)
122.  . Vadodara New Vision Laser Centres (Rajkot) Pvt Ltd 91
123. Vrindavan BHRC-Dr Shroffs Eye Care Institute (Run by Dr Shroff’s
Charity Eye Hospital)

2. All the terms and conditions including fixation of rates payable to empanelled hospitals will be regulated under Govt of India, Ministry Of Defence letter No.22B(4)/2010/US(WE)/D(res) dated 18 Feb 2011 as amended from time to time.
3. The rates for ECHS Hospital/Nursing Home, Dental Centres and Diagnostic Centres as approved by the Empowered Committee will be as per CGHS rates and will be notified by the Director, Regional Centre ECHS to all concerned including polyclinics, SEMOs, CDA/PCDA and Central Organisation ECHS.
4. Empanelment of CGHs empanelled hospitals is subject to the hospital providing proof of its being  CGHS empanelled facility as on the date of signing MoA with ECHS.
5. CGHS empanelled medical facilities will be empanelled with ECHS for the period for which the facilites hold valid MoA with CGHS. The MoA will be extendable once CGHS renews the MoA with the medical facilities.
6. NABH accredited medical facilities will be empanelled with ECHS for the period of validity of NABH certificate and the MoA will be renewed once the medical facility is issues revalidation/renewed NABH certificate.
7. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance) vide their U.O.No.34(05)/2010/Fin/Pen/Vol IV dated 28.11.2017.
(AK Karn)
Under Secretary to the Govt of India