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7th CPC: Common mistakes observed during processing of revision of pension/family pension in respect of Pre-2016 Civilian Pensioner/family pensioner – PCDA

Common mistakes observed during processing of revision of pension/family pension in respect of Pre-2016 Civilian Pensioner/family pensioner as per 7th CPC Recommendations

[Reference: This office Circular No C-164, dated: 30.05.2017, C-168, dated: 10.01.2017, C-169, dated: 17.07.2017 and C-177, dated: 19.12.2017]

(a) As per Circular under reference LPC-cum-datasheet (Hard-copies generated through Utility) duly verified by LAO/ CDA/ PAO has to be forwarded by Head of the Offices alongwith softcopy i.e. M S Access Utility (available in this website) in Compact Disk.

MS Access Utility-Offline (available in
However, LPC-cum-datasheets are being received without MS Access Utility in Compact Disk. In several cases instead of Utility, handwritten or scanned image/pdf of LPC-cum-datasheet, or LPC-cum-datasheets prepared manually through MS Word of MS Excel is being received. In absence of Utility, this office is unable to capture details in our system and ultimately has no option but to
return LPC cum datasheets.
(b) LPC-cum-datasheets are received without obtaining HOO-ID, which is compulsory requirement of processing of cases through software. As e-PPO is to be transmitted electronically to H.0.0. e-mail id.
(c) Hard copies of LPC-cum-data sheets are being received without vetting of Pay Details from CDA / LAO / PAO.
(d) Capacity of Utility is more than 1000 number of records. However, Utility containing single record for each pensioner is being received, which makes uploading difficult. (e.g. one CD contain record of one pensioner and for 20-cases, 20-CDs are sent)
(e) LPC cum datasheet are being received in staggered manner instead of in convenient batches alongwith Top-sheet under a covering memo.
(f) Field/ structure of MS Access utility are being modified by some units at their own level resulting rejections at the time of uploading of data in system.
(g) Number of records in MS Access Utility not in consonance hard copies of LPC-cum-datasheets received in a particular batch resulting return of claims. Hard copies of LPC-cum-datasheet are also not serially numbered. For example:
Utility contains 100 records whereas LPC-cum-datasheets received is 15 only that
too are not serially numbered.
(h) Retiring pay scale (respective column with reference to pay commission wherein date of retirement of pensioner fall) and pay in ”Pay Detail” column of LPC-cum-datasheet are being left blank.
(i) In-correct/in-complete Pension Disbursing Authority details are being filled-in ”PDA Details column” of LPC-cum-datasheet. For example- Old 4-5 digit Bank A / c number are being mentioned instead of latest Bank A/c Number.
(j) LPC-cum-datasheet in respect of pensioners, who are drawing Compulsory retirement pensions, Compassionate allowance pension, Post-2016 retiree and are not eligible for revision (For example: cases where only gratuity has been sanctioned, cases where family pensioner was entitled for family pension only prior to 01.01.2016 etc.) under above orders are being received from Head of the offices.
(k) Organisation code, HOD-ID, PPO number etc. are not filled-in correctly resulting in return / rejection of claims.
(1) Same record is being forwarded in Utility with each batch of LPC-cum-datasheets. In other words duplicate records are sent for revision.
(m) CD containing Utility are not being properly attached with LPC-cum-datasheets in secure manner resulting damage to or lost in transit of Compact Disk.
(n) Compact disks are found BLANK or un-readable.