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Review of implementation of 7th CPC pension revision: Minutes of the meeting CPAO with all Heads of CPPCs

Review of implementation of 7th CPC pension revision: Minutes of the meeting CPAO with all Heads of CPPCs
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CPAO/IT &Tech/Master data/14(Vol-III)/2018- 19/63
Minutes of the Meeting
Kindly find enclosed the Minutes of the Meeting held on 27th June, 2018 at 11:00 AM at Conference Hall of Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO) with all Heads of CPPCs/ Government Business Divisions of State Bank of India (SBI) to review the implementation of 7th CPC pension revision under the Chairmanship of Chief Controller (Pensions) for information and further necessary action
Encl:- As above.
(Md. Shahid Kamal Ansari)
(Asstt. Controller of Accounts)

Minutes of the meeting held on 27.06.2018 with all the Heads of CPPC/ Government Business Divisions of State Bank of India (SBI) to discuss various issues.

A Meeting was held on 27th June, 2018 under the Chairmanship of Chief Controller (Pensions) with the representatives of State Bank of India (SBI) to discuss the timely payment of revised pension and arrears under 7th CPC and other pension related issues. At the outset, Asstt. Controller of Accou nts (ACA) welcomed all the participants and emphasized on the need of timely payment of revised pension and arrears in the accounts of the pensioners by the banks. After that agenda items of the meeting were discussed in detail and following decisions were taken.
List of participants is attached at Annexure.
Agenda Item No. 1- Monitoring of implementation of 7th CPC by Banks &
Agenda Item No.2- Reporting of revised cases to CPAO by Banks
It has been observed from the reports as on 31st May, 2018 there are abnormal delays in crediting the revised pensions as well as arrears of pensions/family pensions by the banks. As per the reports there are many cases are pending more than 31 days. Bank wise details of the pending cases was handed over to all the representatives of the concerned banks. But most of the banks reported that they had credited the revised pension in all the pensioner/family pensioner accounts. It was decided that all the banks would reconcile the status of revised pension cases with the data provided by NIC (CPAO) and intimate the status upto 31st of July, 2018.
(Action: Banks/NIC-CPAO)

Agenda Item No. 3- Master Data Reconciliation
It has been observed that there is inordinate delay in uploading of master data by the banks. Some banks have not submitted their master data since last 3 years. For updating of master data at CPAO level it is required that whenever any value in the pension of pensioner/ family pensioner is changed, the same is reported by the banks through Format-F of e-Scrolls. However it is noticed that banks are not providing changed information to CPAO. All the banks were instructed for reconciliation of master data and submission of changed information in Format -F on “quarterly” basis instead of on “annual” basis. It was also decided to nominate one Nodal Officer by each CPPCs of the all authorized banks and CPAO as well.
(Action: Banks/NIC-CPAO)
Agenda Item No. 4- IT related issues w.r.t. e-Revision of pension and fresh pension
At present, only revision cases are being done online. e-PPO i.e. e-PPO Booklet is under process and it will be implemented in near future. The CPAO shared the format of electronic PPO booklet with banks for making necessary changes in their pension processing software for consuming the electronic PPO booklet. All the authorized banks were instructed to make necessary changes in their software in the meeting held on 31st Jan, 2018. However, confirmation in this regard is still awaited from all the banks. All the banks were once again requested to make necessary changes in their software accordingly and comments if any, may please be provided to CPAO.
(Action: Banks/NIC-CPAO)
Agenda Item No. 5- Compliance of Internal Audit observations on 7th CPC revisions.
Clear and complete compliance reports are not submitted by the banks. That is why paras remain outstanding. The banks were requested to give full details of the objection raised by Internal Audit Wing in their compliance reports so that the same could be verified and settled. It was decided that a column of acknowledgement in the format of status report of outstanding para may be added.
(Action: Banks/NIC-CPAO)
Agenda Item No. 6, 7 & 8- Delays in start of family pension, start of additional pension & restoration of commuted pension by banks
First payment of pension, Restoration of commuted value of pension and Crediting of Additional Pensions to pensioners/family pensioners were observed. All the banks were advised to develop their internal system to ensure timely payments of the above items.
(Action: Banks )
Agenda Item No. 9- Timely submission of Life Certificates-
CPAO is responsible for the disbursement of death/disability pension under NPS­ Additional Relief. First time identification of the pensioners is being done the Bank branches based on the KYC details available with the Banks where the pensioners/ family pensioners have opened their pension accounts.
CPAO starts the pension payment based on the first time identification report received from Banks. Also these banks branches are responsible for sending the life certificates of the pensioners/family pensioners to CPAO for the continuation of pension to NPS-AR pensioners, in the month of November as CPAO is the disbursing authority under N PS-AR cases. However, it is noticed that in many cases, despite submission of life certificates by the pensioners, bank branches have not forwarded the same to CPAO. In the absence of l ife certificates, CPAO was forced to stop the pension of such pensioners. This point was discussed in the meeting and the bank-wise detail for pending first time identification report and life certificate of the pensioners was handed over to the concerned CPPC of State Bank of India.
Bank for advised to ensure that these reports /certificates are furnish to CPAO in time so that pensioners are not put under any financial hardship.
(Action: Banks & NPS Section) 
Agenda Item No. 10- Any other point with permission of the chair-
Officials from PCDA, Allahabad and Deptt. of Telecommunication (DOT) were also invited as per communication of Ministry of Finance vide OM No. 1(13)/EV/ 2017 dated- 24.01.2018. Their problems are follows:-
Defence Accounts:-
a) They have reported that 12 digit PPO numbers have been allotted to the pensioners but none of the banks are indicating them in the payment scrolls resulting in non-occurring the actual status of payment of revision.
b) Details of payment are not being provided by most of the banks. No acknowledgement is also provided by them.
c) Mapping of BSR Code is not being done by any of the banks.
d) Representative of the Defence Accounts have requested to designate one Nodal Officer to deal with the banks for settlement of discrepancies/problem in respect of pension cases.
ii) Department of Telecommunication :-
a) Outstanding amount of excess / overpayment made by the banks to the pensioners are not recovered by the banks.
b) Original PPO booklets after the death of pensioner are not returned by the CPPC to CPAO resulting delay in finalising the pension cases.
c) To facilitate the solutions of difficulties by the department each CPPC should appoint one Nodal Officer.
Reconciliation of Suspense Balance:-
Reconciliation of suspense account have been a major issue. Generally, payment scrolls are to be submitted on next day of payment to CPAO. But the payment scrolls are not submitted by the ban ks on time.
Some banks reported that scrolls are shown successful bu t there are not recorded on CPAO’s website. NIC, CPAO is to look into the matter to solve the issue.
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.
List of Participants
1. Sh. Davinder Kumar, Sr. TD (NIC), CPAO
2. Md. Shahid Kamal Ansari, ACA, CPAO
3. Sh. J. Raghuraman, Sr. AO, (IAW), CPAO.
4. Smt. Krishna Sharma, Sr. AO, Coordination
5. Sh. P.K. Sapra, Sr. AO, RBD
6. Ms. Jyoti Mahani, Sr.AO, Grievance Cell
7. Sh. Praful Dabral, Sr. AO, IT&Tech
8. Sh. Khushal Singh Rawat, AAO, Coordination
9. Sh. Satish D Jaswani, AAO, IT&Tech 
10. Sh. Jagdish Chand, AAO, NPS
11. Ms. Rash mi Chaudhury, AAO, RBD
12. Sh. M.M.Kaushik, Consultant, Grievance Cell 
13. Sh. Vijay Singh, Consultant, IT&Tech
14. Sh. Jagjit Singh, OBA, CPAO
15. Sh. Milind Krishna, Sr. Software Developer, CPAO
Ministry of Defence;
1. Sh. Himanshu Tripathi, Asstt. Controller, PCDA (P), Allahabad
2. Sh.Manish Nagar, AAO, PCDA (P), Allahabad
Deptt. of Telecommunication
1. Sh. G. Bhaskaran, Director (Accounts-II) 
2. Sh. S. R. Chaudhary, ADG
1. Sh. Nitin Sharma, Asstt. Manager, GAD, Belapur
2. Sh. Ajit Ku mar Verma, AGM,
3. Sh. Ani l K. Sharma, SBI – GBU, Delhi
4. Sh. C.P. Vashistha , AGM, Jaipur
5. Sh. Jayanta Sengupta, Dy. Manager, Guwahati
6. Sh. Dipankar Borthaku r, Dy. Manager, Guwahati
7. M. Fahad , Guwahati
8. Sh. Virendra Singh, Dy.Manager, Chandni Chowk
9. Sh. B. P. Singh, Chandni Chowk 
10. Sh. Nagesh. B, Bangalore
11. Sh. A. S. Shakya, AGM, Lucknow
12. Ms. Kalavathy Subramanian, AGM, Chennai 
13. Sh. O. P. Ahuja, Dy. Manager, Panchkula
14. Sh. Ramesh Ch. P., Manager, Bhubneshwar
15. Sh. K. R. Prakash, Chief Manager, Amaravati Circle (Hyderabad) 
16. Sh. K. Srinivasa Rao, Asstt.General Manager, Telangana
17. Sh. Pranab Kumar Sarkar, Asstt. General Manager, Kolkata 
18. Sh. Satish Kumar. S, AGM, Trivandrum
19. Sh. S. K. Singh, AGM, Patna 
20. Sh. Arvind Kumar, Manager, Patna
21. Sh. Meghraj A., Chief Manager, Bhopal
22. Sh.Manoj Varma, AGM, Ahmadabad
23. Manager, SBI, Belapur


  • Information regarding the total pension is not provided to the pensioners by the bank.I am drawing pension from Canara Bank. They send a total amount credited in my account without an detail except for IT deduction. It reflect no basic pension or DR. Specimen of a pay slip may be provided to all banks and an uniform pay slip is electronically forwarded to all pensioners drawing pension from banks.