Channel of promotion for Safaiwalas in Railways

Channel of promotion for Safaiwalas in Railways

South East Central Railway

सं पी-एचक्‍यू/रूलिंग/प्रमोशन(एनजी) 102/6176

दिनांक- 30.07.2017
सर्व संबंधित
स्‍थापना न‍ियम सं.-210/2018

विषय:- Channel of promotion for Safaiwalas. 

Ref:- (1) Estt. Rule No. 100/ 2016.

(2) Sr. DPO/BSP’s letter No. E/SA/ Estt/ Med / Misc/Part III dt. 27.03.2018.

1. Vide RBE No. 77/ 2016 [Estt. Rule No. 100/2016), Board have issued various recommendations in regard to providing channel of promotion for Safaiwalas.
2. The matter has been considered in consultation with GS/SECR MC, as desired by the Board, and the concerned PHODs. The following has been decided and to be implemented immediately:-
2.1 In all the technical departments, Safaiwalas should be included in the cadre of Helper/ Khalasis after 5 years of service assigning them bottom seniority, and be made eligible for further promotion as Technician Gr. III in G P Rs. 1900 (Level-1) as per seniority/ suitability and their qualifications.
2.2 As per Para 167 A of IREM -I, the posts of Field Workers (GP 1900) in Medical department are to be filled up through 50% DPQ from Gr.- D staff in Family Welfare Organisation. It has been decided that Safaiwalas of Medical department having required eligibility should be included with other eligible staff in the AVC of Field Worker against 50% DPQ.
2.3 Safaiwalas of all departments having requisite educational qualification should be included in the AVC of the following categories, subject to such employees passing selection/suitability test prescribed for the promotion :-
(i) Office Clerk of all departments against 16-2/3% quota for promotion from erstwhile Gr.-D to G r.-C posts.
(ii) Ticket Collector against 16-2/3% quota for promotion from erstwhile Gr.-D to Gr.-C posts.
(iii) Accounts Clerk against 8-1/3% quota for promotion from erstwhile G r.- D to Gr.­ C posts.
(iv) Motor Vehicle Driver in all departments subject to passing selection/suitability test/trade-test and possession of Driving License and required educational qualification prescribed for the post.

3. The above instructions should be strictly adhered to. This has the approval of PCPO.

(प्रदीप म‍िश्रा)
वर‍िष्‍ठ कार्म‍िक  अधि‍कारी (एच.आर.डी.)
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