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7th CPC – Procedure for claiming condiment expenditure: MoD Order

7th CPC – Procedure for claiming condiment expenditure: MoD Order 
Government of India 
Ministry of Defence 
New Delhi dated 09th October 2018 
The Chief of the Army Staff 

Subject: Procedure for claiming condiment expenditure – implementation of 7th CPC Recommendations. 

Consequent to the decision taken by the Govt on recommendation of 7th CPC on abolition of Condiment Allowance, Condiment Expenditure is entitled to Defence Service personnel and would be as per the latest rates promulgated yearly by MoD w.e.f. 01 Jul 2017. The last such rates were notified vide Corrigendum No. 21704/Q/ST-6(Condiments)/3240/D(QS)/2018 dated 28.06.2018 to GoI MoD order No.21704/Q/ST-6(Condiments)/538/D(QS)/2018 dated 01.02.2018. 
2. The Units/Formation/Ests/HQs would claim ‘Condiment Expenditure’ in lieu of ‘Condiment Allowance’ hither-to-fore under Stores Budget, MH 110A for Regular Arm, DSC and TA, MH 112 for RR and Major Head 2055 for JAK LI. 
3. Payment will be released to Public Fund of the concerned Unit in advance on half yearly basis by concerned PCDAs/CDAs based on feeding strength. For this purpose unit will submit a Contingent Bill to the concerned PCDA/CDA. Paying authority will credit the amount into Public Fund account of the unit through Cheque or CMP under intimation to the concerned unit. Unit will render statement of expenditure on quarterly basis to the concerned PCDAs/CDAs. Balance amount at the end of the financial year, if any will be deposited through MRO. 
4. In order to incur the Condiment Expenditure at field level, sanction is also conveyed for the following delegation:- 
Inclusion of Note below 16.1 of DFPDS-2016 in respect of Army. 
  • “The above powers would be utilized by all CFAs including equivalent CFAs of RR, JAK LI, MF, DSC and TA for ‘Condiment Expenditure’ as per existing powers mentioned in Schedule 16, for procurement of condiments”. 
5. All previous Govt letter on claiming ‘Condiment Allowance or provision/procuring (methodology of procurement) of Condiment for all ranks in Indian Army are hereby superseded by the authority of this GSL. 
6. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance/QB) vide ID No 231(4)/2018-B-II/256 dated 05.09.2018. 
Yours faithfully 
Under Secretary to the Government of India 
Tele: 23013347