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LTC claims when portion of journey performed by private transport: DoPT’s clarification via DoP

DoP Clarification on regulation of LTC claims when portion of journey performed by private transport – reg. 
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Establishment Division)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi —110001.
Dated: 15 February, 2019.
  1. All Chief Postmasters General/ Postmasters General
  2. Chief General Manager, BD Directorate/Parcel Directorate/ PLI Directorate
  3. Director RAKNPA/ GM CEPT/ Directors of All PTCs,
  4. Addl. Director General, Army Postal Service, R.K. Puram, New Delhi
  5. All General Managers (Finance)/ DAP/ DDAP
Sub: Regulation of LTC claims when portion of journey are performed by
private transport – Regd.

This Directorate has sought clarification from the Nodal Ministry regarding reimbursement of LTC claims where a part of the journey (be it in the
beginning, middle or end) has been performed by the Government servant by unauthorized
mode of transport (private bus/private taxi etc.) and rest of the journey to the
declared place of visit by authorized mode of transport.
2. The Nodal Ministry has issued following clarification:
(I) DOP&T’s OM no. 31011/3/2015-Estt. (A.IV) dated 09.02.2017 provides
that cases where a Government servant travels on LTC upto the nearest
airport/railway station/bus terminal by authorized mode of transport and undertakes rest of
the journey to the declared place of visit by private transport/ own
arrangement (such as personal vehicle or private taxi etc.), may be dealt with as follows:-
(a) In all such cases the Government servant may be required to submit a declaration that he and the members of the family in respect of whom the
claim is submitted have indeed travelled upto the declared place of visit.
(b) If a public transport is available in a particular area, the Government
servant will be reimbursed the fare admissible for journey by otherwise entitled
mode of public transport from the nearest airport/railway station/bus terminal to
the declared place of visit by shortest direct route.
(c) In case, there is no public transport available in a particular stretch
of journey, the Government  servant may be reimbursed as per his entitlement for journey
on transfer for a maximum limit of 100 kms covered by the private/personal
transport based on a self-certification from the Government servant. Beyond this, the expenditure shall be borne by the Government servant.
(II) In view of the above provisions, a Government employee shall get fare reimbursement in cases where the initial or end part of the LTC journey
from the source/destination to the nearest railhead/airport or vice-versa, as the
case may be, has been performed by a private/personal mode of transport while the major
part of the journey from the nearest railhead/airport has been performed by the
authorized mode of transport.

3. Taking into account the advice of the Nodal Ministry in this regard,
action may kindly be taken in similar cases only on the basis of the above advice and
in any case of deviation from the above, the advice of the Directorate may be sought

(S.B. Vyavahare)
Assistant Director General (Estt.)

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