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7th CPC Dress Allowance for Railways Signal & Telecom, Electrical and Mechanical Staff

7th CPC Dress Allowance for Railways Signal & Telecom, Electrical and Mechanical Staff

No. 2018/TF Cell/S&T/S&T Uniform
Dated: 05.03.20J9 
The General Manager, All Indian Railways/PUs, NF(Con). CORE
The DG/RDSO/Lucknow, DG/NAIR/Vadodara

Sub: Uniform and Protective gears for Maintainers and Helpers of Signal & Telecom, Electrical (TRD) and Mechanical (ART & AHME) Staff.

Ref: 1. Raihvay Board’s letter no. 2017/Transf.cell/Civil/03 dated 05.02.2018.
2. Railway Board’s letter no. PC-VII/2017/11715 /7 dated 03.10.2017.
In order to ensure safe working environment for the staff working on track and also keeping in view the hardship faced by them during extreme weather conditions, provision of Special protective gears has been considered by the Board. In continuation of the protective :gears approved for Trackmen/Keymen/Patrol men vide Reference (1) above, Board (MTR, MRS, MS, FC & CRB) in consultation with DG(S&T), have also approved the following:
1. Protective Gears:
Provision of special protective gears has been approved for the Technicians/Maintainers and Helpers of S&T, Electrical (TRD) & Mechanical (ART & ARME) departments where duty, involves working in field/on track under extreme weather and working conditions. The list of the protective gears and other items is as indicated below:
S. No. Description Functional specification Scale Approx. Cost (Rs.)
1. Rain Coat with cap/hood and separate waterproof trouser Waterproof coat and trouser with full sleeves and cap/hood. Once in a year 1200/-
2(a) Winter Jacket Jacket with timer lining with/without hood/cap orange color superior quality Once in in 2 years 2500/-
2(b)** Clothing for Subzero climate
i. Jacket
ii. Trouser
iii. Gloves
iv. Snow boots
v. Cap
As per military clothing from Ordinance factories/approved suppliers of Ordinance factories.
Once in 2 years 10,000/-
3. Safety Shoes (with Steel Toes)
As per IS 15298 (Part 2): 2011 / ISO 20345:2004 Some of the reputed brands are Bata, Liberty, Action etc.
Once in six Months 1400/-
4. Luminous vest
Retro-reflective orange colour IS-15809 of 2008 specified by EN471 Standard
Once in Six months 500/-
Tricolor LED 3-cell Torch/rechargeable torch
 As being used by SCR / NR
Once a Year 1000/-
Note: 1.* Tricolor LED 3-cell Torch/ rechargeable torch to be provided to staff deputed for night duty or required to attend failures during night.
Note 2: ** Winter jackets as per item 2a) will not be supplied in subzero climate region, as provisioning of the same is already included in item 2b). In addition, any specific requirement for any particular area/climatic condition may be assessed by the respective DRM.
2. Mode of Procurement
Mode of Procurement shall be same as adopted for procurement of protective gears for Engineering staff vide reference (1) above. As on date, Stores Department is procuring luminous vests. The other items mentioned in Table I above, may be procured at Divisional Level, through Spot Purchase Committee comprising concerned Branch Officer, SrDFM/ DFM. SrDMM/DMM. Once the system gets stabilized, and the vendors are developed, these may be procured through Stores Department of the Division.
3. Dress Allowances:
The Dress Allowance for the eligible staff as per Railway Board’s letter no. PC­ VII/2017/1/7/5/7 dated 03.10.2017 (RBE No. 141/2017), shall continue to be followed for above categories of staff.
4. Colour Scheme of uniform for Technicians/Maintainers and Helpers of S&T Department:
The colour scheme of uniform for Technicians/Maintainers and Helpers of S&T Department for both men/women – Shirt/Kurta shall be of Sky Blue and Trouser/Salwar shall be Navy Blue.
This issues with the concurrence of Associate Finance of Transformation Cell of Railway Board.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt and ensure compliance.
(Umesh Balonda)
Executive Director/S&T
Transformation Cell