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Competitive Examination limited to MTS and GDS for appointment as Postman and Mail Guard: Revised Pattern & Syllabus

Competitive Examination limited to MTS and GDS  for appointment as Postman and Mail Guard: Revised Pattern & Syllabus

Annexure B

Pattern and Syllabus for Appointment as Postman and Mail Guard through Competitive Examination limited to MTS and GDS

I. Pattern of Examination:

Sl No Description Paper-I Paper-II Paper-III
1. Competitive or Qualifying Competitive Qualifying Qualifying
2 Type of Question Multiple Choice Questions Multiple Choice Questions and Subjective On Computer
3 Number of Questions As per syllabus As per syllabus
4 Maximum Marks 150 in 2 Parts 50 25
5 Duration 90 Minutes 60 Minutes 15 minutes
6 Language of Question Paper
Bilingual, i.e. Hindi and English (as well as in Local Language, as published under the provisions of Recruitment Rules, where Hindi is not a local language)
7 Language of Answer Paper Not Applicable as Multiple Choice Questions As per question paper
8 Minimum Qualifying Mark {Subject to reservation policy of Government) (a) For SC/ST •33% ineach Paper
(b) For OBC •37% in each Paper
(c) For Others•40% in each Paper

II. Criteria for Selection:-

a) Examination for Paper-I and Paper-II will be conducted in continuity in one sitting. Thereafter Paper-III, i.e. Data Entry Skill Test (DEST), will be conducted separately on the same day.
b) Only such candidates who qualify in each Paper, viz. Paper-I, Paper-II and Paper-III, shall be considered for final selection and their merit shall be drawn in order of marks secured in Paper-I. Since Paper-II and Paper-III are only qualifying, marks secured in Paper II and Paper·III shall not be added to marks secured in Paper-I to decide merit.
c) After arranging the candidates in order of merit as at (b) above, number of candida tes to be declared successful shall be equal to the number of vacancy in each category.
d) In the event of any vacancy notified for recruitment remains unfilled only due to non-joining of selected candidate, the next candidate in the merit list shall be considered for appointment. However, appointment of such candidate shall be only on the ground of refusal of promotion I declining offer of appointment and no wait list or approved pane) shall be maintained.

III. Syllabus:

Paper-I (90 Minutes)
Maximum marks – 100
(50 questions of 2 marks each]
Post Office Guide Part-I
a) Organization of the Department
b) Type of Post Offices
c) Business Hours
d) Payment of postage, stamps and stationery
e) General rules as to packing, sealing and posting, manner of affixing postage stamps
f) Methods of address
g) Post boxes and Post bags
h) Delivery of mails
i) Refusal of article
j) Payment of eMoney Order
k) Redirection
1) Instruction regarding address change
m) Articles addressed to deceased person
n) Liability to detention to certain mails
o) Facilities provided by Postmen in rural areas
p) Products and Services: Mails. Banking
& Remittances, Insurance, Stamps and Business (Reference: India Post Website) Official Postal Articles
c) Prohibited articles
30 questions
Postal Manual Volume V

a) Definitions- Head, Sub and Branch Office, Mail Bag, Face and Facing, Beat, Camp Correspondence, Late letters and too late letters, Mis-sent and Mis-directed articles
10 questions
Postal Manual Volume VI -Part III

a) Head Postman
b) Knowledge of Postal Business
c) Supply of forms to be carried out
d) Sale of stamps
e) Postman’s Book
f) Address to be noted on Postal Articles
g) Damaged articles to be noticed
h) Receipts for articles issued for delivery
i) Book of receipts for intimations and notices delivery
j) Instruction for delivery
k) Realization of postage before delivery
1) Receipts of addresses for registered
m) Delivery to illiterate addressees, Pardanashin women
n) Delivery of insured articles addressed to minors
o) Payment of e-Money Orders
p) e-Money Orders addressed to minors
q) Payment of e-MO and delivery of registered letters to lunatics
r) Duties of Village Postman
5 questions
Postal Manual VoL VII

a) Stamps and Seals
b) Portfolio and its contents
c) Stationery
d) Preparation of daily report
e) Mail Abstract
f) Exchange of Mails
g) Cage TB
h) Disposal of Mails addressed to a section or a mail office
i) Closing of transit bags
j) Duties and responsibilities of Mail Guard/ Agent
k) Final duties before quitting Van or office
1) ‘A’ order and ‘B’ order

5 questions
Maximum marks – 50
[25 questions of 2 marks each]
General Awareness/Knowledge
 Topics to be covered ( 1to 3 questions from each topic):
a) Indian Geography
b) Civics
c) General knowledge
d) Indian culture & freedom struggle
e) Ethics and morale study
10 questions
Basic Arithmetic
Topics to be covered (1 to 2 questions from each topic):
a) BODMAS (brackets, orders, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction)
b) percentage
c) profit and loss
d) simple interest
e) Average
f) Time and work
g) Time and distance
h) Unitary method
10 questions
Reasoning and Analytical Ability (Non Verbal / Pictorial) 5 questions
PAPER·II (60 Minutes)
:Maximum marks – 50
Translation of words from English to local language (Multiple choice question) 15 questions of 1 mark each
Translation of words from local language to English <Multiple choice question) 15 questions of 1 mark each
Letter writing in local language in 40 to 50 words (1question to be attempted out of 3 options) 10 marks
Paragraph / short essay in local language of 40 to 50 words (1 question to be attempted out of 3 options) 10 marks

PAPER-III (15 Minutes)
Maximum marks – 25 [Data Entry Skill Test (DEST)]
Skill test of data entry for 15 minutes on computer on the same day
[Data entry of 1000 key depressions (±5%)]
25 marks

(Annexure of Department of Posts letter No. 17-08/2018-SPB-I dated 10.05.2019 – Click to view the Order MTS, Postman, Mail Guard, Postal Assistant and Sorting Assistant – Revision of Syllabus and Pattern of Examinations: Deptt. of Posts)