BSNL Organizational Restructuring-Merger of Non- Territorial Circle and guidelines for merger

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BSNL Organizational Restructuring-Merger of Non- Territorial Circle and guidelines for merger

BSNL Organizational Restructuring- Merger of Non- Territorial Circle and guidelines for merger

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
(A Govt. of India Enterprise)
O/o GM, Restructuring Cell,
Room No. 702, 7th Floor, BSNL
CO, HC Mathur Lane, Janpath,
New Delhi – 110001

No. ; 4-2/2014-Restructuring

Dated 14.01.2020


Territorial and Non territorial circles

Subject: Organizational restructuring- merger of Non- Territorial Circle and guidelines for merger- Regarding

In order to effectively utilize the man power and to reduce the Administrative and Establishment cost in post VRS Scenario, approval of Management committee is hereby conveyed to merge following Non- territorial circles.

1. Project and Mtc. Circles– All Project and Maintenance Circle shall be merged with each other in all the Zones. Post merger. the Circle may be re-designated as Core Network-TX Circle. There will be separate Core network circle for North east region and NETF circle, presently working as Project execution circle for NE region shall be called Core network Circle -NE Region Tx N/w of NE region (Assam, NE-I & Ne-II) to be carved out from ETR and shall be merged with CGM core-Tx. NE Region. The details of merger of circles shall be as under- :

Sl. No Name of circle to be merged name of the Circle after merger
1. ETR ETP Core Network (Tx-East), Kolkata
2. WTR WTP Core Network(Tx-West), Mumbai
3. NTR NTP Core Network(Tx-North), Delhi
4. STR STP Core Network(Tx-South), Bengaluru
5. NETF Core Network(Tx-NE Region), Gauhati

Consequent to the merger. structure and guidelines for merger of project and maintenance circles will be as under-

  1. There will be One PGM/GM Post for maintenance. One PGM/GM post for Project and one post GM(Fin) at the H.Q of all zones (North, South. East. and West) except north cast Region. Under CGM(CN-Tx- NE region) there shall be only one PGM/GM (HQ) who will be looking after both project & mtc work and IFA will be a DGM level officer. PGM/GM at HQ shall be responsible for overall planning. policy implementation and overall monitoring of project and maintenance work of their zones.
  2. There will be common GM or DGM level post in a state / in a part of a state who will be responsible for both project and maintenance work within the arca defined by CGM(CN-Tx) of the Zone. They shall be designated as PGM/GM/DGM (CN-Tx). The states which are not provided -with PGM(CN-Tx)/GM(CN-Tx) shall have DGM(CN-Tx). The structure of each zone has been detailed and is cnclosed as Annexure-I to V.
  3. The states in which only DGM(CN-TXx) is provided instead of GM(CN-TXx), and is being presently looked after by GM(Redesignated officer). same may be continued for the time being up. however no such posting in future shall be made against these post.
  4. Post merger, all activities related to Administrative. Financial and Tender finalization shall be at either at GM(CN-Tx) tn the area or at H.Q.
  5. The Stores of Project and maintenance which are at same locations and feasible shall be merged and spared store shall be handed over to the CGM of Territorial circles for monetization.
  6. DGM (CN-Tx) (Port Blair) for Andaman& Nicobar Circle shall now report to CGM -CN (South) instead of existing East Zone.
  7. The merger is to be implemented w.c.f 01.64.2020.
  8. The norms for execution of OF cable laying and maintenance shall be as under-

In House:-

350 RKM per team — Plain area
230 RKM per team — Hilly/ LWE / Naxal & difficult area |

SLA based Outsourcing:-

– 1400 RKM per team — Plain area
– 900 RKM per team — Hilly/ LWE / Naxal & difficult area

1 Team will constitute following staff-

in house- SDE/JTO/JE- 1 No.
TT/ATT – 1 No.
Labour — 2 No.

One Vehicle shall be allowed per team

SLA based Outsource- Team will have | JTO/ SDE and | Vehicle for two team

There shall be one AGM monitoring the work of 5 Teams i.c 3 SDE/JTO. Further SDE/JTO shall also look after indoor work falling within their jurisdiction.

In Circles the Norms shall be as under-

In House:-

– 350 RKM per team – Plain arca ,
– 250 RAM per team — Hilly’ LWE / Nawal & difficult area

SLA based Outsourcing:-

-. 1400 RKM per tcam — Plain area
– 900 RKM per. team — Hilly/ LWE / Naxal & difficult area

2. Telecom Factories:-. Presently there are three Telecom factories with H.Q at Kolkatta, Mumbai and Jabalpur. All these three Telecom factories have approved to be converted as BA’s headed by GM level officer w.e.f. 01.02.2020 and shall report to respective Territorial Circle in the geographical area of location. 1.c. T.F. Mumbai to be merged with Maharashtra. T.F. Kolkatta with W.B. Circle and T.F. Jabalpur with MP Circle. Further following guidelines are to be followed post merger- :

  1. Telecom Factory unit located at 34 chaurangi lane Kolkatta. Alipore. Gopalpur & Kharagpur shall be functioning as divisional unit under BA Kolkatta. Similarly Telecom Factory unit located at Wright Town, Richhai and Bhilai shall be functioning as divisional unit under BA Jabalpur.
  2. Considering the existing work load and available man power vis-a-vis the economics of scale of production, the CGM of Territorial circles shall decide on transfer of all work load at single locations and decide on monetisation of land and building assets. In case. it is decided to close down the work at Bhilai. the staff working at T.F. Bhillai shall be transferred to Chhattisgarh circle for their utilisation in other works.

3. Nodal centre Circle at Chandigarh– Nodal centre Chandigarh to merge with Punjab circle in line with other zones.

4. NCNGN and BBNW Circle at Delhi– NCNGN Circle to be merged with BBNW Circle.

5. Training Centres:- There will be onc Training Circle with HQ at ALTTC Ghaziabad. (Structure as per Annexure-VI). BRBRAITT / NATFM / ALTTC shall be converted into Business Arca under CGM (ALTTC). It has been decided that Training Centre shall be functioning as profit centre and CGM ALTTC Ghaziabad shall formulate a comprehensive plan for generating the revenue from Training and skill development plan. Further following guidelines are issued on functioning of Training centres-

  1. ALTTC Ghaziabad to frame a policy for skill and capability development for internal employees and would also be pivotal in generating revenue through outsourcing of its Training Infrastructure. skill development program etc.
  2. All existence and requirement of CTTC and DTTC to be reviewed by the concerned CGM and proposed to be closed w.e.f 01.02.2020. The Continuance of any specific CTTC or DTTC shall be with the approval of CMD. A comprehensive proposal to continue with justification and its requirement in present context shall be forwarded to framing cell of BSNL CO.
  3. All RTTC shail administratively report to concern CGM of Territcrial Circles. RTTC. Nagpur presently reporting to BRBRAITT shall report to Maharashtra Circle. However for Policy on Training. course/training modules etc. shall report to CGM ALTTC.
  4. The RTTC/CTTC which is generating substantial revenue but are located at important locations in terms of monetization of land & building assets may be relocated or realigned in the same campus. so that they continue to carn revenue and their assets are simultaneously monetized.
  5. The lands Monetization Policy are under process for approval. Once the land monetization policy is circulated for implementation. RTTCs/CTTC which are located in big cities. the Land & Building space of such RTTC shall be monetized in the first phase.

It has been further decided that after compiction of land monetization. All RTTC shall be closed except following training centres which shall be converted into Zonal training centres (Six Numbers). This exercise shall be completed in a time frame of 12 to 24 months. These zonal Training Centres shall be at the following locations and report to ALTTC:-

  1. ALTTC tor North zone
  2. BRBRAITT for Central zone
  3. Guwahati for NE
  4. Kalvani for East zone
  5. Mysore for South zone
  6. Pune for West zone

6. ITPC will continue as Independent Circle with HQ at Punc. The proposed structure of IFTPC Pune shall be as per Annexure- VII

7. Inspection and QA will continue as Independent Circle. There will be four zones under CGM (Insp & QA) headed. bv GM/PGM or equivalent level officer at locations Delhi. Mumbai. Kolkatta and Bangalore The CGM Inspection and QA shall further decide on structure of their field staff and the proposed structure on zonal basis and their placement in different locations
shall be sent to Restructuring unit.

The spared land Building Establishment on account of merger shall be handed over to the CGM of the respective circle in which the assets are located for monetization to generate revenue. The
CGM shall carry out the exercise to optimally utilise the available infrastructure like availability of Space. staff quarters etc. and the excess space may be utilised for commercial utilisation or to be handed over to CGM of concern Territorial circles.

It has been further decided that while finalizing the structure of the planning or field units. The post of DGM or AGM shall be interchangeably used except in Core Network-Tx and OF cable maintenance in Circles. Similarly SDE and JTO shall be interchangeably used for execution and monitoring of all types of work. The administrative/ financial/execution powers required to-be changed in following the existing process shall be sent to corporate office for approval.

The merger shall be effective from 01.02.2020 for Telecom Factory and Training centres where as for other circles, it shall be from 01.04.2020.

It has also been approved by management that Cross-functional posting be made subject to availability of officers. Simultaneously, efforts be made to equip officers/executives for Cross-functional roles by imparting them short inter disciplinary training(s). It was further decided that the position requiring specialized/expert domain qualification and knowledge. ctc. be excluded from the preview of cross-functional postings.

On merger. the following lines of actions are to be taken by the Circle’s as well as by different units of corporate office:

a) The existing posts of CGM and other surplus posts of the merged Circle is abolished and on merger. all the works entrusted and being carried out by merged Circle is to be transferred to the respective Circle. The necessary posung order of GM/Sr.GM/CGM shall be issued by Personnel cell. BSNL CO.

b) The effective utilisation of staff and their posting in the grade of DGM and below in respect of Technical background / operation shall be donc by the CGM of the respective circle.

c) Wherever the approval is required from corporate office. same shall be forwarded after
mutual discussion and consent by existing CGM. so that there is smooth transition of merger on due date.

Manish Kumar


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