Bansara Eye Care Centre Shillong – Fresh empanelment under CGHS Shillong

Bansara Eye Care Centre Shillong – Fresh empanelment under CGHS Shillong

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Office of the Additional Director
Central Govt. Health Scheme
Nongrim Hills, Shillong – 793 00

No. CGHS/SHG/ESTT /HEC/BEC/5895-5911

Dated: 15th January, 2020


Sub: Notification Fresh empanelment of private Health Care Organization (HCOs) (Exclusive Eye Hospital/Centre) under CGHS Shillong.

The undersigned is directed to state that CGHS Shillong has initiated action for fresh empanelment of private HCOs as per guidelines of existing continuous empanelment process -2017 by inviting applications from the private HCOs at Shillong.

On the basis of the response received from Bansara Eye Care Centre Shillong, an MOA has signed on 10th January 2020 under the same terms & conditions of existing continuous empanelment process-2017 and rates of CGHS Guwahati – 2014. Details of facilities to be provided by the HCO is as per Annexure -A.

The empanelment of HCO (Exclusive Eye Hospital/Centre) will come into effect from 10th January 2020 and shall remain in force for a period of 02 (two) years or fresh empanelment whichever is earlier. The Agreement may be extended for another year subject to fulfillment of all the terms & conditions of this agreement & with mutual consent of both parties.

A copy of this Office Order along with rate list of CGHS Guwahati – 2014 (Exclusive eye Hospital/ Centre) are placed on the website at https://cghs.gov.in

Enclo: As stated above

Digitally signed by
(Dr. L. Somorendra Singh)
Additional Director
CGHS, Shillong

SL No. Name of Hospital and Address NABH accredited/  Non-NABH Facilities Empanelled for
1. Bansara Eye Care Centre
Phone No:(+91)9612875101,
Email:bansara.eyecare [at]gmail.com
NABH – NoNABL – No. 1. For IOL Implant

(i) Phacoemulsifier unit (IIIrd or IVth generation) – minimum 2 with extra hand pieces
(ii) Flash / rapid sterilizer – one per OT
(iii)YAG laser for capsulotomy
(iv) Digital anterior segment camera
(v) Specular microscope

2. Oculoplasty & Adenexa:
Specific for Oculoplasty & Adenexa:
Specialized Instruments and kits for:
(i) Dacryocystorhinostomy
(ii)Eye lid Surgery e.g ptosis and Lid.. reconstruction Surgery
(iii)Orbital Surgery
(iv)Socket reconstruction
(v) Enucleation/ evisceration

3. Investigation facilities:-
(i) Syringing, Dacryocystography
(ii) Exophthalmometry
(iii) Ultrasonography – A&B Scan

4. Operative (O.T.) Facilities.


6. Glaucoma

7. All other available facilities as per applications

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