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Additional Preventive measures to be taken by Training Institutions – DoPT OM dated 22.03.2020 on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread

Additional Preventive measures to be taken by Training Institutions – DoPT OM dated 22.03.2020 on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread

No, T-21021/1/2020-Acad, Desk(Part-3)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
(Training Division)

Block-IV, Old JNU Campus,
New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-1 10067

Dated: 22nd March, 2020


Subject: Additional preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Further to the OM of even no. dated 19.03.2020, the following additional instructions are issued for immediate compliance in respect of all Training Institutions:

(i) Heads of Training Institutions may draw up a Roster of Staff (all officers and staff, including consultants/ contract and outsourced employees) who are required to render essential services within the Training Institution. They alone may be asked to attend office from 23rd March until 31st March, 2020. In other words, the Training Institution should function with skeletal staff. Officials who are working from home should be available on telephone and electronic means of communication at all times. They should attend office if called for, in case of any exigencies of work.

(ii) A Nodal Officer may be identified and notified online for authenticated communication with and within the Training Institution;

(iii) All the trainees may be directed to remain restricted to their room/ shared room/ dormitory as the case may be, with minimal physical contact with other trainees;

(iv) All trainees may be advised to follow the protocols advised by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, for maintaining social distance and personal hygiene;

(v) All conservancy staff and employees may be suitably sensitized to the requirements, and arrangements may be made to ensure social distance and personal hygiene amongst them and trainees;

(vi) Wherever possible, trainees may be encouraged to undertake cleaning of their own rooms and facilities, without the help of conservancy staff;

(vii) Arrangements may be made for washing and changing of linen, cutlery etc., by making available washing machines/ dish washers etc., to the extent possible;

(viii) As far as possible, Training Institutions shall make arrangements for serving food and refreshments to trainees in their respective room/ shared room/ dormitory, so as to avoid intermingling;

(ix) Where this is practically not possible, meal timings may be staggered appropriately, with adequate intervals to ensure that intermingling and social contact is minimized; a suitable timetable may be drawn up and disseminated to all concerned;

(x) Entry and exit to Training Institutions may be regulated to ensure that no outside visitors are allowed to enter; staff, employees (including contract employees), and vehicles who/ which are deployed for material procurement and logistical duties may be sanitized, screened, and thermally scanned before each entry into the Training Institutions as appropriate;

(xi) In case any trainee or visitor to the Training Institution has a history of travel, (s)he may be asked to self-quarantine in his/ her room or in the separate facility which has been created in consultation with Public Health authorities;

(xii) Training/ teaching may be continued, as far as possible, in a virtual/ online mode. Telecom Service Providers/ local units of Department of Telecommunications may be contacted to ensure telecom and WiFi connectivity in the Training Institutions;

(xiii) Examinations and tests may be conducted in online (including email) mode and evaluation be conducted without need for personal contact amongst trainees and faculty members;

(xiv) Training Institutions may assign senior faculty members to counsel trainees regarding the importance of social distancing and isolation and to emphasize the criticality of personal commitment and coordinated community action; and

(xv) Trainees may be encouraged to keep themselves physically and mentally fit including practicing Yoga and meditation techniques.

2. These instructions will be applicable with immediate effect, till 31.03.2020 or till further orders. These instructions shall not apply to officers and employees engaged in essential/ emergency services and those directly engaged in taking measures control spread of COVID-19.

(Srinivas R Katikithala)
Additional Secretary

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3. PS to Hon’ble MOS (PP)
4. PSO to Secretary (Personnel)
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