“Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence” for the year 2020

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“Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence” for the year 2020

“Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence” for the year 2020. “Motivation Scheme for the Defence Accounts Department” for the Year 2020.


Coord/13005/RM Award/2020

Dated : 23th April, 2020



All Principal Controller & equivalents
All Controllers & equivalents mo
Sr, Dy. CGDA (AN) (Local) Be

Subject : “Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence” for the year 2020.

Please find enclosed a detailed “Motivation Scheme for the Defence Accounts Department” for the Year 2020.

2. The process of selecting awardees for the year 2020 at the level of Principal Controllers/Controllers etc. may be completed by 30th June, 2020. For “Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence” to be decided at the level of CGDA, the nominations may be forwarded in the prescribed format, both in soft and hard copy form (8 copies) and mailed on the email id [email protected] latest by 15 July, 2020. Citation/write up of project/work done (not more than 100 words), two passport size photographs, bio data (not more than 100 words) and a write up in bullet form (not more than 50 words) in respect of each nominee/team may also be forwarded while forwarding the nominations to HOrs office. All Principal Controller/ Controllers & equivalents are advised to follow the guidelines laid down in _ para 9 of HQrs_ office Circular No. Coord/13005/RMA/Augment dated 03.12.2019, wherein it was mentioned that MoD(Fin) has emphasized that the selection criterion for award may be “thrust on innovative ideas and out of box actions and not routine efficiencies”.

3. It is further requested that the time schedule prescribed above may be strictly adhered to; failing which, it may not be possible to consider the nominations received after the closing date.

4, The detailed guidelines of the scheme may be given wide publicity and placed on website etc. The scheme has also been placed on the CGDA’s website at www.cgda.nic.in. The expenditure on the scheme would be made from the DAD-Pay and Allowances head.

Enc : As above.

(Maushumi Rudra)
jt.CGDA (Coord)

Motivation Scheme for the Defence Accounts Department


The need for adequately motivating officers and staff at all levels of the Central and State Governments has been engaging the attention of the Government for some time. Keeping this in view, the Government of India have introduced Prime Minister’s Awards for excellence in Public Administration in order to recognize extraordinary and innovative work done by officers of the Central and State Governments individually, or as a group or as organizations. A similar motivation scheme had been introduced in the DAD to motivate staff and officers to excel in their work. It has also been felt that instead of the HQrs office directly involving itself in the activity of nomination/ selection of individuals doing meritorious work, general guidelines could be provided to the Controllers to decide the Awards at their level while the HOrs office makes use of the database available with the Controllers to decide the Awards at All India Level.


2.1 It is necessary to first identify the level of admissibility of the Awards. The broad parameters governing this are as follows:

a) Two Awards for the Best Official and/ or Team of Officials (upto the Sr.AO level and including Clerks/ Auditor/ SA/ AAO/ AO/ SAO) would be decided and given by each Pr. Controller/ Controller/ CFA (Fys) which will be regulated as per Annexure-I & Annexure-II enclosed.

b) There would be 02 Awards each for main office of PCA(Fys) Kolkata & the organisation of CIA (Fys).

Note: In exceptionally deserving cases, maximum number of awards to be given by a Principal Controller/Controller etc. under 2.1(a) & (b) could be enhanced to three with the prior approval of the HQrs. office. In such cases all the three entries would have to be forwarded to the HQrs. office latest by 15″ July, 2020 for a decision.


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