ECHS advisory : Guideline for post lockdown w.e.f. 04 May 2020


ECHS advisory : Guideline for post lockdown w.e.f. 04 May 2020

ECHS advisory : Guideline for post lockdown w.e.f. 04 May 2020 to ensure minimum footfall at the Polyclinic to mitigate spread of virus.  ECHS Order No. B/49770/AG/ECHS/Treatment/Policy dated 30 Apr 2020

Central Organisation, ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry of Defence (Army)
Thimayya Marg, Near Gopinath
Circle, Delhi Cantt-110010


30 Apr 2020

IHQ of MoD (Navy)/Dir ECHS (N)
DAV Subroto Park
All HQ Command (A/ECHS)
AMA ECHS, Embassy of India, Nepal
All Regional Centres


1. A number of advisories have already been issued to ensure social distancing at Polyclinics in the best interest of health of veterans.

2. Though the lockdown may be lifted after 03 May 2020 in a gradual manner, in view of the prevalent situation, it is critical to ensure minimum footfall at the Polyclinic to mitigate spread of virus.

3. In view of the above, the provisions granted to purchase life style/ chronic diseases medicines and claim reimbursement by veterans till 30 Apr 2020 has been extended till 31 May 2020. Hence veterans maybe advised to refrain from coming to Polyclinics unless medically inescapable. ECHS beneficiaries may process the consolidated bills for reimbursement post 15 Jun 2020 instead of 15 May 2020. Detailed instrs for processing of bills will be issued  shortly.

4. Advisories issued vide letter No B/49770/AG/ECHS/Treatment/Policy dt 24 Mar 2020 and letter of even No dt 01 Apr 2020, 20 Apr 2020 & dt 21 Apr 2020 will continue till 31 May 2020 except for procedures for obtaining approval of various appendices (unlisted procedures/ investigations/ implants and Length of Stay). The procedure for processing of Appendices for unlisted procedures/ investigations/ implants and LOS will be guided vide our letter No B/49778/AG/ECHS/PA/Ruling dt 28 Jun 2011 and letter No B/49770/AG/ECHS dt 15 Mar 2010 wef 04 May 2020.

9. ECHS beneficiareis may be advised to contact on tele/ email for any medical advice from Medical Officer (MO) of Polyclinic, who should render medical advice on the tele/ email/ including issue of prescription where required. ECHS beneficiaries may purchase medicines based on above prescription from local pharmacies/ online pharmacies and claim reimbursement. MO will prescribe preferably only generic medicines for a duration of maximum 07 days after which a review may be sought. While prescribing medicines in such circumstances MOs at PCs will abide by Telemedicine guidelines issued by GoI policy (extract enclosed). Record of such advice and prescriptions will be retained at the PC. This provision will come into immediate effect and will be reviewed subsequently based on situation.

6. Advisory on crowd handling at Polylinics and procedures to be followed while visiting Polyclinic has already been promulgated and is available on ECHS website However some important points are reiterated as follows :-

(a) All policy letters/ SOPs related to COVID-19 management as issued by CO ECHS to be followd in letter and spirit.

(b) All active and passive measures to be taken for prevention of COVID-19.

(c) All OICs should have regular interaction with empanelled hospitals to ascertain various admissions especially COVID-19 cases.

(d) Due care to be taken for active and passive protection of ECHS PC staff.

(e) All dependants ECHS beneficiaries to be advised by Polyclinics for promulgation of Govt orders and avoid unnecessary mov to Polyclinic during lockdown for generic cases.

(f) All OIC of Polyclinics/ Stn HQs to maintain reg contact with Zila Sainik Board and various local association for communicating imp msgs and acquiring info of any critical ESM beneficiaries.

(g) All OlCs are requested to keep away from rumours pertaining to COVID-19 updates and directions/ polices of ECHS hierarchy/ Govt of India and clarify the same from the competent auth.

(h) Polyclinic may issue guidelines of staggered timings or seeking prior appointments for routine medicines. The appointment for OPD visits through telephonic calls will be taken from OIC PC. However, emergency cases are always allowed to report to Polyclinic/ any hosptial.

(j) Precautions against COVID-19 by Polyclinics and ECHS beneficiaries may be adhered to hitherto till further orders. Deterrence action against the defaulting beneficaries on disciplinary grounds on the pretext of not knowing the policy/ procedures is mandated.

(k) Every person entering polyclinic will wear face mask and wash hands with soap provided at the entrance (No entry without face mask).

(l) Persons visiting Polyclinic to be checked at the entrance for temperature/ COVID/ similar symptoms and segregated. They should be seen by the MO/ Nursing Asst separately. ys

(m) Entry of new pateints can be regulated by the staff at the gate permitting new patients only on exit of patients already inside.

(n) Dental OPDs will be governed as per CO ECHS letter No B/49773/AG/ ECHS/Dental/Policy dt 20 Mar 2020.

7. The validity of temp slips of 64 KB cards is already extended till 30 Jun 2020 vide CO ECHS letter No B/49711-NewSmartCard/AG/ECHS dt 28 Mar 2020.

8. This has the approval of MD ECHS.

(Anupam N Adhaulia)
Dir (Med)


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  • Benoy Kumar Chattapadhyaya 4 years ago

    I am an Ex-Servicemen. I want to confirm from ECHS Polyclinic authority that what about Diabetic patients routine blood tests? Because last fourty five days ECHS Polyclinic closed the blood tests. Please advice us.

  • DrBenoyKumarChattapadhyaya 4 years ago

    I am an Ex- Servicemen asking from ECHS Polyclinic authority that those who are Diabetic patients how they will do their routine Sugar Test? Because last fourty days ECHS Polyclinic not doing any blood tests. Please advice us.