Guidelines for ECHS Polyclinic in view of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Infection


Guidelines for ECHS Polyclinic in view of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Infection

Guidelines for ECHS Polyclinic in view of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Infection. ECHS Advisory dated 28.04.2020

Central Organisation, ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry of Defence (Army)
Thimayya Marg, Near Gopinath
Circle, Delhi Cantt-110010


28 Apr 2020

(All Regional Centres)


1. In view of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), all out efforts are made by the Government to contain its impact by instituting measures at community as well as at
individual level.

2. Guidelines for maintaining social distancing between individuals, issued by the Government have already been disseminated by CO ECHS. In the spirit of above, the following guidelines are to be followed at ECHS Polyclinics in view of the COVID-19 infection :-

(a) The OIC of the ECHS Polyclinic shall keep themselves updated with guidelines issued by the Min of Health & Family Welfare through the official website of Min of Health & Family Welfare and ECHS and disseminate the correct information to the staff as well ECHS beneficiary.

(b) OIC in consultation of Dir RC/ Sth HQ shall arrange the protective gear for the staff like Face Masks, Gloves, Sanitizer etc., OIC PC shall ensure their a availability and ensure that they are used rationally.

(c) Separate Fever Clinic (a separate place within the Polyclinic premises) shall be organized at ECHS PCs within the constraints of resources and One Medical Officer/ Nursing Asst (wherever there is single MO in the PC) shall be designated specifically of the fever clinic for 14 days by rotation. He/She not examine any other patients. He/She shall be provided with Protective gear like Face cover, Gloves, N-95 Mask etc., Prophylaxis with Hydroxy-Chloroquin (HCQ) as per the guidelines of MOHFW shall be proved.

(d) Every ECHS beneficiary entering PC shall be screened with Thermal Scanner by the Security Staff at the entrance.

(e) Any ECHS beneficiary with raised temperature shall be directed to Fever Clinic without registration. Registration number will be generated in the module of Medical Officer/ Nursing Asst of Fever Clinic or manual registration will be carried out at the Fever Clinic. The beneficiary shall be examined by the designated Doctor/ Nursing Asst in the Fever Clinic and if there is suspicion of COVID-19 Infection, the beneficiary shall be referred to the Local Health Centre notified for the COVID-19 by the State Government/ Local Authorities and intimate the concerned authorities.

(f) OIC PC shall maintain the contact numbers of Nodal Centre for COVID-19 cases and the Local Public health authorities.

(g) Those who are performing duty in the Fever clinic shall be provided Prophylaxis with Hydroxy-Chloroquin (HCQ) as per the guidelines of MoHFW.

(h) OIC PC shall demand requisite quantity of Hydroxy-Chloroquin (HCQ) in the Polyclinic from the SEMO and shall ensure that the drug is used strictly as per the guidelines of MOH&FW.

(j) In case of any confirmed case of COVID-19 Positive case, OIC PC shall arrange for sanitization of co-operation with Local Health Authorities.

3. Directors Regional Centres shall take necessary action to ensure the implementation of guidelines in consultation with Stn HQs and SEMOs.

(Anupam N Adhaulia)
Dir (Med)


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