Outdoor medical claim for BSNL Employee (Serving / Retired)

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Outdoor medical claim for BSNL Employee (Serving / Retired)

Outdoor medical claim for BSNL Employee (Serving / Retired).  Clarification on procedure has been issued vide BSNL Corporate Office Order dated 08.05.2020.

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New Delhi-110001.
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No. BSNL/Admn.1/15-12/18

Dated: 08.05.2020

Office Order

Sub:- Procedure for Outdoor medical claim for BSNL Employee (Serving / Retired)

The approval of competent authority is hereby conveyed for the following modifications in the procedure for outdoor medical reimbursement to BSNL employees (Serving/Retired):

1. Serving Employees

The ceiling for outdoor medical claim with voucher in a financial year shall be 15 days (basic pay + DA). Remaining terms and conditions same as mentioned in O.M. No. BSNL/Admn.1/15-12/18 dated 19.07.2018 with Basic Pay +D.A. as on 01.04.2020. The Basic Pay + D.A. as on 01.04.2020 will remain the basis of calculation till further orders.

2. Retired Employees

The following three options are allowed:

a. C.G.H.S
b. 15 days pay with vouchers (Basic Pay + D.A. on date of retirement)
c. Without Vouchers flat Rs. 1000/-(one thousand) per month.

(Rajiv Kumar Sharma)
Dy. General Manager (Admn.)

To :-
1: All CGM’s, BSNL
2. PPS/PS to CMD,CVO and all Directors of BSNL Board. :
3. All PGMs/Sr.GMs/GMs,CS & CG. (Legal), BSNL Corporate office.
4. DG P&T Audit
9. All recognized Unions/Associations of BSNL
6. Intranet Portel




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