Reporting of Officials in Board’s Office – Unlock 1: Railway Board Orders with Format for sending the list of Officials requiring self isolation


Reporting of Officials in Board’s Office – Unlock 1: Railway Board Orders with Format for sending the list of Officials requiring self isolation

Reporting of Officials in Board’s Office – Unlock 1: Railway Board Orders with Format for sending the list of Officials requiring self isolation

रेलवे बोर्ड (RAILWAY BOARD)

Office Order No.39 of 2020

Ref: Office Order Nos 33, 38 & 40 of 2020

Sub: Reporting of Officials in Board’s Office- Unlock 1.

Subsequent to Ministry of Home Affairs Order No. 40-3/2020-DM-I(A) dated 30.05.2020, it has been decided to continue the existing arrangement in respect of reporting of Officials in Board’s Office as mentioned in Office Order Nos 33, 38, & 40 of 2020 until further orders.

2. Accordingly, all officers of the level of JD and above may attend Office regularly and others (below JD level) as per roster so as to ensure that 50% of officers and staff attend office on every alternate days with staggered timings. Those residing in Containment Zone as demarcated by states/district administration will not attend office. Such officials/staff and those not being called for duty as per roster/requirement would work from home and are to be available at all times on phone and other electronic means of communication. Other instructions as contained in Office Order Nos 33, 38 and 40 will also continue and be complied by all concerned.

3. In order to contain the spread of COVID-19 amongst officials in Board’s Office the guidelines as indicated at Annexure-I may be adhered to by all. However, despite precaution, whenever any official is reported as COVID positive as per test report, the list of Officials who had come in contact with official tested as COVID positive may be sent on email ([email protected]) in prescribed proforma as per Annexure-II as early as possible so that suitable order may be issued in this regard.

4. All concerned to ensure strict compliance of above instructions.

E.No. 2020/0&M/9/1

(B. Majumdar)
Joint Secretary/Railway Board 



Precautionary Measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Board’s Office.

Detail Guidelines on preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in work place is available at The same may be noted and adhered to by all Officials.

Few other important points which may be adhered to by all while working in office so to avoid getting infected are as under:-

1. Maximum use of e-file be made. Physical receipt/issue of document be avoided and be discouraged so as to avoid infection through touching of papers which has passed through multiple hands. Instead, maximum use of electronic means of communication (e-receipt/email etc) be made.

2. All discussions/consultation in office be made to the extent possible through telephone or other electronic gadgets instead of physical interaction in officer’s chamber or in the cell/branch. While working in Office, one should confine himself to his own room/cell. If requirement arises for physical meeting, proper physical distancing of at least one metre be maintained.

3. Gossiping, loitering and crowding in corridors should also be avoided and physical distance of one meter be strictly maintained at all times. Avoid unnecessary meeting with colleagues/Officials. MTS/other staff attached with Senior Officials who sit in corridors are also to adhere strictly to these guidelines of physical distancing.

4. Lunch be taken individually. Group lunch with colleagues/friends be discouraged.

5. Hands be washed frequently with soap and water or be sanitized with sanitizers immediately on touching any physical surface or physical document or any common area.

6. As much as possible, one should avoid using other official’s phones, desktop, key board, or other office equipment. If required, they should themselves first sanitize their hands before and after using such equipments. Such equipment should also be disinfected ( surface or common area being touched) before and after use.

7. Face masks/cover be worn at all times.

8. In case, any Official is having symptoms of COVID-19 or has come in direct or indirect contact with COVID-19 positive patient during last 14 days or has any COVID-19 positive patient/relative in self quarantine at his residence, then such official may invariably opt out from reporting to office and self quarantine for 14 days duly informing the controlling officer with details/supporting document of the case. Such officials should work from home.

9, For home quarantine, SOP of M/o HF& W available at may be complied with.

10, Status of Aarogya Setu App may be checked at regular intervals and particularly before starting for Office. If it indicates Yellow/Orange/Red, they should not come to Office and self isolate for 14 days duly informing their controlling officer with necessary details (Ref:-DOP&T OM No.11013/9/2014/-Estt(A3) dated 29.04.2020 at Annexure-1/1).
11. Any official with flue like illness/COVID related symptoms should also not attend office and seek medical advice. In case the symptoms prolongs, for a longer period than medically prescribed, they should get themselves tested.


Annexure 1/1

DoPT Orders to all employees to download and use Arogyasetu App, administration should ensure for strict compliance

Annexure II

Format for sending the list of Officials requiring self isolation (home quarantine) on account of having coming in contact with COVID-19 positive official while working in Board’s Office

Name of Official whose test report is COVID Positive:

Date of Test Report:

Last Attended Office on:

Room No. and CUG/Mobile No. of Official tested COVID Positive:

List of Officials requiring Home Quarantine:

S.No. Name of Official Designation R.No. Contact No. CUG/any other mobile number Remarks (why requiring quarantine)

The above has the approval of ______ (ED/JS or AM/PED)

The list be approved by concerned ED/JS (for officials below SAG level or by AM?PED in case official requiring home quarantine is of the level of SAG and above.

The list be emailed at vibhuti.singh[at] and be addressed to Joint Secretary/Railway Board.


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