Conduct of the practical work during the lockdown at OLabs :CBSE


Conduct of the practical work during the lockdown at OLabs :CBSE

Conduct of the practical work during the lockdown at OLabs :CBSE


CBSE/ Dir (Acad)/2020

September 2, 2020
Circular No.: Acad- 65/2020

All the Heads of Institutions affiliated to CBSE

Subject: Conduct of the practical work during the lockdown

CBSE has advised schools to follow the Alternative Calendar developed by NCERT to continue education during the lockdown through alternative modes to achieve learning outcomes. Schools have reportedly started using these calendars and other prescribed pedagogical techniques such as experiential and joyful learning, integration of Arts and Sports and project based learning etc. It is also learnt that in addition to alternative calendar and guidelines given on the conduct of online classes (Pragyata), most of the schools have started using online virtual platforms for providing an experience of practical lab activities to the extent possible during this period.

In addition to measures being taken by schools regarding conduct of practical work, it is informed that a platform titled OLabs has been developed jointly by the Ministry of Electronics and Telecommunications, Government of India, CDAC, and Amrita University to facilitate a virtual experience of CBSE syllabus aligned experiments for classes 9 to 12. The OLabs are hosted at, and the access to it is free for schools on registration. This platform provides class wise experiments with detailed theory and procedure. Students can see animations and use simulation to have an experience as close to real experiments as possible.Students can also assess themselves and provide feedback.

Schools may also keep developing their own resources and explore other appropriate online platforms available in the public domain and use them only after establishing their effectiveness in attaining the desired learning outcomes.

Dr. Joseph Emmanuel
Director (Academics)


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