Grant of Advance – Special Festival Package to Government Servants: FinMin Order Dtd 12 Oct 2020

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Grant of Advance – Special Festival Package to Government Servants: FinMin Order Dtd 12 Oct 2020

Grant of Advance – Special Festival Package to Government Servants: FinMin Order Dtd 12 Oct 2020

Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
EII(A) Branch

North Block, New Delhi
12th October, 2020

Office Memorandum

Sub: Grant of Advance – Special Festival Package to Government Servants.

The undersigned is directed to say that with a view to enable Government servants to meet expenses relating to festivals and to encourage spending thereby giving a boost to economic activities, in pursuance of decision taken by the Government, it has been decided that a special festival package of advance will be accorded to all Government servants for any important festivals upto 31st March, 2021.

2. A Head of Office may sanction this special package on the eve of any important festival to any Central Government Servant under his administrative control. The term “important festival” is clarified as such festivals or one of such festivals as Head of Department may declare in respect of establishments under his/her administrative control.

3. The amount of the package is Rs. 10,000/- to be paid as advance to Government servant. This amount is interest free. The amount would be released through pre-loaded Rupay Card from SBI. DDOs, on receipt of application from Government servants for this package may process and acquire the prepaid cards from SBI for issue among the applicants. A detailed SOP for DDOs for obtaining these cards would be separately issued.

4. The festival package may be granted to a Government servant if he/she is on Government duty or on leave excluding leave preparatory to retirement, on the date on which the advance is disbursed. The amount paid under this package is recoverable in not more than ten (10) instalments.

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5. These orders will take effect from the date of issuance of this Office Memorandum and will be in force during the current financial year till 31 March, 2021.

6. All the Ministries/Departments are requested to bring the contents of this OM to the notice of all its Attached and Subordinate offices for their information /necessary action.

Hindi version of this Office Memorandum will follow.

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India


All the Ministries/ Departments of the Government of India.


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