Salient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement: D.A, HRA, Pay Scales, Special Pay, Stagnation Increments, FPP, and Other Allowances

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Salient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement: D.A, HRA, Pay Scales, Special Pay, Stagnation Increments, FPP, and Other Allowances

Salient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement: D.A, HRA, Pay Scales, Special Pay, Stagnation Increments, FPP, and Other Allowances ALL INDIA

Special Pay of Clerical Staff and Subordinate Staff w.e.f 1st Nov 2017: 11th BI-Partite Settlement Dtd. 11 Nov 2020
Revised Pension NPS DR PF of Bank Officers Scale I to VII w.e.f 1st Nov, 2017: 11th BI-Partite Settlement Dtd. 11 Nov 2020
Dearness Allowance of Clerical Staff and Subordinate Staff w.e.f 1st Nov 2017: 11th BI-Partite Settlement Dtd. 11 Nov 2020

Salient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement: D.A, HRA, Pay Scales, Special Pay, Stagnation Increments, FPP, and Other Allowances



Salient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement

Pay Scales (Merger at 6352 Points  Stagnation Increments – 9
Clerks 17900 – 1000/3 – 20900 – 1230/3 – 24590 – 1490/4 – 30550 – 1730/7 – 42660 – 3270/1 – 45930 – 1990/1 – 47920 Clk : 9 – once in 2 yrs. Rs.65830
Sub-staff 14500 – 500/4 – 16500 – 615/5 – 19575 – 740/4 – 22535 – 870/3 – 25145 – 1000/3 – 28145 SS : 9 – once in 2 yrs. Rs.37145
D.A. Rates (%) per slab Special Pay – Clerks (No change in Duties) Fixed Personal Pay (All areas)
0.07% per slab over 6352 points Single Window Operator 1250 Category No Qrs. Qrs. Incre ment
Quarterly D.A. slabs and % from 1.11.2017 to 31.1.2021 Head Cashier II 1940
Quarter Avg. Index Slabs D.A. % Special Assistant 2920 Clerk 2262 2043 1990
10th BP 11th BP 10th BP 11th BP Special Pay – Substaff (No change in Duties) Substaff 1140 1025 1000
Nov-17 6504 516 38 51.60% 2.66% Bill Collector/Armed Guard 590 Leave Fare Concession
Feb-18 6548 527 49 52.70% 3.43% Daftary 850 4 years 2 years
May-18 6556 529 51 52.90% 3.57% Head Peon 1120 Clerks 4400 2200
Aug-18 6604 541 63 54.10% 4.41% Electrician/AC Plant Helper Driver 3090 Substaff 5200 2600
Nov-18 6868 607 129 60.70% 9.03% 3590 Road Milege charges Rs.8/- per Km.
Feb-19 6884 611 133 61.10% 9.31% Graduation Pay/Professional Qualification Pay LFC/Hospitalisation- Dependent income Rs.12,000/-
May-19 7020 645 167 64.50% 11.69% Graduation Pay/POP-After 1 year 625
Aug-19 7164 681 203 68.10% 14.21% Graduation Pay/POP-After 2 years 1215 Employees will be permitted to travel by own car while on LFC
Nov-19 7308 717 239 71.70% 16.73% Graduation Pay/POP-After 3 years 1835
Feb-20 7476 759 281 75.90% 19.67% Graduation Pay/POP-After 4 years 2455 Train fare by Shatabdi and Rajdhani express trains (non-Executive Class) will be reimbursed under LFC if travel is undertaken by these trains.
May-20 7484 761 283 76.10% 19.81% Graduation Pay/POP-After 5 years 3045
Aug-20 7540 775 297 77.50% 20.79% House Rent Allowance
Nov-20 7712 818 340 81.80% 23.80% 10.25% for ALL areas.
Provident Fund NPS Recov. for qrs – 0.20% of the 1st stage of Pay Scale. Charges for local sightseeing while on LFC will be reimbursed within the entitlement on production of bills from approved operators.
10% on revised Pay 14% on revised Pay + D A Transport Allowance (with D A)
Special Allowance (with D A) For Clk and SS – Rs.600/- p.m. For PT Employees – Pro-rata on Rs.600/- p.m. D A is payable on this
16.40% of Basic Pay. D A is payable on this allowance. GST charges on train fare will be paid over and above the entitlement
Hill & Fuel – 8% Max. 2250, 4% Max. 900, 3% Max. 750 Medical Aid
Proj Area Comp Allow. – Clk – 290, 230 – SS – 230, 200 Rs.2,355/- p.a. For actual travel under LFC, train fare under dynamic fare system as on the date of booking of tickets will be reimbursed.
Split Duty Allowance – Rs.200/- p.m. Medical Insurance Policy/Cashless Medical Scheme: For employees/retires will continue.
Washing Allowance – Rs.200/- p.m.
Cycle Allowance – Rs.150/- p.m. Deployment policy compensation amount Rs. 600 pm. LFC – if husband and wife both are working in the same Bank, they will be entitled to LFC individually.
Halting Allow. – Clk – 1050, 900, 675 – SS – 750, 600, 375 On transfer of an employee by the management, HRA will be 150% of normal HRA subject to production of rent receipt.
Can also claim halting expenses reimbursement by production of hotel rent receipt subject to ceiling.
One more option to choose 2 or 4 years.

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Salient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement

Improvement in Leave:
Privilege Leave can be availed with 10 days Notice.
PL taken on sick grounds when there is no sick leave at credit will not be counted as an occasion of availing PL.
Beyond 30 years of service, additional sick leave will be granted at 1 month per year subject to a max. of 720 days in entire service.
Women employees can avail sick leave for the sickness of their children (upto 8 years of age) on production of medical certificate.
Extra ordinary Leave on loss of pay can be availed for 120 days at a time.
Maternity Leave can be availed in combination/ continuation with other kind of leave.
Within the overall period of 12 months, Maternity leave may be granted upto 6 weeks in case of MTP/miscarriage/ abortion, AND if required upto 6 months.
Additional Maternity Leave of 15 days for Hysterectomy to those who have exhausted their ML.
Maternity Leave for legal adoption of one child will be upto a max. of 9 months.
Maternity Leave for delivery for twin children shall be 8 months.
Within the overall period of 12 months, Maternity leave may be granted upto 30 days for the period of hospitalisation for the treatment of certain specified ailments, subject to production of necessary certificate from the hospital.
Paternity Leave can be sanctioned in case of child adoption. For PWD, special CL of 4 days per year.
Absence from office due to curfew, riots, prohibitory orders, natural calamities, flood, etc. at the place of work or residence will be treated as special leave on duty.
From the calendar year 2020, besides encashment of PL at the time of retirement and during availment of LFC, PL Encashment would be permitted at 5 days every calendar year (7 days in case of employees I officers of 55 years of age and above) at the time of any festival of their choice.
Breakage charges on transfer : Clerks Rs.1650 (Receipt) Rs.1100 (Declaration) Substaff Rs.1100 and Rs.850
Project Area HRA ( A or B ) will be paid at branches opened in Special Economic Zone, Export Promotion Zone, etc
in future if Govt of India will come out with any new project, and if any allowance is paid to their employees, the same should be extended in banks.
For definition of Family, physically/mentally challenged children of employees will continue to be treated as dependents even after their marriage subject to income criteria of dependents .
Definition of family for coverage under Group Medical Insurance Policy/reimbursement of medical expenses and LFC – Any two of parents or parents-in-law – I.e. father & mother, father-in-law & mother-in-law, father and mother-in-law, mother and father-in-law, to be covered.
Transportation of personal effects by train or road while on transfer from one station to another: Clerk 3500 kg (married) 2500 kg (unmarried) Substaff 2500 kg (married) and 1500 kg. (unmarried)
Service Charges under New Pension Scheme will not be recovered from the employees and will be paid by the Banks.
Substaff passing CAllB/JAllB, additional increments like clerks.
PLI Scheme will be introduced from the FY 2020-21.
Employees removed from service under Voluntary Cessation Scheme will be given the chance to represent/appeal against the decision and also will be eligible for retirement benefits including pension, if otherwise eligible.

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Salient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement

Disciplinary Proceedings:
Clause 5 U), from the date of this Settlement, shall read as under: doing any act of gross negligence or negligence involving or likely to involve the bank in serious loss.
new clause 7 (q) shall be added as under: doing any act prejudicial to the interest of the bank. (MINOR MISCONDUCT).
Clause 12 (d) – the following shall be added: If the representative defending the employee is an employee of the same bank at an outstation branch situated outside the State, on a case to case basis as may be decided by the Bank, he shall be relieved on special leave (on full pay and allowances ) to represent the employee and shall be paid one return fare.
Clause 6(e) shall read as under: be brought down to a lower stage in the scale of pay upto a maximum of 2 stages and for a maximum period of two years. Note: This punishment shall be non-cumulative and annual increment(s)/ Stagnation Increment (s) falling during the period of punishment shall be released on the respective due date (s).
Clause 6(i) i.e. the punishment of ‘be fined’ shall be deleted.
Clause 6(f) shall read as under: have his incremenUs stopped with or without cumulative effect. Note: Specific period of rigour shall be mentioned.
The following shall be added as Clause 7 (r): Misconducts covered under Clause 7 (a) to (q) shall not be made out as ‘gross misconduct’ under Clause 5.
An employee placed under suspension pending disciplinary action shall be given an opportunity to represent to the management to reconsider the order of suspensio1
An employee who has been awarded the punishment of dismissal, compulsory retirement or removal from service by the Disciplinary Authority and subsequently where the punishment is confirmed by the Appellate Authority, shall be given an opportunity to seek reconsideration by an authority higher than the Appellate Authority.
If multiple charges as per procedural lapses are made out, then the punishment given in such cases shall be one.
Disciplinary authority shall have the discretion to decide whether the punishment will affect the superannuation benefits of the employee or not in case where the punishment is affecting the superannuation benefits.

Salient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement oneSalient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement 2ndSalient features of the 11th Bipartite Settlement 3rd Source: Click Here to view/download the pdf


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    sir,i retired on 30-06-2019 with basic 42020-(old 8th stag) reached in may-2017.will i get (new 9th stag) as per 11th bps? if so how can i know whether benefit of 9th stag has been given to me in arrears and revised basic pension.please help by mail. thanks