CBSE Science Challenge – 2020: Steps for students to participate


CBSE Science Challenge – 2020: Steps for students to participate

CBSE Science Challenge – 2020: Steps for students to participate



Date: 21.12.2020

Circular No.: Acad-89/2020

All the Heads of Schools affiliated to CBSE

Subject: The CBSE Science Challenge – 2020

Dear Principal,

Science is inexplicably linked with our lives and helps us to understand the world around us better. Scientific and technological developments contribute to progress and help improve our standards of living. By engaging with this subject, students learn to think, solve problems and make informed decisions. As an initiative to generate curiosity, enquiry and higher order thinking amongst learners, the Board is organizing the CBSE Science Challenge for students of classes 8th to 10th .

This challenge shall be available on DIKSHA platform from 21st December 2020 to 11th January 2021. Students from class 8th to 10th irrespective of the Board are eligible to participate in this challenge. To access the challenge, a student would be required to join the ‘CBSE Science Challenge- 2020’ course on the DIKSHA platform through the link given below. This course would lead the students to explore some aspects of Science besides attempting the Challenge itself.

Steps for students to participate:

1) Students can access the course via DIKSHA portal on computer or via the DIKSHA app on their Android mobile. iPhone users can access the quiz on any mobile browser. They must have the latest version of the DIKSHA App from Playstore to access the quiz. In case they already have the DIKSHA App, it may be ensured that it is updated to the latest version by visiting Play store.

2) Click the links to access the course in English: and in Hindi: . This will open the login page.

3) Students would be required to enter their registered email address and password to login. If they do not have an account on DIKSHA, then they can register for the same by clicking on the “Register here” button on the page. They can also sign in with an existing Google account by clicking on “Sign in with Google” button.

4) On reaching the “CBSE Science Challenge- 2020” course home page, click on Join Course to register.

5) Once they have joined the course, they will be able to access different modules of this course. They can either click on Start Learning or on any one of the modules to access the content:

(i) The first module provides a brief introduction to the CBSE Science Challenge 2020 course.
(ii) The second module includes a few short videos on scientific issues.
(iii) The third module has some engaging questions for student to practice.
(iv) The fourth module has the CBSE Science Challenge- 2020.

Please note that no merit list shall be displayed or separate certificates will be issued to the participants. Participation certificates will be issued online on the DIKSHA platform itself upon completion of the course. Please ensure that students have their correct names in the DIKSHA profile. Students should have the latest version of DIKSHA App, or access to the DIKSHA website to receive certificates.

A sample Whatsapp Message for quick circulation at given in Annexure – 1. Detailed instructions on accessing the course on computer and participating in the challenge is given in Annexure – 2. Detailed instructions on accessing the course on DIKSHA mobile app and participating in the challenge is given in Annexure – 3. Instructions to access participation certificates are given in Annexure-4. Please ensure maximum participation of students in the challenge as per the schedule. For any clarification, please send an email to [email protected].

With Best Wishes,

(Dr. Joseph Emmanuel)
Director (Academics)

Annexure – 1

Whatsapp Message

Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,

The CBSE Science Challenge- 2020 presents a unique opportunity to students to apply their Scientific knowledge and learn in the process. CBSE has launched this joyful course and quiz to engage students in the wonderful subject of Science.

To access the course and quiz, you can click here (English) or here to access the quiz (Hindi). In case you are attempting this on Diksha app (), please make sure that it is updated to the latest version.

Please note that this Challenge will remain open from 21st December 2020 to 11th January 2021.

On successful completion of the course and quiz, students will be able to access their digital certificates through the profile page on DIKSHA portal or latest app within 14 days from the date of completion.

Happy learning!

Annexure – 2

Instructions to access the CBSE Science Challenge Course on Computer

1) Click this link to access the course: English Medium and Hindi Medium . This will open the login page.


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