Guidelines for e-Privilege Pass/PTO Module of HRMS: AIRF to Railway Board


Guidelines for e-Privilege Pass/PTO Module of HRMS: AIRF to Railway Board

Guidelines for e-Privilege Pass/PTO Module of HRMS: AIRF to Railway Board

All India Railwaymen’s Fedration

No.AIRF/82(290) Dated: December 24, 2020

The D.G.(H.R.),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Guidelines for e-Privilege Pass/PTO Module of HRMS

Ref.: (i) AIRF’s letter of even number dated 05.11.2020
(ii) Railway Board’s letter No.PC-VII/2020/HRMS/6(Part) dated 16.11.2020

We are thankful that the Railway Board, conceding the demand of AIRF, issued orders, vide their letter dated 16.11.2020, referred to above, to continue the practice of issuance of Passes/PTOs to the Railway Employees by existing Manual System, up to 31.12.2020 for the Serving Railway Employees, and up to 31.03.2021 for the Retired Railway Employees.

A lot of complaints are still pouring in our office in connection with the difficulties being faced by large-number of Serving and Retired Employees in getting Passes/PTOs issued through Digitized/Electronic Mode, as they are not well acquainted with the online process. Apart from this, serious problems are also being faced on account of poor/slow internet connectivity, which is more serious in field units of wayside stations, owing to which, issuance of Passes/PTOs through Digitized/Electronic Mode is even more difficult in Remote Areas.

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Keeping the above facts in view, it would be quite appropriate that the existing Manual System of issuance of Passes/PTOs to the Serving and Retired Railway Employees should be continued simultaneously with Digitized System, so that, they do not face any problem in getting Passes/PTOs on account of aforementioned problems.

An immediate action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.

√Copy to: E.D.(I.R.), Railway Board – for necessary action please.
√Copy to: General Secretaries, All Affiliated Unions – for information.


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