Time Schedule for preparation of Union Government Finance Accounts 2020-21


Time Schedule for preparation of Union Government Finance Accounts 2020-21

Time Schedule for preparation of Union Government Finance Accounts 2020-21

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Dated: 09-03-2021


Subject: Time Schedule for preparation of Union Government Finance Accounts 2020-21.

The Union Government Finance Accounts are required to be prepared for their presentation to both the Houses of Parliament. For this purpose timelines for submission of SCT, JE etc. for preparation of Finance Accounts of the Union Government has been drawn up as below in Para ‘2’.

2. Time Schedule for submission of SCT, JE etc. for preparation of Union Government Finance Accounts for 2020-21 is as under :

S.No. Description of task Due Date
(i) Submission of figures relating  to  Interest  ReceiptsI  Grants-in-aid/Loans and Advances appearing respectively under the Major Heads ‘0049- interest Receipts (01 & 02) and 3601/7601 in Central Books to be furnished to the State Accountants  General for the purpose of reconciliation with corresponding figures under Major Heads 2049/1601/6004 appearing in the books of various Accountants General. 07th May, 2021
(ii) The Annual Progress report of balances adopted/dropped  on proforma basis from 1.4.2020 to 31.3.2021. 11th May, 2021
(iii) Preparation and Submission of Statement of Central Transactions (SCT) through e-lekha for 2020-21 to CGA (Finance Accounts Section). Hard copy of SCT and supporting statements duly signed may be sent to this office after submission of SCT on e-lekha. Acceptance of SCT by Finance Accounts Section may be ensured and in case the SCT has been redirected, the same may be re-submitted after doing the needful. Hard copy of SCT may invariably be sent to O/o DGA (P&T) simultaneously. 14th May, 2021
(iv) Submission of proposals to CGA (Finance Accounts Section) for adjustments on Proforma basis outside the books of R.B.I. between Railways, Posts, Telecommunication, Defence, and Civil (Instructions contained in Para 8.14. l of Civil Accounts Manual) 14th May, 2021

Furnishing of Statement(s) of Annual expenditure in respect of ‘Composite’ grants to the concerned Principal Accounts Offices accompanied by Certificates to the following effects:-

(i) The expenditure (Group-Sub-head wise) tallies with (Major/Minor head wise) SCT figures and has been reconciled and accepted by the Head of Department/Ministry.

18th May, 2021

(ii) All expenditure had been sanctioned by the competent authority (except …)


Last date for submission of Journal Entries through e-lekha.

(The module for submission of Journal Entry will be available only after acceptance of SCT by Finance Accounts Section. Duly signed Hard copy of Journal Entry uploaded on e-lekha by CCA/CA/Head of Organization may be sent to Finance Accounts Section to get the approval of CGA. A copy of the duly signed Journal Entry may invariably be sent to O/o DGA (P&T) simultaneously. Journal Entry on e-Lekha will be approved by Finance Accounts Section only after hard copy is received and Journal Entry accepted by CGA.

17th June, 2021
(vii) Submission of Report on ‘Review of balances of DDSR Heads of Accounts’.

10th August, 2021

3. A Checklist for submission of SCT is enclosed. This may be attached to the letter forwarding the SCT duly signed by Pr. A.O. and countersigned by the Head of the Accounting Organization (CCA/CA, etc.)

4. Each Head of Accounting Organization may prepare their own internal timelines on the basis of outer date indicated above and monitor the progress regularly.

5. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.

6. Hindi version will follow.

7. Receipt of this OM may please be acknowledged.

Asstt. Controller General of Accounts


1. E-lekha generated reports of the SCT (one summary, three abstract and three detailed reports) are enclosed.

2. Reasons for minus transactions appearing in the SCT are furnished.

3. Grant wise break up of all expenditure transactions is furnished.

4. Major Head wise break up of Pay & Allowances for the year 2020-21 is furnished.

5. The corresponding loan Major/Sub-major/Minor Head wise details of interest receipts are furnished.

6. State/UT wise details of each transaction under Major Heads 7601 and 7602 are furnished.

7. State/UT wise details showing corresponding loan Major/Sub-major/Minor heads in respect of each transaction under Major Head 0049 are furnished.

8. Company-wise breakup of dividend received and the year to “which dividend pertain are furnished.

9. All receipt and expenditure transactions (under revenue heads) were compared with Previous year and the reasons for marked variations have been furnished.

10. All the prescribed certificates have been furnished.

11. Details of Disinvestments of Govt.’s equity holdings are furnished.

12. Information on Subsidies is enclosed.

(Sr. Accounts Officer)
Pr. Accounts Office


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