Presidential orders of Casual workers & regularised in BSNL

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Presidential orders of Casual workers & regularised in BSNL

Presidential orders of Casual workers (TSMs) working as on 30.09.2000 and regularised in BSNL

No. 27-2/2006-SNG/Vol.VI.
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Telecommunications (SNG Section)

Room No. 419, Sanchar Bhawan,
20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110 001

dated 03/04/2021


Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,
Janpath, New Delhi

(Attention : Shri Keshav Kumar-AGM-Estt.ill

Subject: Regarding Presidential orders of Casual workers (TSMs) working as on 30.09.2000 and regularised in BSNL


I am directed to refer to letters dated 29.04.2020, 26.05.2020, 15.07.2020, 03.09.2020, 21.09.2020, 25.09.2020, 05.11.2020, 23.11.2020 and 24.11.2020, and 08.02.2021 on the subject noted above and to convey the approval of Competent Authority for issuing Presidential orders of following employees/ casual workers who were having temporary Status as on 30.09.2000 and regularised in BSNL on or after 01.10.2000 in terms of DTS letter’s dated 29.09.2000, for their permanent absorption in BSNL w.e.f 01.10.2000 OR date of their regularisation, whichever is later so that 50% of TSM period is counted for pensionary benefits in terms of DoT’s OM dated 20.10.2006.

S.No. Name, Designation and Circle
(i) Shri Narayan Singh, HRMS No.200012311, Rajasthan Circle
(ii) Shri Yamuna Singh Yadav, HRMS No.200012713, UP (E) Circle
(iii) Shri Hari Shankar Singh Yadav, HRMS No. 200011216, UP (E) Circle
(iv) Shri Rafi Ahmed, HRMS No. 200100803, MP Circle
(v) Shri Ram Phool, HRMS No. 200012664, UP (E) Circle
(vi) Shri Dilip Singh, HRMS No . 200005346, UP (E) Circle
(vii) Shri Sukhdas Sahu, HRMS No . 200013443, Chhattishgarh Circle
(viii) Sh. Ram Autar, Staff No.-2210090, UP (E) Circle
(ix) Sh. Khuraijjam Ajit Singh, HRMS No.-200009399, (NE-II) Circle
(x) Sh. J.G.Shinde, HRMS No. 200101954. MH Circle
(xi) Sh. S.Mohan Reddy, Staff No. 60034300, AP Circle
(xii) Sh. Prabhat Kumar, HRMS No. 200104483, Bihar Circle

Madras High Court’s Order dated 19.07.2011 in respect of Rita Mary and others; Engagement and regularisation of Casual Workers in Group D Posts

Wages of daily wagers, casual workers, temporary workers, ad-hoc appointees, contractual employees etc

2. However, before issuance of Presidential order, BSNL/Director (Estt.) nominated in Concerned Telecom Circle shall ensure that the concerned official is not facing disciplinary or criminal proceedings. If any case is noticed against individual employee, his Presidential Order may not be issued at this stage. Decision in such case would be taken upon outcome of case only.

Yours faithfully,

(Subodh Kumar JayMwal)
Under Secretary to Govt. of India
Tel. 23036226

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