Reporting of Officials in Board’s Office during COVID-19: Office Order No. 21 of 2021

Reporting of Officials in Board’s Office during COVID-19: Office Order No. 21 of 2021 for Only bare minimum Officers/Staff as required till 30th April 2021

भारत सरकार Government of India
रेल मंत्रालय Ministry of Railways
(रेलवे बोर्ड) Railway Board

Office Order No. 21 of 2021

Sub: Reporting of Officials in Board’s Office during COVID-19

Ref: Office Order No. 09 of 2021

To prevent the spread of COVID in Office, taking into account the surge of COVID positive cases in Delhi and NCR, it has been decided that all AMs and PEDs shall review and restrict the attendance of employees working under their control as per their judgement so as to ensure adequate distancing and adherence of COVID prevention measures issued by MHA and M/o Health & Family Welfare without in any way affecting the work in Office. In other words, only bare minimum Officers/Staff as required may be called to Office with staggered timings as per functional requirement.

2. While no cap is being put to calling of Officials to Office at a time, the important consideration is safety, social distancing and completion of all the work in Office.

2.1 Officials not reporting to office as per roster or residing at containment zone or not reporting to office because of COVID positive patient sharing the residence are to be available on telephone and other electronics means of communication at all times.

2.2 A copy of the roster of the Official as approved by AM/PEDs (independent EDs/DIR reporting directly to Board) may be shared with vibhuti.singh[at]gov.in for information. Physical attendance register may be maintained by each unit and monitored by Senior Officers as biometric attendance would continue to be suspended.

2.3. This arrangement shall continue till 30th April 2021 and will be reviewed thereafter.

2.4 Further, all employees of the age of 45 and above may invariably get themselves vaccinated.

3. In addition, other instructions in respect of COVID prevention measures as issued from time to time viz use of face-cover/mask at all times, frequent hand washing/sanitization, maintaining proper physical distancing in sections/office room even in corridors, restriction in entry of visitors, meeting as far as possible through VC, avoiding group lunch, etc as contained in SOP issued by M/o Health & Family Welfare dated 13.2.2021 be strictly followed.

4. Cooperation of all is solicited in this regard.

ENo. 2021/O&M/9/1

(B Majumdar)
Joint Secretary/Railway Board


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