Postal Manual Volume VI part III ( Provisional) issued by Department of Post: View/Download

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Postal Manual Volume VI part III ( Provisional) issued by Department of Post: View/Download

Postal Manual Volume VI part III ( Provisional) issued by Department of Post: View/Download

No. 30-13/2019-WS ( Pt.)
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(PO Division)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001.
Dated: 18th May,2021


All CPMsG/All PMsG
CGM, BD Dte/ Parcel Dte./PLI Dte/ CEPT
Director RAKNPA/ All PTCs
Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi
All GMs (Finance)/ DAPs

Subject: Issuance of revised Postal Manual Volume VI part III ( Provisional) .

The competent authority is pleased to issue the revised Postal Manual Volume VI part III (provisional) till the final implementation of IT Modernization project. ( copy enclosed).

2. Consequent upon implementation of IT Mordernization project, which has brought technological advancement in the working of the post offices, , the need for bringing out a comprehensive revised Postal Manual Volume VI part Ill ( provisional) to serve as a guide for Postal Sub accounts work has been keenly felt.

3. The revised Postal Manual Volume VI Part III ( provisional)) contains the detailed principles and instructions, mainly of a procedural nature, regarding upkeep and submission of sub accounts and checks to be exercised on various transactions of the Department of Posts and provides the guidelines in carrying out day to day functions by the concerned officers/ officials. It contains rulings in respect of Sub-Accounts, Accounts in Post Offices, Duties of Postmen and Letterbox Attendants etc

4. The inputs of some field units were also sought in finalizing the Manual from the perspective of the working units in the field. Many of the recommendation/ suggestions have been incorporated to make it more comprehensive & robust.

5. The revised edition of Postal Manual Volume VI part III(provisional) has been brought out making every endeavour to get the rules updated in accordance with the technological updation. However, any error, omission come to noticed should be promptly reported to the PO Division.

6. These rules must be brought to the notice of all officers & officials of the Department of Posts.

7. This issues with the approval as well as concurrence of the competent authorities.

encl- Postal Manual volume VI part III(provisional)

(Sukriti Gupta)
Assistant Director General (PO)


(One Chapter with 120 Rules)

(Updated Copy)


Postal Manual, Volume VI contains special regulations for the Post offices.

PART III-—Sub-Accounts, Accounts in Post Offices, Duties of Postmen and Letterbox Attendants



Rule No Rule Pages
1 Supervision of subordinate offices by postmaster 1
2 Examination of B. O. daily transaction report in sub-offices 1-2
3 Relations of sub and branch offices to their account offices 2
4 Short receipt of vouchers by account office 2
5 Inadmissible vouchers 2-3
6 Unnecessary remittances of cash to be avoided 3
7 Cash office 3
8 Check of remittances between the account office and its subordinate offices 3-4
9 Limits for remittances by various modes of conveyance 4-5
10 Regulation of funds for sub-offices 5-6
11 Provision of funds for sub-offices 6-7
12 Disposal of surplus funds at sub-offices 7
13 Supply of funds to sub-offices at treasury or sub-treasury or bank stations 7
14 Exchange of remittances between sub-offices in account with the same head office 7
15 Exchange of remittances between sub-offices under different head offices 8
16 Manner of exchanging remittances between sub-offices 8-9
17 Contents of account bag 9
18 S.O. slips 9
19 Remittance of cash 9-10
20 Supply of postage and other stamps 10
21 Remittances sent through the post 10-11
22 Remittances through special carriers 11-12
23 Supply of Indian postal orders 12
24 Adjustment of errors in account 12
25 S.B. Slips 12-13
26 Closing of account bags in the head office 13-14
27 Opening of account and cash bags in the sub-office 14
28 Preparation of S.O. daily transaction report 14-15
29 Preparation of daily accounts by a sub-office not in daily communication by post with its head office of account 15
30 Liabilities of sub-office 15-16
31 Details of remittances received and sent 16
32 Details of drawings from treasury/bank 16
33 Remarks in S.O. daily transaction reports 17
34 Requisition for postage and other (non-postal) stamps 17
35 Documents sent with S.O. daily transaction report 17-18
36 Contents of account bag 18
37 Remittances sent through the post 18
38 Closing of the account bag 19
39 Remittances through special carriers 19-20
40 Opening of account bags in the head office 20-21
41 Opening of cash bags in the head office 21
42 Check of account items in head office 22
43 Check in head office of remittances between sub-offices under the same head office 22-24
44 Sub-office e- money order journals and documents 24
45 Memo of Indian postal orders sold 24
46 List of S.B. Documents 24-25
47 Sub-office Post office certificate lists and documents 25
48 Parcel receipts submitted by sub offices 25
49 Adjustment of incorrect account items 25-26
50 Entries in the accounts of the head office of remittances received 26
51 Postage in transit from the head office to sub-offices, and cash and stamps in transit between the head office and its sub-office and between sub-offices in account with the head office 26
52 Maintenance of SO Daily Transactions Report 26
53 Examination of sub-office balances by head office 26-27
54 Action to be taken by head postmaster on irregularities in connection with sub-office balances 28
55 Receipt of S.P. M’s Monthly report 28
56 Contents of B.O. Bags 29-30
57 Mode of sending remittances to branch offices 30-31
58 B.O. slips 31-32
59 Closing of bags for branch offices 32
60 Contents of B.O. bags received 32-33
61 Opening of B.O. and cash bags 33
62 Check and disposal of cash remittances 33-34
63 Check of B.O. Daily transactions reports 34
64 Disposal of contents of B.O. bags 34-35
65 Disposal of V.P. articles receipts 35
66 Check of B.O. serial No.s 35
67 Adjustment of errors and irregularities 35-36
68 Stamps and cash in transit between the account office and its B. Os 36
69 Responsibility for accounts, cash etc. 36-37
69(A) Roles and responsibilities of Postmaster in ATM (Automated Teller Machine) attached with their office 37
70 Verification of balances by sub-postmaster 37-38
71 Treasurer’s cash book 38
72 Custody of postage and other (non-postal) stamps, etc. 38
73 Disbursement of pay 38
74 Disposal of acquittance rolls 38-39
75 Payment of Travelling Allowances 39
76 Payment of contingent charges 39
77 Refund 39
78 Preparation of S.O. account 39-40
79 Checking balance of S.O. account 40-41
80 Preparation of S.P. Ms monthly report 41
81 Principles regulating the supply and disposal of funds 41-42
82 Authorised Balances 42-43
83 Treasury pass-book 43
84 Remittances to and drawings from, treasury or Bank 43-44
85 Purchase of postage stamps 44-45
86 Head Postmen 45-46
87 Knowledge of postal business 46
88 Supply of forms to be carried 46
89 Postman’s book 46-48
90 Addresses to be noted on articles 48
91 Damaged articles to be noticed 48
92 Receipts for articles issued for delivery 48-49
93 Book of receipts for intimations and notices delivered 49
94 Instructions for delivery 50
95 Realisation of postage before delivery 50
96 Receipts of addressees for registered articles delivered 51
97 Delivery to illiterate addressees 52
99 Delivery of insured articles addressed to minors 52
100 Payments of e-money orders 52-55
101 Payment of e-money orders by pay order 55
102 Money orders addressed to minors 55
103 Payment of e-money orders addressed to persons without hands or fingers 55
104 Payment of e-money orders and delivery of registered letters to lunatics 56
105 Responsibility for correct delivery of articles and payment of e- money orders 56-57
106 Loss of articles reported 57
107 Return of undelivered articles 57-58
108 Payment of postage and sums realised from addressees 58
109 Penalties for detaining articles 58
110 Penalties for neglect of duty 58
111 Details of Postman Mobile Application 58-59
112 Additional duties of postman 59
113 Duties of mail attendants 59-60
114 Attendance on railway platform 60
115 Employment of mail attendant as packers 60
116 Duties of letter-box attendants 60
117 Clearance of outside letter-boxes 60-61
118 Employment of letter-box attendants to carry mails 61
119 Duties of packers 61
120 Changing of date and other type and change of labels 62


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