Provision of Guest User at ECHS Polyclinics to provide emergency medical cover


Provision of Guest User at ECHS Polyclinics to provide emergency medical cover

Provision of Guest User at ECHS Polyclinics to provide emergency medical cover

Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters of
MoD (Army), Thimayya Marg,
Near Gopinath Circle,
Delhi Cantt- 110 010

B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Guest User

13 May 2021

All Regional Centres
ECHS Branch
Embassy of India
Kathmandu (Nepal)


1. Refer to CO ECHS letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr dated 03 Dec 2020.

2. Detailed instructions on the validity of ECHS Cards and offline Temporary Slip was promulgated vide letter under reference. The validity of ECHS Cards and offline Temporary Slip is given as under:-

(a) 16 Kb ECHS Cards — validity expired on 31 Dec 2018 which was further extended up to 31 Mar 2021.

(b) 32 Kb ECHS Cards- valid till further orders.

(c) Offline Temporary Slip — valid till 31 Mar 2021.

3. It is seen that a few ECHS beneficiaries holding 16 Kb ECHS Cards/ offline Temporary Slip have still not upgraded to new 64 Kb ECHS Cards and are approaching Polyclinics to provide Medical Cover. The new 64 Kb ECHS System cannot read these expired 16 Kb ECHS Cards and offline Temporary Slips and the new system also do not support 32kb card that may have developed technical snag/fault.

4. To provide medical cover to such cases a software solution has been implemented which is named as Guest Users. A detailed instruction on the use of Guest User software is given in succeeding Paragraphs.

5. The Guest User will be applicable only to the following category of ECHS Beneficiaries who have not so far applied online for new 64 Kb ECHS Cards:-

(a) 16 Kb ECHS Card Holders.

(b) 32 Kb Card Holders incase card is faulty.

6. All OIC Polyclinics have been provided a software module to register ECHS Beneficiaries as guest user to provide emergency medical cover. The OIC Polyclinic will take following actions:-

(a) In case an ECHS Beneficiary reports under emergency with 16 Kb/offline Temporary Slip or incase his/her 32 Kb Card is not functional then OIC polyclinic will Register using guest user module with his digital signature. The details required at the time of registration in the module will be as under: –

(i) ESM Name.
(ii) ESM Service Number.
(iii) Mobile Number.
(iv) Password be created.
(v) Answer to Security Questions.

(b) System will check for service number and mobile number validation. System will allow registration if service no and mobile no does not exist.

(c) After registration by the OIC using his digital signature, the beneficiary will require to get following details filled at the reception of the polyclinic:-

(i) ESM Category Type.

(ii) ESM Gender.

(iii) ESM DOB.

(iv) Last Unit served (Optional).

(v) ESM Service.

(vi) ESM Date of Commission/Enroliment.

(vii) ESM Date of Retirement/Discharge.

(viii) ESM Category.

(ix) ESM Rank. –

(x) ESM Record Office.

(xi) Type of Pension.

(xii) ESM alive/Demise status.

(xiii) ESM PPO Number (optional).

(xiv) Old Card Number.

(d) Following Dependent details will be required:-

(i) Beneficiary Name.

(ii) Gender.

(ii) Mobile Number.

(iv) Disability if any

(v) DOB.

(vi) Address.

(vii) Marital status.

(viii) Blood Group

(ix) Regional Centre.

(x) Parent Polyclinic. :

(xi) Station HQ.

(e) At the time of registration document will be optional. However, old ECHS Card/Offline Temporary Slip available will have to be uploaded as a mandatory document.

(f) The Payment will have to be made online by the beneficiary and then download online Temporary Slip. The beneficiary can take entitled Medical Cover using the online temporary slip after getting it counter signed by the OIC parent polyclinic.

(g) The Beneficiary can use the facility for one month only. The ESM / Primary beneficiary will have to complete online application within one month and get it verified from the OIC of parent polyclinic to continue getting entitled medical facility.

(JM Gurung)
Jt Dir (Statistics & Automation)


Source: Click here to view/download the PDFPROVISION OF GUEST USER AT ECHS POLYCLINIC