Adherence to timely attendance in office and departure from office: CGA, FinMin

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Adherence to timely attendance in office and departure from office: CGA, FinMin

Adherence to timely attendance in office and departure from office: CGA OM No. A-65061(55)/9/2020-Admin-CGA-Part(1)/2219-2222 Dated 9th February 2022

F. No. A-65061(55)/9/2020-Admin-CGA-Part(1)/2219-2222
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Office of Controller General of Accounts
Room No, 203, 2nd Floor, Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
Block — E, G.P.O. Complex, I.N.A., New Delhi-110023

9th February, 2022


Attention is invited to DoPT OM No.11013/9/2014-Estt.A-lI dated 06.02.2022 and O/o CGA OM No. A-6§061(55)/9/2020-Admin-CGA-Part(1}/2089-2092 dated 07.02.2022, conveying that employees at all levels, without any exemption, shall attend office on regular basis with effect from 7th February, 2022.

2. It has been observed that many employees are not attending office on time. Habitual late attendance is viewed as conduct of unbecoming of a Government servant as it disrupts office functioning and therefore shall attract disciplinary action against such Government servant.

3. All are requested to adhere to timely attendance in office and departure from office as per scheduled office hours and ensure to mark their attendance in the Attendance Registers being maintained manually. All employees shall continue to follow COVID — 19 appropriate behaviour strictly at al] times. Any officer/employee who is found to be having symptoms of COVID 19 may immediately report to his reporting officer and Work from Home only after obtaining prior approval from the Competent Authority.

4. All Section In-charge shall ensure that these instructions are strictly followed by the staff in their respective sections.

5, This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

(Narinder Pal Singh)
Asstt. Controller General of Accounts (Admn)

To :
1. The Addl. CGA (PFMS Division)/Addl. CGA (A & FR),
2. All ft. CGAs in Ofo CGA/ PFMS Division (Headquarters and State Directorates)/Chief
Controller (Pension}Director (INGAt), New Dell.
3. The Sr. AO (ITD) for uploading on Office of CGA’s website. .
4. The PPS to Head of Organisation & Addl. CGA.
5. Guard File,


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